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  1. Arent Greenland in the process of applying to be in CONCACAF. never mind, i took it as meaning Greenland to UEFA haha
  2. not sure about the playoff next years, if they start better than the last few years then they could go close, they we last for quite a while this year then come hot in the run in. this year they had a decent amount of youngsters wit a couple of "old heads" on the other side of 40. i know their keeper has / is about to move to the UK so he will be a massive loss. ill have a dig round and see what pics the lads have of the southland trophies, ( i see you have the donald gray covered already)
  3. I played for Queens Park in Invercargill when I lived there ( about 25 years across 2 periods. i also had small stints for Waihopai and Old Boys when Queens Park had pretty much folded and didnt have a team for me) In Christchurch I also played for Waimak United and Coastal Spirit until too many concussions made it unsafe to keep playing. I am not involved locally these days but still have an active part of Queens Park watching all their live streamed games and also present a memorial trophy every year at the end of seasons awards ( dad was a player , player coach and then finally a coach during their uber successful periods in the 80s and 90s until his early death in 1994) Sadly I don't know a lot about making trophies, kits etc or even the database (other than basic changes like number of teams in leagues etc) but am more than happy to help do the research arounds clubs, their kit colours etc ( obviously with main strengths in Southland due to a lot of mates etc being spread around the clubs)
  4. The southland "pyramid" certainly is messy with its clubs having multiple sides and Division 2 sides generally being social/masters teams that never look for promotion. From what i recall from local folk Queens Park had to field a Donald Gray side as part of the arrangement to field a side in what is essentially an out of province league
  5. good work on the nz league. as a southlander though and a former player in the Donald Gray, can i be cheeky and ask if you might go lower in the south island leagues. you also have the teams slightly wrong for the Donald Gray. It should be , Gore Wanderers, Old Boys, Queens Park ( 2nd/reserve team) , Thistle, Winton . Te Anau was originally there but pulled out. Next tier was messy as this year there was a "premier mens round that then created the Donald Gray split but essentially the below are they bottom half of the league division 2 also have a round robin and then a split too. the above table then split into the below sections to finish the season
  6. fair call mate. love your work on this. the game wouldnt be the same without guys like you doing this
  7. ah , i think could be the case. do you stop at level 10 or do you go lower
  8. before i getting cracking on a save, does the awards still work correctly. im currently using another file and it seems to break the epl awards after a month or two ( in game time), so im curious if its exclusive to that file or something generic to all databases adding to england?
  9. i found adding any file from here affected italy ( even using different italy databases)
  10. Wellington Phoenix reserves are automatic qualifiers for national league, top 2 from southern qualify, top 3 from Central qualify along with Northern top 4 for national league
  11. the National league this year was only 10 teams playing each other once with the top 2 playing a one off final
  12. is this fix to replace the database in the original post or used alongside it?
  13. just gone and cleared preferences folder and it loaded in 1min this time
  14. your lucky, ive gone from taking about 2 mins max to load game to it approaching 7mins to load to the main menu
  15. yea (the club livestreams most of their games on youtube) and they/we did really well all things considered. I still make the trip down from Christchurch most years to presents dads memorial trophy at the prize giving,
  16. it wasn't that long ago it was a "closed franchise" type league. I d love nothing more than getting to manage my lifelong club Queens Park to national glory
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