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  1. The year is 2045 in FM16. I have just gotten to a point where Juvetude Évora is capable of competing with the big three in Portugal. There is just so much history in a long save. Star players long forgotten as I outgrew the level they excelled in. Club legends retiring and serving as staff. To be honest I care very little about actually knowing the players as I don't really follow much football in the real world, so it's more about getting to know the players as they are generated.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Spurs08 said:

    So in my first season I took over Eastleigh in September with the club struggling, and took them all the way up to 7th, just outside the Playoffs and ABOVE the media expectation. But then after just FOUR GAMES in the second season I get sacked! 4 games! It's not even like I was bottom of the league, we had four points, just a couple of tough matches in a row. I came on here to complain about it and got told it's because I was too inexperienced for the job and the board weren't sure about appointing me in the first place, even though it's only Eastleigh, not Manchester United! It's just a joke and completely unrealistic, NO CLUB would EVER sack their manager in this situation right at the start of the season, SORT IT OUT SI!!!




    (Read the link...)

    Haha, well played. Sometimes FM is closer to reality than one might think ;)

  3. For a lot of teams, this does not seem to be an issue, as many teams start with an option for a possible reserve, B-team or u23, or whatever they might be called. However, for some of the lower league clubs, such a reserve team does not exist, and as the team progresses to glory, the usefulness of such a team becomes ever more prominent. Sure, you could set up an affiliate to send your talents too old for the u19-squad out on loan, but it does nothing to keep your main squad backups match fit, when you make them available for the reserve team. There are a number of ways this could be done, but I will propose one possible approach.

    By the end of the season there would be a board request option to set up a reserve team, in the same way you can ask for affiliate setups. The structure of this team would of course follow the rules for reserve teams in that nation, although I must admit I do not know to what extent these rules differ. The setup itself would take about half a year or maybe one and a half, thus having a team ready by halfseason. At this point it would be completely without any staff and filled up with all grey players with a skill level relative to the reputation and league level of the team (like most grey players, I assume). This would allow you about half a year to set up the staff and organize the players before the new season starts. You might be able to setup some friendlies, but they will not enter a league until the new season starts. If the reserve teams play in the regular leagues and not in a reserve league, I would suggest that they enter the league below the lowest possible playable level in a nation (or perhaps lower). That way they won't interfere too much with the teams otherwise promoted or relegated at those levels, which could possibly be odd when a new team suddenly enters a league. From there it would function as a regular reserve team.

  4. I have just finished the tenth season at Juventude Évora and have just survived in 6th place in the Second League after being predicted 21st. I'm having fun, but considering ditching it in favor of trying the English Hero achievement, since there was a bug that withheld all league prize money from teams in the Second League, meaning a lot of insecure finances in Portugal outside of the Premier Division.

  5. Sorry, it seems the image link didn't work. It is much clearer with that, so here is a direct link: http://imgur.com/Z53Zk2k

    What I mean is that when scouting a player there is usually a percentage bar indicating how much has been scouted, most often referring to hidden attributes like professionality, injury proneness and the like. In the image it is seen that I am supposed to have scouted the player 100 %, but many of those hidden attributes are still hidden. What I am wondering is if that is a function of my manager's Player Knowledge and Young Player Knowledge all being 1 or if this should be reported as a bug.

  6. So, I'm not sure if this is an actual bug or if this is the right place to put it.

    I recently got the Invincible Steam achievement half way through the season, because the Portuguese National Championship has two stages. I was given the achievement after the first stage, so it did not take the second stage, the promotion group, into account. I would assume that it would need to evaluate based on the entire season and not just the first stage.

  7. Maybe future editions could add an option to turn it off, like with masked attributes? People enjoy a game in different ways, and for the people who do a one-club-one-save kind of game, it really isn't enjoyable to have it shut down by a random event you have no control over, even if it is realistic. For the majority of my saves it would be an unnecessary feature (and likely on I would try to circumvent with the editor (unsackable, anyone?)) but for some saves the realism it adds is absolutely essential.

  8. Thanks for the advice so far. I'm currently working my way through the fourth season, and can see that it is going to be a quite a bit trickier than I expected going in. But I'll see how far I get :)

    Regarding the above comments, I might not have been as clear as I could have been in the OP. I do not have a self-imposed ban on buying players. So far it seems impossible to get anywhere near Portuguese Second League with only my youth players, so I will need to play "normally" for quite a while before I would have the stability to work on my youth academy.

  9. Or at least I had one. Until I realized it might be a bit more difficult than I had first assumed.

    Hi. I recently picked up FM16 on a sale, and are slowly getting to terms with how it has changed. The last time I played Football Manager it was called Championship Manager 4 and player instructions were drag-and-drop arrows. When starting this time I thought that placing myself as a manager in a big club wasn't all that interesting and after lurking a bit one these forums I thought that managing in the lower leagues might be fun. I have always had a soft spot for Portugal, so I ended up finding a club there in the National Division. Furthermore, I have always found that developing narratives was one of the keys to enjoying a game, so after reading about people taking a team from the lower league to the top spot, I though it would be fun to lead Juventudo Évora to the top of the Portuguese Premier League by developing their youth system. It would make for a good story.

    I have just finished the second season, and it seems it might be a tad more difficult than I had imagined, if not impossible. I'm not an expert at FM16 tactics, but I have done reasonably well those two seasons, even if I haven't been promoted. The problem is that my finances are horrible. From what I have read on these forums and elsewhere, the only way to develop your own talents and be competitive is by having really good facilities and coaches. So far I haven't been allowed to upgrade because of our finances, and from what i read, that is not going to get any better in the lower leagues. Which means I might have to use exclusively players from elsewhere in order to get to the top spot, so that I can get better finances to develop my own talents. But that kind of contradicts the entire premise of my current game. Which is not in itself a problem. It just means I might have to change my expectations.

    But I do have a few questions to see if it is possible to keep the original idea alive, so I am wondering what your experience is with this approach. Is it even possible? Or at least plausible within about a decade and a half? I had also considered, as a final resort, giving myself a sugar-daddy, just to ensure that financial issues wouldn't be my primary problem. Would that enable me to upgrade my facilities in order to better develop my own talents? Also, I have an affiliate in the Regional Division, which is not playable. Would it help my young players if I sent them on a loan there, or would the level of football be too low for them to develop?

    Thanks in advance!

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