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  1. their website is afcb.co.uk and everything else on there says AFC Bournemouth so surely that implies AFC Bournemouth is the name they prefer to be known by
  2. From the information i can find there is no promotion/relegation involving the FSPL. Southland and South Canterbury clubs whilst falling under the Football South banner play in their own regions ( except for Southland United which is a collection of the best avaliable players from Southland who want to play at a level higher than the Donald Gray). South Canterbury clubs also have no route to the South Island League
  3. I probably spent hours as a kid steering this photos in the clubroom them. Dad played in the 80 and early 90s before he died in 94 ( in his mid 30s) When did he leave Invercargill? What is his name?
  4. you are bang on the money about the west coast and mainland, there is now a "southern football league which is played after the mainland and otago leagues have finished which brings together the top 5 of the mainland premier league and the top 3 of the southern premier league to find a overall south island "champion" here is the link that covers this combined leagues teams and fixtures http://www.footballsouth.co.nz/COMPETITIONS-1/Fixtures-Results/Southern-Football-League here is the link that can help you out with the southern premier league (contains 7 dunedin teams, 1 from queenstown and 1 from southland (invercargill) http://www.footballsouth.co.nz/COMPETITIONS-1/Fixtures-Results/Otago-Senior-Competitions here is the link for Southland football which its topped by the "Donald Gray league" after its completion ( play each team 3 times ). the top four play knock out 1v4 2v3 to win the charity cup http://www.footballsouth.co.nz/COMPETITIONS-1/Fixtures-Results/Southern-Football-League the division below is division 1 presidents cup (again everyone plays 3 times) divsion 2 patron cup plays a a sinlge round of round robin and the splits top 6 into division 2 cup and bottom 4 into the division 2 trophy. if you decide to do southland i can help you with club colours , grounds etc, i lived down there until i was 21 and have strong family ties to Queens Park in Invercargill ( dad has a memorial trophy named after him) so have a few contacts to dig out info
  5. if you need any information for for canterbury and south i can try do some digging for you
  6. awesome. cant wait How far down the leagues have you gone in the South Island?
  7. uploaded , its called timmarkcorcoranmanucrash
  8. constantly crashes when i click to play the game @ 7pm may 13th, i have even tried to holiday through it. I have deleted cache and preferences. i am using the default football manager skin DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.24 20.42.59).dmp
  9. bear with my ignorance here, but is there a earlier version avaliable that doesn't need the 18.3 update, if so i would to know where i can source it from. I always love Dans updates and cant wait to smash a new save
  10. As long as I don't try and start a new save it works fine...
  11. Gutted for you but also pleased I'm not the only one who is having this issue despite following all the "fixes"
  12. To reinstall does that mean losing all the extra kits skins etc?
  13. I have been having the exact same issue the last few days and no matter what i do it wont fix it
  14. I do, I managed to add them in one by one and managed to isolate an australian league update as the one causing the issue. Good bye Australia, hello enjoying the dam awesome work of all involved and me managing in the lower leagues!!!!!!
  15. I cant seem to get it work for me for some reason it keeps saying too many teams in South West Penninsula League, no matter what i do it wont seem to load up
  16. im having the same issue too. very frustrating DxDiag.txt
  17. i have done a ftp transfer of the below crash dump file. timcorcoranFM 2016 v16.3.0.776772 (2016.03.13 17.39.44).dmp i pick the leagues i want and no matter wheter its just 1 league or 6- leagues i get a crash dump i have just reinstalled the game and it is version 16.3 i dont have a save file for this issue as i cant even get far enough into the game to get a save
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