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  1. Theres an app, FM Coach calculator. Stick their numbers in and it'll give you their star ratings! You're welcome
  2. Never though about it! Maybe that explains why I always seem to lose to the teams in the bottom 3, I tend to say it'll be tough for us because I don't want my team to become complacent. Perhaps i'll try being a bit more cocky in the press conferences and see if I notice an improvement
  3. Yes, I think people are missing the point! That or these forums are so full of FM fanboys who are blind to its imperfections and will defend it to the death. With the editor, as I used it on a previous save and then regretted it, tried to ignore it as theres no way to remove it - then I noticed when you go to scout players and select the filters, position / contract status etc. there are some which say things like 'hidden attributes', 'current ability', 'potential ability' all under an editor drop down menu. What angers me a bit to be fair is that I paid £4 for the editor before, ruined my game then started a new game and ticked the box not to allow the use of the editor in this game. This does NOT prevent you using the editor, it simply means you would need to pay for it again to use it. The temptation is always there, SI are just making more money from people who can't resist it, and worse, charging them again for something they've already paid for.
  4. Yes, there are a couple of exceptions but I'm not referring to the likes of Ferguson or Guardiola... take the above situation, even if he was so angry at being loaned out that it created an intense dislike for the club he previously loved (which I find incredibly hard to believe that could be plausible), in the real world if I said 'ok, what about £100k per week?', bearing in mind he's currently on £400 per week, he'd sign faster than a fat kid on a water slide and I'm sure Bournemouth would be his new favourite club. Obviously I wouldn't pay him £100k per week, I just don't like that I'm not even given the choice to offer it.
  5. So I have a young player coming through my youth system at Bournemouth. He's been at the club a couple of years, had one season on loan and the second season I gave him some game time, mostly in the cups. He's playing well and I've heaped on the praise. Third season in I've given him a few games but a championship offered to take him on loan as a key player so I accepted as it would be great for his development. I had a private chat with him and he said 'I love Bournemouth but if you think this loan spell is best for me I'm happy to go out on loan'. (Key point here, he said 'I LOVE Bournemouth'). Then I went to offer him a new contract as I noticed he was in his last year. I'm told that he does not wish to enter discussions as he feels it would be unwise for his career to stay at Bournemouth due to his dislike for the club.....???? I've being trying to offer him a new contact for 2 or 3 months now but now change. I guess I'm going to lose him? I do not want to use the editor as a) it costs money b) once its there you cannot get rid of it and although people say 'just ignore it' that's not easy to do when you scout a player and it shows on the search screen all their exact current and potential ability and all hidden attributes. As much as I love FM it's bull like this that gets me frustrated, I usually wait till March to play the latest game as it's supposed to be when all bugs are fixed but evidently not. Incidentally, do people think it's unrealistic that there are some players / staff who refuse to even discuss moving to your club? In reality everyone has a price and if someone says he doesn't want to join your club you could say 'how about for £10m a year?' and they would change their mind! Yet in football manager you don't have the chance to throw money at someone who doesn't want to come. Perhaps its time they did away with players and staff refusing to discuss contract terms, you should always have an opportunity to offer them money and then see what they say!
  6. So if leicester city were playing villa tomorrow and decided to play the same way theyve played all season which has brought them so much success, you would expect a 4 or 5 nil win to villa? And if i say to myself "I have two keepers out injured, guarunteed my third choice keeper will be injured this week" and as expected he breaks his ankle in the very next game you all blame me for not changing his training schedule? Dont know why I bother posting on this forum when its just full of fm fan boys who'll just defend it to the death...
  7. I've been playing FM for years and there are a few things which happen so often, in every addition that they just feel scripted and predictable. Just wondering if anyone else notice the same common themes or if other people have other common issues which they find so repetitive it has to be more than coincidence The two that come to mind for me are: 1) No matter how well i'm doing in the league, i will always lose to the team at the bottom of the league, even if they've lost 10 in a row 2) Goalkeeper injury crisis: I know people complain about injuries and sometimes i get a lot in one season but i get on with it and don't let it bother me, but I know that if i have 2 keepers injured at the same time it will ALWAYS turn into a full blown GK injury crisis and my 3rd and 4th choice goalkeepers will inevitably soon be injured. I'm sure there must be something in the game code that just randomly decides you will have a gk injury crisis rather than it being coincidence. I love FM but sometimes it sad that i've played it so long I often know what will happen next
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