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  1. Is this game still being supported? Seriously, haven't heard anything in months. It feels like its been 3-4 months since I heard that 1.5 was in the works, then I haven't seen a dev post since then.
  2. Not 100% sure how it works IRL, but the NHL and KHL don't actually have a transfer agreement, so theoretically there should be no transfer window for them.
  3. This would be very helpful, its absurd how often I find top flight talent playing in Europe and they can't be brought back either because they can only be offered entry level deals, or they are no longer interested in playing the North America (which is kind of absurd for American or Canada players).
  4. I don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere but I'd like the ability to defend players who are criticized by the Board or the Media. It really sucks when you have a player who is actually performing well for you but for some stupid reason your board thinks they should be part of the team or the media criticizes them and they demand to be moved.
  5. Take a closer look at the picture. The draft and the review are listed as being the same day, except that the Draft is listed as "Eve" whilst the Review is listed as "AM" despite coming afterwards.
  6. It was one of my own players in the minors. It finally stopped 2 weeks game time later after getting a report every 3 days for 2 months.
  7. Every couple of days I get a scouting report about the same player even though I haven't assigned a scout to watch him in quite a while.
  8. Currently being uploaded, I was 90% of the way through when I realized I accidentally uploaded it to the wrong folder. From the naming conventions in the FTP guide it is named Loto68_Progression Bug.sav And thanks!
  9. This has happened to me too, never saw this error before current patch. And I have no back up save of the file, as I accidentally set the autosaves to save to same file.
  10. I've had the opposite of this issue. Basically after the first 2 days of free agency everyone else that is a UFA is left to rot because all the players are demanding 8-11 million dollar salaries. When I go to the free agent page and just search all players I have to go all the way to page 5 to find a single player with a cap hit below $7 million dollars. Currently there are 8 players with Superb reputations who will certainly go unsigned because the lowest contract demand is still over $5m per year.
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