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  1. With regards to complaints about A.I, unfortunately that's one area in gaming in general that hasn't really evolved in any meaningful way. It doesn't tend to have much focus in other games due to the huge push towards online (where a.i matters less). In a predominantly single player game any issues with A.I become jarring. The biggest improvement to Football Manager above anything else would be improvements to the A.I. The immersion for me in football manager is what happens in the "world" itself. If what's happening there isn't right e.g during matches, transfers, line ups, tactics etc then any other features become irrelevant. It's one of the reasons I've never been able to play a career mode in FIfa, the unrealistic transfers and line ups over time, and the fact that a.i players on your team don't carry out the tactics you choose e.g set a holding midfielder to stay back yet they still make forward runs into the box. I appreciate it's not as easy as flicking a switch to implement better A.I, if it was SI Games would have done it already. On another note while some people complain about the match engine itself, and I'd agree it doesn't look great in 3D, (I tend to play in 2D classic as I get a better feel for seeing what's happening) the movement of players is far superior to the likes of Fifa etc. In Fifa it's common to see centre backs and defensive midfielders in the box like they're a poacher. So while superficially Football Manager is weaker than the likes of Fifa and PES, what actually happens in the match, i.e build up, player movement etc far resembles real life more accurately than those games.
  2. If it's any use there are currently a few "add ons" that actually make every player within a new save have variable potential abilities. So the likes of Mbappe for example aren't guaranteed to become the go to wonderkid. There is also an add on that simply randomises player potential ability within each save. I appreciate it doesn't cover the aspect of not having a "ceiling" on their potential and being able to develop them yourself as suggested on this thread, but ultimately it provides the end goal some are looking for, i.e an unpredictable world with different players hitting different levels. I personally like the way things currently are. I like that if I see someone good in real life, chances are they'll be reflected accurately within FM most of the time, but each to their own.
  3. Should I just...quit FM?

    ignore! Posted incorrectly.
  4. Should I just...quit FM?

    I can see S.I are trying that approach already in a way, with the emails that suggest changes on your tactics, and give hints as to how many support, defend and attack roles are suitable etc Obviously it's nowhere near as helpful as it could be, or indepth as somethings you suggest, but it shows that they're kinda trying I guess. @Rashidi I enjoyed reading that post. While I do criticise FM 2017, it's defintely the best FM there has been in some while for me personally. The thing you mention with regards to the changes the A.I make during a match is very true. While some teams do tend to change formation as well as the mentality, they don't all do it. Some as you say make ever so subtle changes, such as changing duties. You can often see that if you have a split screen view with the formations showing, subtle things like the wide players in a 4-2-3-1 moving forward slightly in the formation screen which generally points to the duty changing to attacking for example. I think subtle changes work both ways too, sometimes you don't need to change to a more defensive mentality, something subtle like changing the duties can be all that it takes to deal with an attacking a.i. I also find more than any previous football manager, there are actual tangible benefits to "micro-managing" which is what I want. I'm glad the days of super tactics that would never stop working are a distant memory. Also like you mention I tend to make the game more difficult for me by imposing artificial restrictions or challenges, such as perhaps only signing players under 21 for the first team, or not signing anyone at all and relying on the original squad and only youth prospects that come internally etc
  5. Just a quick question. Is it normal that there are no transfer fees showing on transferred players? For example Bernardo Silva from Monaco to Man City just shows he moved in 2016/2017 but there's no transfer fee listed when you click on "history". It's the same for any other transfer too that have been added.
  6. Should I just...quit FM?

    Absolutely. The only way around that would be to implement a difficulty level that could be chosen when creating a new save. Again I have no idea at all how difficult what I've suggested would really be to implement but I'd really like it to happen.
  7. Should I just...quit FM?

    Yeah I'd agree with that. The only thing that makes me start a new save is because I get to a point each time where the game becomes too easy. There are ways you can make it artificially harder by imposing restrictions on what you do, but you shouldn't have to. I'd love a massive improvement on the a.i. in terms of what they do during a match, and their squad management. Most games are so focused on online play that a.i in games hasn't really progressed that much, but in a predominantly single player game like football manager it would make such a big difference. I'd honestly be happy to have no new features in fm 2018 if it meant we could have more intelligent a.i, and more unique interactions with press and players, perhaps some sort of procedural generation for the text used. I know it's not as easy as that to make those improvements, but I do wonder how much focus there even is on the a.i, when they develop each game every year.
  8. Should I just...quit FM?

    I think the reflex is to lower the mentality (and risk your players take), when you could still take risks but just make the attacking mentalities "safer". Things like pushing your defensive line back , playing narrower, shortening passing etc. Of course if you play narrow in an attacking mentality it will still be wider than playing narrow in a counter mentality but it just helps tighten things up. The other thing you can do is switch formations. I've noticed (and you probably have too) that generally when teams suddenly go for broke they tend to change their formation. So for example if I come across a team switching to a 4-2-4 attacking I'll change my formation to something that overpowers them in midfield, and completely kills any chance of them building any attacks. The most subtle change you could make if you don't already is perhaps just a change in duties. That can often be enough. Change your fullbacks to defend duties, change a few attack duties to support, perhaps make your deep lying playmaker defend instead of support etc. Sometimes all the A.I does is an increase in mentality and increase in the number of attack duties. Which is why there's no real hard and fast rule as to what you should do.
  9. Should I just...quit FM?

