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  1. Well, I am no expert, but signing good staff is pretty easy, just look in "staff search" for scouts with good ability rating and potential ability rating, and make sure that the players they are scouting are more than 85% scouted, see in "pros" if the player is good enough for the league or if he will be. If you want let's say a defensive midfielder, like I don't know... Sven Bender, search this guy and look at his stats and ppms, and based on his stats look for a player at your level. If Bender has 20 in tackling and 20 in first touch, etc. Then try to look for a player with 15-14 or if you are on an even weaker league maybe 10-12. I don't know if I explained myself... Also try Chris Darwen searching with the stats, where he uses the stats of the player in his old team. For example if you want a sven bender kind of player, you want a guy with good rating (more than 6.8, or as much as you like), with good tackles per 90min, tackles completed, interceptions, pass completion (if you want). With this you can even don't look at his attributes, I have signed some players this way and it works. Also if you can try giving them trials, and check with your different coaches their opinion about the wanted player. Not all players will work, but at least you can raise the prob, that they work. (I don't know if I can link you to another page outside the forum, so I can share with you the chris darwen article.)
  2. Hi! I don't play strikerless, but I've been trying what you did, but without the good results. I am using a christmas tree formation with wb/atk, cd, cd, wb/sup Bwm/dlp/boxtb Advp/ss Cf or dpf With the instruction to be slighty higher, slower tempo, get into the box(or something like that), retain possesion, disciplined, and keep possition. With standard mentality and estructured. I wanted to imitate Ancelotti milan (the one with rui costa, kaka, seedorf, pirlo) The thing is I don't have chances, the first half of the season i did, but now that the other teams play more defensively against me, I can't create chances. The game ends with me with 60%, 4-5 shots and 3 on target. Mostly losing 1-0. Maybe you can give me a tip about what may be wrong. My team is the worst of the league (mexican first division) with 500-1 to become champ. edited: I forgot to say this, I have watched the games and what mostly happens is that my wb reach the last line, and my midfielders are playing outside de box, but they never make the killer pass or the cross because of the retain possesion instruction, but if I take it off or the play to box instruction we still don't create and lose all the possesion, so I don't know what to do... (After reading your article I may try to change to control, and to make the line slighly deeper, or something like that... but I don't know if that will work...)
  3. You are right, I made a mistake, it wss 2004 milan, they won the scudetto with it. Thanks for commenting in the post guys, but no one has given me tips about the atributtes and ppms a player should have to play like those guys in milan. And are you sure Pirlo was a regista? For me he was a DLP. Also an update, I aplied the tactic to my team with a deep forward, and it worked pretty well, I was one victory away to qualify to mexican play off (where the champion is chosen) and reached quarter final in the cup. For a team with 500-1 to become champion, It was good, last season I did in the full year 29 points, now with the milan tactic I made in half a year 26.
  4. I think I didn't explain it like I should, I don't want to sign that players that play like cafu, seedorf, etc. What I want is to see their attributes and ppm, so I can search for a cheaper player with lower reputiation but that looks like them. For example lets say that kaka has a 20 dribbling, 20 pass, and 20 shot, with ppm one-two and dictates tempo. You will show me a player with that characteristics, lets say... Coutinho. He has the same 19 dribb, 19 pass, 19 shot and the same ppm. So what I will do is say, oh kaka had those attributes so I need to search a guy of my level, so I sign Juan (invented name) a Amc from Colombia, of 21 years that has 14 dribb, 14 pass, and 14 shot, with ppm play one two. Did I explain myself? What I want is to see how thos legend players should look like in FM so I can rebuild their team. And my team is already in first division. Thanks for answering man.
