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  1. Hey. Thanks for your skin, it works great for me (1366x768-100%). Could you tell me how to increase the photo of players on the panel of the national team. Thanks for any help.
  2. Welcome. Prompt as it is possible to make indicators of characteristics in the form of color blocks. Thanks for any help. If this question has already been asked, then give a link, thank you.
  3. Please tell me how to make the display of the age and date of birth of the player correct. Thanks for any help. And tell me what I need to find in the code to remove images of numbers and T-shirts in the background. Thanks for any help.
  4. Sorry, I was playing with the sidebar icons, and apparently the icon of the choice of settings disappeared. I'm sorry to trouble you.
  5. Greetings. In the light version 2.1, the game settings button is gone. How can I fix this, thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for your work. But can you suggest how I can fix the player attributes panel. Due to the properties of the language, the name of the attributes is not complete. Can I delete the column on the right and expand the Attributes panel? Thanks for any help.
  7. Many thanks to all the skins masters, you are doing a great job! For me, the best TCS Skin and CFM Skin. Thank you!
  8. bluestillidie00 thanks again! I'm a little bit upgraded over your skin. But I would like your help on how to reduce the club logo and forms or make them smaller? And change the top bar text to white and then the colors of the club are the same? In other colors the clubs by and large correct. Thanks for any help! Sorry for my English
  9. Qemyst Thank You for Your work! Could you suggest what to do that would display the nicknames of the clubs? Thanks for any help.
  10. bluestillidie00 Could you suggest how to integrate into the skin FM-17 , item (screen) on the panel of the club? Loved this item changes the colors of the club and its changes. Thanks for any help.
  11. @pikawa94 Thank you very much for the help! Good luck and success in your work!
  12. @pikawa94 Thanks for the skin, works fine on my laptop. Thank you for any help that I need to change, sliding the logo right or left on the General tab?
  13. DimitriFromParis thank you for your excellent work and your skin! I hope there will be a Version for laptops, very good skin. Hi guys, how could you put a flag on the view tab of the country? What code did You use? Thanks for any help.
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