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  1. Ive voiced my "concerns" so Im not gonna repeat myself. While I have hope, every year, that FM will take the next step its just not happening. I feel that every year its just tweaks more than anything substantially. They've revamped the training bit. Does it really change much in game though? Does it add much flair to the game? Anyway, this year Im gonna buy it from second hand cause I dont feel that they deserve my money. I think its healthy that there are different opinions and I dont understand why people think that critisizing the game means you're not a fan or too picky or whatever...
  2. To me this is just meh... Once again FM are "tweaking" when they need to come stronger in their changes on things that actually matters. Like the flexibility of being able to make a formation based on what YOU believe in and not some copy paste, scripted, tactics. Way to think INSIDE the box instead of outside the box. These changes add nothing in the long run to a save because ultimately when you play FM, you play for the football GAME. The joy of seeing your team PLAY the type of football you desire completely. If I want my inside forwards to also chase back, I SHOULD have that o
  3. The problem though is that a lot of attributes seem so important yet when you look at a player like Messi who is very strong has very weak stats in strength. And there are other examples. Like Iniesta and xavi having weak balance etc. As for player roles. I understand that AI can have a problem in countering. But to be honest, they always have a trouble being competetive few seasons in. Reason why Id want to have my own roles is cause to me I play FM so I can see my philosophy and team play the way I want, even if the results arent positive. There will always be those who would abu
  4. I feel that many player attributes in the game are ambigious in what they do for certain role or how important it is etc. Anticipation: "This attribute reflects players ability to predict and react to events going on around them, " What does that even mean?? Its not really a giveaway on for whom this is important for. Could be practically anyone! There are a lot more imo that needs to be adressed. Especially since we seem to be getting more and more roles. Speaking of roles. WHY do they have to be preset? Why cant I create my own role for a player? Do we always have
  5. Ive done this for barca, man utd and juventus. Yea, didnt see much more difference than when the AI has them and Id say worse teams gets better talents than I do, despite having all of that.
  6. I was stating based on my multiple years of playing FM. In every addition I have a save where I use the in game editor. Trust me, Ive tried having all my souts with 20 in everything important for them as well as other staffs attributes. I also gave the team 20 in training facility, youth recruit etc. It really didnt make much if at all, difference. But feel free to enlighten me...with concrete evidence that is
  7. Honestly all these things are just for show. Trust me they do very little to nothing. Just ignore the youth training and youth coaches/scouts. Not worth the time to waste
  8. This is one of the main problems I have with FM. In one addition, playing with high fluidity is advantage for a team that want to have possession and in the next they change it. Same thing with the mentality. In previous editions, offensive minded mentality was to be preferred. And how come I get completely different results in form of percentage of possession despite playing with the same tactics but with two different teams? If anything, I should be getting higher with Barca than with Lazio...
  9. I used to have 70+ percentage in possession when I play FM but for the life of me I cant seem to get that numbers despite trying out different things. I have the right personel to play it. And its so strange cause I have two teams I manage (Lazio, Barca) and with the same tactics and stuff I still get much higher possession with Lazio (around 60-65) than I do with barca (55-60). Its incredibly frustrating
  10. It doesnt seem to matter? Really? It matters exclusively! Here's a tip, buy Valon Ahmedi (despite his **** stats) and play him. Look him tear it up for some reason. Now, try to sell him for more than 20m euro... go ahead, Ill wait. Than buy Hirving Lozano and sell him after a season. Do this experiment for yourself (there are so many more...) and you'll see just how awfully scripted this is As for the second paragraph. I strongly disagree that such things happen cause of in form. More to do with other things than that.
  11. It has NEVER happened that a higher PA player gets sold less than a less PA player REGARDLESS of form. If you have a 19-23 years old with a PA of 160+ you can easily make BIG bucks with every little effort. If you have a 130 PA player...well good luck.
  12. I strongly disagree and while fm17 has less of it, fm16 was so easily scripted when it came to transfers. Usually in FM I play 3-4 different saves, one LLM, one about my fav team Parma and one where I use the in game editor. By using the in game editor I could easily spot the patterns of the AI. Which, honestly, you dont really need an in game editor to spot.
  13. The point is though that even in real life managers make decisions on form. My biggest problem with the AI is that in fm15 it was so oviously scripted that the AI could spot these 170 - 200 PA players. Or how a complete **** team had a 170+ PA player that was worth 100k euro but wouldnt sell him for anything less than 40-70m euro. Thats how I always knew if a player was worthwhile. In so many saves I have players who perform a lot better than another one who has higher PA. Yet, that player gets sold for a lot more than the in form one.
  14. I dont understand people saying that human users could easily manipulate the AI with the new "players will also be judged by form" in a transfer. You guys do know it happens for real too? One team buys a player that have a massive season and gets sold only to be a complete flop and sold to a worse team again. It only becomes a major weak point if the AI cant sell the said player at all or for a ridicilously small fee. Otherwise I welcome this. The AI has far too many advantages in FM17 when it comes to "finding" the right players. If there is a colombian with a PA of 170, you can b
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