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  1. i don't have the editor, what do you mean free up Ca improve it or something else? another question, when you see players with alot of red arrows redistibuting attributes does this mean they have reached their peak or just their CA for example if PA is 170 but CA is 155 would attributes be distibuted with red arrows as they have'nt improved more than this or do they keep improving untill they hit a ceiling?
  2. going on from this, does first team football improve different attributes vs training, say if you loan them out to championship there mentality will improve but in prem training more technical attributes?
  3. does target man attract the ball like playmakers, i was using one in my first season and it seemed to make a difference to how we played basically 90% of my goals scored when i used a TM where from crosses now it's alot less.
  4. i've gone structured as i thought as my attacking players are so good they should be able to be left to do there own thing and the extra spacing would help, then i drew 5-5 with Ukraine so it seems half my team is working fine, then i beat italy 1-0 previous match (though i should of lost) thank god for De Gea, i changed my central mid to DLP(d) and CM(d) but i can never get a CM(d) to get a good end of match rating.
  5. am i right in thinking all national teams are at awkward for tactical familarity? or does it improve a lot if you stay in the job? just played Italy and somehow managed to win in probably the luckiest game i've had, interestingly they play 4-2-3-1 narrow aswell but didn't seem to have the problems i had, 1 thing i need to do is get the att mids to track their full backs as they had way too much space, also there was many times when one of my players had no idea what to do with the ball or would basically run into a team mate. if anyone else has used this formation any tips would be great t
  6. okay cool, fb(a) cd(d)x2 wb(s) b2b cm(d) ap(a)ap(s)am(s) cf(a) a problem might be the tactical familarity being so bad but then i guess it's like that for all nations teams, games are so few and far between and i'm right at the start of the Euro league so no real time to experiment. i'd like to play a possession style football with lot of movement. but it's a role i'm not familiar with as i've never used it with my club, so any advice would be nice. i'm thinking of adding a trequartista for the next match instead of one of the Ap. the problem i guess is they a
  7. okay, i've gone fluid, fairly wide, slightley higher, much lower tempo, closing down sometimes, short passing, play out of defence, overlap and work ball into box on a attacking mentality, now my my problem seems to be my 3 att mids aren't shining it seems like they are getting in each others way, so has anyone hot any advice for 3 att mids on narrow? Thanks
  8. so i've just got the Spain job and it looks like the formation to play is 4-2-3-1 (narrow) an issue i'm having is the 3 att mids are so close to each other i'm having trouble getting the best out of each of them and them not getting in each other's way, if it makes any difference the players are Isco, Mata and Herrera. any advice would be great thanks.
  9. i'm thinking of training a PPM to a player but the coaches are telling me they don't think he'll be able to learn it. does anyone know if the coaches opinion actually has any truth to whether the player will learn it or fail? if not is there another thing we can look at to give us an indication of whether the player will pass or fail?
  10. some of my players are saying they feel the individual training focus i've put them on will have no benefit, (often jumping) does this mean with any certainty that that attribute is not gonna improve for a while? or is it just the players moaning?
  11. can someone explain why a certain player seems not to be able to tutor anyone? it's not his rep as a player with the same rep points can so i can't work what the reason could be? and do you know how long you have to wait before a player can tutor again as i've waited a few months now and it still just says he's just finished tutoring someone?
  12. while role in central midfield (center circle midfielder not attacking) do people think scores the most goals in general? i'm really not sure maybe just center mid (att) could be b2b? what do you lot think?
  13. does the current FM16 work work like that when it comes to PA? people running out of it etc?
  14. i'd tell your team to close down opp full back every match, as i do i play 5-1-2-2 so only one set on wings and i think it's important when there's no direct opposition.
  15. i didn't explain,different coaches are giving me completely different advice even with the same ratings for tactics etc when it comes to opp instructions, how does this work? why do some give advice to close down a certain amount nd another to hard tackle? i was using the advice last season for opp instruction nd it worked well but now have two coaches with same ratings nd wondering why different advice?
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