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  1. Been playing hard this last week and game still full of bugs. The issue where players complain about missing one game during an injuries always creeps back in 3 or 4 seasons into a save. I’ve been messing around with 3 saves and in all of them 2 or 3 players end up with the outcast squad standing after one complaint. Spoils trying to build a squad imo and if you can’t effectively build a squad then honestly what’s the point in it? transfers as still a total mess with loads of rubbish clubs interested in my world class talent. Plymouth you’re never going to afford my 100m+ player while you sit in league 2 so jog on. Trying to get even a half decent price when selling players is just ridiculous but can guarantee having to pay over double a players value even when they are transfer listed... and what with teams constantly coming in with bids of 10% of a players value when they aren’t transfer listed and are a first team player. Oh and also all new transfers out you lose the sell on clause despite it being present it always just disappears. Conditioning is still a massive issue imo, especially with younger players, just take a look a what Trent Alexander Arnold did in real life for Liverpool last year and try and recreate it on FMM ...good luck with that 🤦🏼‍♂️ Also, something that’s really bugging me, I smash teams in games but they more often than not score in the last 10 mins and it ends up crushing your GK and defenders match ratings. I often beat teams 4 or 5-1 and they score from their only shot on target in the last 10 mins and suddenly their keeper and defence has better ratings than mine. Also if you sub a player who’s just scored their match rating stays at the lower pre scoring match rating. You have to leave him on for 10mins past the goal for it to update.
  2. Is there any plans for another hotfix/update on this years game considering what a total and utter mess is it right now? Everytime you guys fix something you make more bugs. The game has been in an unplayable mess for one reason or another since the first winter update. Please, for the love of FMM, sort this game out before you lose the community........
  3. That’s excellent news @Marc Vaughan 👍 keeping my fingers crossed mate hope it all goes to plan and thanks for getting back to me.
  4. Any idea when we are to expect the next update for the game? It’s in such a mess atm I’m finding it impossible to play and I’m surprised there hasn’t been a hotfix released for the player being unhappy with being dropped for one game bug a little sooner? It’s been 5-6 weeks since the last update that made the game the worst I’ve ever seen it. I’ve been going into the App Store pretty much 2 or 3 times a day since the last update to see if a new ones released but bored of checking now. Any kind of information would be cool at this point.
  5. If you go on holiday for a day it should sort itself out.
  6. 100% this! Since this winter update (and the hotfix) I’m finding it the most unenjoyable/unplayable version yet. This stamina thing has turned the game into a micro management mess. It just doesn’t make any sense ....why don’t players recover stamina to their max ever and why isn’t 7 days between games enough to fully recover? Why does a GK need resting because he’s jaded in December?! Why do players seem fine but then you check their training page and it says needs a rest?! Honestly you’ve added much extra pointless stuff to do in between each match you’ve sucked all the fun out of the game. If this is how stamina is going to be from now on then I’m officially out of the FM franchise 👎 so many odd choices in your development like you have zero clue who your fans are and what they enjoy about the game. Baffling how anyone can say this is now more fun when it’s just a gazillion times more frustrating 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’ve said the same on FMMVibe recently but surely that site is a good cross section of your users and gives an insight into what they enjoy about the game when you have a look through some of their excellent challenges. You’ve pretty much destroyed that community’s challenges for the future with one awful update.... nice work 👍
  7. I don’t think the game has become any easier over the years I just think we have become more experienced as managers and know what we need to do. Honestly, the only time this game was a challenge in that way was my first 3 months of playing FMH14 when I first started and was learning about the game. I keep virtually the same tactics every year with maybe a minor tweak or two on the first day of buying a new FMM and I’m happy with that as I don’t think this game is just about realism and the tactical challenge. I honestly think FMM is (as has been said a few times recently by others) more of an arcade-y version and I love it for it fun over realism like back in the champ manager days. Less micro management and jumping through hoops for the sake of it and more fun. I guess what im trying to say is, of course it’s not challenging to us really experienced players but I bet anyone who’s new to the game will find it a massive challenge (especially if they don’t just find some copy and paste tactics online). Surely if you are finding FMM boring due to its lack of challenge and realism then why don’t you just progress onto FMT?