  5. Hi guys, this topic isn't about the tactic I want to make, but about the players I need. Before anything a little background, I want to make the 2005 milan, the one ancelotti led to a champions final. I already have the tactic(I think) obviously is the classic christmas tree formation of 4-3-2-1. The thing is I am using a low reputation team, a mexican second division team which I ascended after some seasons. Now that I have the money and the infrastructure, I want to make this true. The reason I come to you, is because I am new to FM, even though I've been playing for around a year now, I don't understand a lot of it, and I am not that good. I want the players for my formation, for that I planned to scout players that played somewhat like those players in Ancelotti's Milan for example. Kaka: AMC, I believe he should play as a shadow stricker or Advanced mid atk. I can scout him because he plays in Orlando city, so there's no problem about him. The problem comes when I want to scout player like Seedorf, or Cafu, they don't play anymore, and even though I know how they played, I don't know how a player like them would look in FM16. So what I ask for you and the reason why I post in this forum is, can you share some players that play or have the stats and PPM like the real players, so I can use that info as a base to scout other players and try to build my team? The players I need are: Schevchenko: I believe Complete forward or Deep Rui Costa: Advanced Playmaker Kaka: Stadow stricker or Advanced Midfielder atk Pirlo: DLP Seedorf: Box to box Gatusso: Ball winning mid Cafu: WB/ATK Stam: CB Nesta: CB Maldini: WB/Sup or FB/atk or Sup I hope I made this post right, and thanks for any help you can give me. It doesn't matter if the players are from fm17, 16 o 15, what I want is to identify the attributes and ppm that a player like the ones mentioned before look like. (Sorry if the english isn't that well, not my first language)
  6. Hi, I am doing a save in FM16, with a mexican team FC Juarez. Fc Juarez it's a second division team, which I took in 2015, I am now in first division in 2021. The league works like this, an opening tourney (from august to december), and a closing one(january to may), 18 teams, only 17 games per tourney, top 8 qualify to a bracket system, and the champion is the one that wins that. The relegation system is an average point, the team that ends the full year with less avg than all the others, goes down. So if you did well, the season before, even if you do very badly in the second one, you can avoid relegation. My team is the weakest team in the league, but, I have avoided relegation 3 times already by being the second last or third. The problem is that my tactics do work, at first, but then they fail massively. For example, the first season, I used the same tactic from my time in second division. a 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow, with two wing backs attack, 2 central defenders, and a half back as defensive mid, in mid I placed a roaming playmaker and a box to box, with an advances playmaker in AMC, as strikers I used a combo of Deep and advanced forwards. It worked at first, but in the second half of the season I started losing almost everygame. (The instruccions were wait for overlap. play in the middle. with standard mind set and fluid. Nothing more.) So I changed the tactic, I read an article from Cleon for a counterattacking football, so I made a 4-1-4-1. with one attacking full back, and the other as defence, two central defenders, an achor man, left side a wide mid, right side another wide mid, in the center a box to box, and a CM by his side, with a false nine, or defensive forward as the stricker. It worked, I almost finished top 8, but at the end of the season again, It stop working and I lost almost every game. (There were no instruccions, very structured, and counter mentality) So I changed the tactic, this is where I am now at the start of the season I kept using the counter, after 14 in the opening stage, I decided that I needed to change(I only won 2 games, and draw like 4, and all the other were loses). I decided to finish the opening stage and in the closing stage I changed to 4-1-2-3 narrow, with wingbacks attack, 2 central defenders, a half back, a roaming and box to box in mid field, two AMC an advance playmaker and an Advanced Midfielder, and an Advances forward as an striker. Instruccion are wait for overlap, play in mid, an standard mentality and fluid. What I want to do with this tactic, is play with my midfielders, and wait for the wing backs to come, and open up the field, with my advanced forward, box to box and advanced mid going into the box for the corsses the wing backs throw. Also I want the roaming pm and advanced playmaker to create(obviously) and to give the key pass to my advanced forward (16 pace) to run. I use half back because I want him to go back and the cb to go a little wide(To change into a kind of line of 3), when the wing backs go up and attack. I don't know if I explained it ok... But that's what I see with my tactic. This worked like a charm, as I had three very good AMC, they did the work, and I won like 4-5 games at the start of the season again, but at the end, I started losing, I ended up in 13th, which isn't bad, but again I was almost last in avg points. The thing, is that the first 10 games, I dominated the games, more shots, more possession, but at the end, I was completely dominated 60%-40% with me losing possetion, and 22 shots(almost all from afar) against 5-6 of me. Now in the friendlies I won 1-0 and lost 1-0 against two first division teams, but I was dominated as I said before, I don't know what is wrong with my tactic, I try to analise the problem and read the stats, but I don't see the mistake. Maybe one of you can help me, or give me tips to fix this tactic. thanks. What I think is the problem? I really don't know what could be wrong here. This is what I have though. -My team is weaker. This one is obvious, my team is weak, is the worst in the league, and the board just wants me to avoid relegation, but the thing is my tactics, always dominate at first, and then they fail, that means that there is a way for my guys to shine, then why at the end of each season I am again fighting to not being relegated? -The are playing more defensively against me. This is what I think after the last point, they are playing defensively against me, so my tactic doesn't work the same, buuuut, I am still the worst team how it is possible that teams that pay their players more than 20K euros a week, be scared of me when I pay one tenth of the salary they pay? And even if it was the case, they are playing parking the bus, why do they have a lot more shots (games ended with 22 shots from them((almost all long shots)) and I only fire like 5-6 times), and have much more possession(60-40 aprox)? That doesn't look pretty defensively. -The team is full of young so they get nervous? That could be a factor, but most of my young players have ambitious, or professional personality, and I still have players around 24-32 years old. Sure my key players are young but still... That doesn't make sense. -The tactic doesn't work. Then why did it work in the first place? I feel it should work... or not? -The other teams are doing something.(Because I really don't know what is happening). Maybe they know how to destroy me? I don't know. I haven't post here in a lot, so I hope that I explained everything, and english isn't my first language, so sorry if you can't understand some stuff... What I want to know is: -What may be wrong with the tactic? The roles? The instructions? -Why do I have so little possesion, and why I don't have chances? -The tactic on itself is destined to fail? If there is anything more you need to know, tell me and I will add it. Thanks.
