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  1. I've definitely played months (in game) since this happened already, so i don't have either. I didn't think it was a bug as much as an oversight in a rule or something. Sorry.
  2. I'm playing as the WHL's Kelowna Rockets, and my top center was just signed by Calgary. Great news, except that I'm about to play game 3 of the WHL Finals; without him. Is there something in the game that should be stopping him from Signing/Transferring until our playoffs are over?
  3. Okay, I appreciate you looking at it. I have not edited the rosters in any way. I can't open the save, so I started a new one and just made sure to save past November (which is where the other 2 got stuck) and it's lasted me 2 seasons as of today. So, I guess the issue is when it was saved/closed? I can't open that save again to try.
  4. Sorry, dumb mistake to not do that first. I am using the TBL 2015-2016 rosters. The save file is uploaded, and called "Stars". Edit: Not sure when I'm saving it for the FIRST time; I save periodically, and I have auto-saves happening monthly, but those files don't seem to be showing up, even though I turned off "compressed saves". But both my saves made it to mid November (22nd+23rd) when they refuse to open.
  5. Was playing a game fine with the current patch (THANK YOU! ) , but as I tried to load the game again, it froze. This has happened 4-5 times in the last 15 minutes. It won't load at all. EDIT: I created a brand new save, different teams, and this is happening again. It can't be a corrupt save file. BUT, I can load games that I started in 1.22 just fine, but I've started 2 different saves in 1.3, and it won't load either of them.
  6. Hey there, I uploaded my save file to the FTP server. It's named "spencermeisner_game-crashing.sav". - Load save game "spencermeisner_game-crashing.sav" - Select anything - or try to "continue" - The game will crash Not sure what's going on, here. Wish I could give you more information.
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