    It really depends on how the match is playing out, and what the a.i has done with their tactics. I'f I'm dominating it and they've just been lucky (without making changes) I personally keep things as they are normally end up scoring even more goals so in your example it might go from 3-0 to 6-2 keeping things as they are. If I've noticed that the A.I have switched formation and changed to an attacking mentality I might to switch to one of my preset "counter tactics" that invites them to attack me. Ironically sometimes switching to a more defensive mentality when the a.i goes all out actually results in even more goals against you lol. In scenarios that you describe though I find the best thing to do is switch to more comprehensive highlights (if you're not already using them). By doing this it gives you more chance to make worthwhile changes. You get to see the difference in build up play etc so you can decide the best way to deal with it. If you're watching key highlights then you will probably find that all you'll get to see are the a.i scoring against you, and clear cut chances, and most of the game time elapsed.
  10. Setpiece choices.

    As you might already know you can actually select set piece takers in order of preference, so in the example you gave e.g your preferred taker is substituted and you're awarded a set piece your next preferred choice automatically takes it. You can set an order of preference for left side, right side etc, so you could have Mr X taking every corner, but if he's not on the pitch you could have Mr Y taking left side corners, and Mr Z taking right side corners, or Mr W taking both of them when Mr X is unavailable. Its something you select as a general rule, the same way you'd have a preference for who takes your penalties. There's no real reason to have a pop up menu to do it, as I can't think of many circumstances when what happens in a match would make me want to select a different set piece taker all of a sudden, as I have generally decided who I want to be taking set pieces in general order of preference.
  11. Should I just...quit FM?

    That is definitely a flaw of the A.I. They become almost predictable. Certain teams will ALWAYS change to an attacking 4-2-4 formation as soon as they concede, so you get to a point where you pause the game after scoring, and switch to a tactic to counter it as you know what they are going to do. Rather than have new features, the biggest improvement for me would be an improvement to the A.I. Although if you think the a.i is bad here you should see the mobile version where the a.i all revert to the same formation during a match lol
  12. I'd second this request. As herne79 says to the average player they just take the word in isolation e.g say they decide they want to close down more regardless of the mentality, it's not immediately obvious that selecting close down more, would actually result in even more closing down in more "attacking" mentalities. The ways around it are obviously the suggestions herne79 makes or alternatively only use certain words while in certain mentalities. What I mean is perhaps only have the words close down more in control and up, and much less and less in the more defensive mentalities, and perhaps sometimes in the standard mentality. Ultimately so that players understand that you close down more by default while using more "attacking" mentalities. I know sliders have been removed for a reason, although the number scale would have been more obvious e.g selecting 20 is more closing down than 15 is lol. The same principle I suggest above applies to more than closing down, it applies to tempo and width too for example. And you could apply the same logic i.e only have the words narrow and fairly narrow to choose on the defensive mentalities, low and much lower tempo on defensive mentalities, and vice versa on the more attacking mentalities, high, much higher etc. The same flaw applies currently in that if "Dave" want's to play wide he might not be aware that by default using an attacking mentality will result in playing wider at the same setting as a more defensive mentality. Yes I appreciate that the graphics themselves change when choosing a different mentality (as shown above), but some people tend to focus on the words themselves.
  13. Hi I would like to download your file, and I noticed on FM Scout there's a note to NOT use any other editor files, which makes sense. However I'm using a real name fix from Sortitoutsi. Is it safe to use those editor files? If you're not sure, then are there any "real name fix" editor files that you know work ok with your update pack? Thanks
  14. Should I just...quit FM?

    I think the conspiracy theory that Football Manager is rigged and there's nothing you can do to win is laughable. How would that benefit S.I? It's not an online casino where rigging it would mean stealing your money. The match engine is doing a huge number of calculations, of which only making a slight tweak to tactics can drastically change the outcome of what happens in subsequent highlights. A change from short passing to direct passing will effect the outcome of the M.E calculations. No one likes to lose, especially if they feel it's a cheesy way e.g the a.i only having two shots on target but scoring them both, while you have 30 shots. But that sort of crap happens in real life too. Look at when Everton played Manchester City, Everton had far less attempts on goal but scored every single one pretty much against Claudio Bravo. The unpredictability and randomness is what makes the game exciting. I get that some people like to download a tactic and just dominate each and every game, or develop a tactic that requires no tweaks or changes at all, but that is no fun to me. Surely most people would get bored of just winning every single match? From my observation it seems that those who tend to complain tend to watch less comprehensive highlights, and aren't fans of having to constantly make changes during a match. I think that is the problem here. Football Manager in my opinion is evolving into a game that requires analysis of what is happening and adapting to it. That is the best route to go down in terms of what I want. The days of CM 01/02 when you could develop a killer tactic and constantly win everything is fading away. Yes it is possible to be successful with a few base tactics and minimal changes but nowhere near as it used to be in my opinion, and my most wanted feature is an even more adaptive A.I that promotes even more tweaks during a match.