  8. +1 to that! i think there are areas that could be developed to improve the game like more immersive youth system, more comprehensive finances, building and upgrading your stadium with way more control etc and obviously it would all be connected to the more comprehensive finances. Would be fun when you start getting successful to be able to invest in youth academies around the world. So it’s improvements that don’t add any time to your week to week gameplay but areas you can spend time in if you wish to have more control. Some of my wishes for the list would be to implement the club legend and icon system like in the pc version and fm touch. Make it more fun and create more positivity around the club when you are being really successful. I’d love to see them finally give us the ability to change set piece takers during a match and also when you get to penalties there needs to be something added or give us the ability to at least choose who takes them. International management needs a lot of work. Would looooove to see reserve team games and also give us the ability to arrange our own friendlies. Also, I’d love to see stats for staff. That whole gold, silver, bronze, natural, normal and what the worst one is is a bit boring and basic. Also the match engine and training still need a little tweaking like I spoke about in that stamina thread. That’s my fantasy FMM wish list 😜
  9. I totally agree with everything apart from one point. The option for a less ‘arcadey’ version already exists in FM Touch or the PC version. But yeah I don’t play FMM because I want it to be super tough or to be constantly changing tactics. More than happy to just make my own plug and play tactic and get into building teams, developing youngsters and going through the seasons fast.
  10. Would you be paying full price for the update every season? If not then there is your answer. Reality is the income/revenue is better from a yearly release and, fingers crossed, that means the development will be much better as a result.
  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should shut up about the game till this hotfix comes out. I’ve been reading some theories on what’s been updated and some of it sounds good so can’t wait to test once this stamina kink has been ironed out. @Marc Vaughan you’ve made me feel bad for ranting coz you seem like a good guy. Heres to praying when the hotfix comes out that this latest update has improved the one dimensional training (and I love the newer training in theory) but I hate it in it current (pre last update) form as it just seems so stunted (I also agree that last years training was just on steroids and you guys should never go back to that but it feels like you pushed it too far in the opposite direction). Seems odd and unrealistic how people just randomly reach their peak regardless of experiences ie tranfsering to 5 star team with top facilities and staff should improve a player massively if they only played 10 games for a lower tier team especially if they are still young. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is to sign a 18-21 year old and they never once get experience from playing matches and never increase stats at all. Also, we wouldn’t be able to recreate a Jamie Vardy or Eric Cantona in its current state as they would have max out way before they did in real life. It’s so boring when you get to 2-3 seasons in and all your players have reached their limit and no one is progressing from match experience yet it takes you to that screen after every game just to constantly show you how your team isn’t progressing anymore. Honestly, that alone saps the fun out of the game. And ofc the match engine desperately needs work. It doesn’t matter how you cut it the AI still has the secret tactics called ‘one shot on target one goal’ which seems impossible to achieve for us players.
  12. @Lillywhite Dean I totally agree with you that stamina needed work and if done right (which it’s not atm) it would be a good addition. It’s by no means in the top 3 things that frustrate me about the game currently, probably not even top 5 if I’m being honest but the AI issue definitely is. But yeah, if I wrote down a list of thing i’d Like to change in FMM our stamina would be on it for sure.
  13. I hate to be savage but you are joking right? What development over the last 3/4 years has made this game more fun to play? All I’ve seen added is things to frustrate and new bugs and as for the game being balanced 🤷🏼‍♂️ This current stamina issue for example has come about because people complain that AI teams stamina is awful. . The reality is you needed to improve AI managers team rotation abilities so they don’t play the same team every game and also improve AI’s team building abilities so they have adequate depth to their team to be able to rotate effectively because once you get 5 or so seasons in it’s not great. You didn’t need to change our own teams stamina (although the idea of it being progressively affected as a season goes on if they’ve played too much sounds good if done right). So instead of fixing the actual bug you just added another source of frustration .....again. Hate to moan as I’ve love this game (and CM before) since it started.
  14. Thanks that would be awesome 👍 also, I realise a player at 96% is good to play but if you’ve got games coming thick and fast you’ll need to rotate sooner or later so I’d prefer to rotate sooner and keep my team fresh.
  15. Holy crap mate 😂😂 Ive only tried with an Arsenal save and just started a new Man City save and it’s exactly the same. Not tried any lower league team but that looks pretty bad 😂
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