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  1. I forgot to add my stadium move at the start of the game (pre game editor) is there a way to code a new stadium one that’s already existing. I’m aware that you can change the names of stadiums with this method but is it possible to move stadium?
  2. I am in my 4th season with my created club where I share a stadium with Southend United. (it’s a 10 tier database, I started in 8 and now in 4) Id set up that both us and United would move on 1.7.23 to our respective new stadiums but they have moved and we have not. United did have the move in their facilities page, ours however is not, this has really ruined the save for me, on top of the fact that I didn’t realise about the German and Japanese national teams so they aren’t working either (found that our during the winter World Cup)
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