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  1. From the information i can find there is no promotion/relegation involving the FSPL. Southland and South Canterbury clubs whilst falling under the Football South banner play in their own regions ( except for Southland United which is a collection of the best avaliable players from Southland who want to play at a level higher than the Donald Gray). South Canterbury clubs also have no route to the South Island League
  2. I probably spent hours as a kid steering this photos in the clubroom them. Dad played in the 80 and early 90s before he died in 94 ( in his mid 30s) When did he leave Invercargill? What is his name?
  3. you are bang on the money about the west coast and mainland, there is now a "southern football league which is played after the mainland and otago leagues have finished which brings together the top 5 of the mainland premier league and the top 3 of the southern premier league to find a overall south island "champion" here is the link that covers this combined leagues teams and fixtures http://www.footballsouth.co.nz/COMPETITIONS-1/Fixtures-Results/Southern-Football-League here is the link that can help you out with the southern premier league (contains 7 dunedin teams, 1 from queenstown and 1 from southland (invercargill) http://www.footballsouth.co.nz/COMPETITIONS-1/Fixtures-Results/Otago-Senior-Competitions here is the link for Southland football which its topped by the "Donald Gray league" after its completion ( play each team 3 times ). the top four play knock out 1v4 2v3 to win the charity cup http://www.footballsouth.co.nz/COMPETITIONS-1/Fixtures-Results/Southern-Football-League the division below is division 1 presidents cup (again everyone plays 3 times) divsion 2 patron cup plays a a sinlge round of round robin and the splits top 6 into division 2 cup and bottom 4 into the division 2 trophy. if you decide to do southland i can help you with club colours , grounds etc, i lived down there until i was 21 and have strong family ties to Queens Park in Invercargill ( dad has a memorial trophy named after him) so have a few contacts to dig out info
  4. if you need any information for for canterbury and south i can try do some digging for you
  5. awesome. cant wait How far down the leagues have you gone in the South Island?
  6. Would love a copy of your nz file
  7. timmarkcorcoran

    crash dump

    Awesome, many thanks
  8. timmarkcorcoran

    crash dump

    uploaded , its called timmarkcorcoranmanucrash
  9. timmarkcorcoran

    crash dump

    constantly crashes when i click to play the game @ 7pm may 13th, i have even tried to holiday through it. I have deleted cache and preferences. i am using the default football manager skin DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.24 20.42.59).dmp
  10. bear with my ignorance here, but is there a earlier version avaliable that doesn't need the 18.3 update, if so i would to know where i can source it from. I always love Dans updates and cant wait to smash a new save
  11. timmarkcorcoran

    Won't load after update

    As long as I don't try and start a new save it works fine...
  12. timmarkcorcoran

    Won't load after update

    Nope, tried the game as soon as I turned it on tonight
  13. timmarkcorcoran

    Won't load after update

    Loaded it up just now to get you a crash dump and it's working fine now. Havent changed anything from yesterday when it would crash 😥
  14. Since the most recent update I can't get the game to load.i have gone down the uninstall reinstall path, stripped off anything that's not in the original download. also tried both of the launch options I have seen mentioned in the forums, now all I get is a crash dump or the now infamous black screen of doom. anymore ideas to fix ? really starting to doubt I will purchase FM18 now due to all the issues that occur due to new "updates"