  7. I actually didn't copied it, I adjusted it to my team, I didn't had a roaming PM, so I used a Adv playmaker with atk mentality, and used a dlf and not a false 9, I didn't copied it. I said "Copying the art of possesion tips" I didn't said copying the art of possession tactics. Sorry if You felt I said that... but in fact the tips he said worled in the sense that I had possesion, but my players couldn't score sadly...
  8. Copying the Art of Possesion tips lead me to ruin, I am 17 games without winning, is december I am in last , I tried going back to my previous formation but I am still losing! Help! I have the third best goalscorer(23) from last season, the fifth with 15 goals of last season in my top 3, but I don't score! I always have the possesion 55-60% always, but I just don't score. I am playin with AF, IF(aml), w(amr), adv playmaker(atk), central mid support, and ball winning mid defend, with a normal back four... I am playing the same as the post above, and I tried 10 games of the art of possesion habing between 60-65% everygame but with no goal! I don't know what to do, 17 matches without winning is just too much... Thanks if anyone can help
  9. At first I wanted to do a Counter, for the sake of wanting it, but I also want to advance with FC United, so I will go for the possesion game, I will use the tips of the article "The art of possession", I will use a Box to box, and an Adv playmaker in midfield, with a left IF, and a right Adv pm, and let's see what happens... I bought the best goalscorer of last season so i hope I can ascend this season (even though I lost my 4 star Cb amd 4 star Rb).
  10. I changed him to AML for the new season (because i bought the top goalscorer of last season as striker), in 5 friendlies, 3 agaisnst much stronger teams (Rangers, Fulham, Milwall) He scored 4 goals, and against the 2 much weaker teams he scored 1, so 5 goals in 5 matches is pretty good. He had man of the match 3 of imtimes, pretty good for a 5 gray stars AML.
  11. The problem is that I can't change the formation because my wingers can't play as lm/rm, so maybe focus in the possesion game? that it looks like it's working, and keep the counter mentality, what should I do to get better in the possession game? (Herne I actually already read that article, and 2 more articles of that guy(The offensive and possession ones)
  12. Actually making him a AML isn't a bad idea, I was planing on signing one...
  13. Hi, I am doing a save with FC United of Manchester(I changed the name only), is my fourth season and my first 2 seasons were baaaad, I avoided relegation by some points, but now in the end of the third season I ended up in playoffs(I lost in semi finals). The thing is, I wanted to play a counter attacking football based on the "Art of counter attacking" article, the problem is I don't have the players to make it to play a 4-1-4-1(I don't have LM and RM, I have 2 AML, 2AMR, and my defense suck), so I went with what I had-have: 4-1-2-3(My knowledge tells me it's a 4-3-3 but meh, FM16 says otherwise. The thing is, when I started winning this third season, I thought that it was because my Counter-Attacking football was actually working, I got scored very little but scored enough(1-0, 2-1), and my theory of it working got even stronger after the middle of the season, when I suppose every team started playing against me defensively so I stopped scoring. I am honest here, the problem when you do a tactic and it doesn't work like you would like, but it still works, makes it harder to fix any problem, I realized after some games watched 50%(I can't end a full game I am sorry), that I wasn't playing a counter attacking football, but more of a possesion one, work slowly into the box and score with a through pass. So, when everything started going wrong(I stop winning, and stopped scoring) I tried to fix the counter attacking problem, and it went horribly wrong, so I surrendered and waited for my tactic to work again, and at least it gave me a playoff semi, which isn't bad for a team fighting for survival. So this post is to know what exactly should be happening, I want you guys to help me, in your mind, what kind of game should my team be playing if I have this: The lineup: The Instructions: I can explain every position, and what I think they do in the counter-attacking system, but it looks like they are not playing like that, I suppose they are playing a little defensively, not attacking by lot, but still having the possesion of the ball and trying to break the other team with low tempo and passes. So what do you think about the tactic... oh and PI are almost the same, the only difference is I ask the wingers(IF) to shoot whenever they can, and my keeper to go with short passing. Thanks for the help!
  14. I am using a edited Fc United(I only changed the name of the team) and I bought this striker: I bought him because even thought his star rating wasn't that good, in his last team he had scored 15 goals and 7 assists, and in off season he had scored 5 in 2 games, so I was like, let's check this guy out, if you see his stats, he is actually good, and if you see him play you will be astonished of how many chances he has per game, he is like Mexican chicharito, always creates chances for himself... the problem is his finishing rating, he misses like Torres in Chelsea, but even though in 5 chances he scores 1 so it's not that bad. I hope that with training his finishing becomes better and he becomes a beast.
  15. I saved the season in the last 4 games, I lost two games, but I defeated the firs place with a 35mts free kixk at 90', and winning the last game with the direct competition losing. Lucky, and towards the next season, hope it goes better. I am in mid table, it started the same way, winning first games, losing almost all away games, and losing dumb points at home against weak teams. Everything got worse with my two strikers getting injured, I need urgently better CB.
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