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  1. As I cannot be arsed to read 70ish pages to see if I'm double posting now, here goes. A relatively easy feature to implement would be to announce a step down. I'll explain: I started out in a mid table team in Norwegian 2nd tier. Earned promotion in my 2nd season, went on to secure a mid premier spot in season 3. Was offered the job at Rosenborg, the reigning champs. I got them to the 1st knockout in CL twice, and was offered the Arsenal job, as they were nearly relegated that year. (go figure) I am now an Arsenal legend, having won the CL 7 or 8 times. Can't remember, havent got the save up. My problem is now that I'm a bit bored of them. I have won everything I can, Arsenal are worth £4.5b and are the most reputable club in the world. I have noticed however, that York City (my fave team) is struggeling in Conference North, and the temptation to take them on is big! I would like an option to announce my intentions to take on a new challenge. Say publicly (possibly announce it like you announce a tranfer target) that I intend to for example take on a lower league team. All I get now when I apply for another job is a shocked media wondering why I would ever want to do so... Don't know i that made sense to you guys or not, but it was the besst way I could explain it. English is not my native language, I apologize for any typos or any bad grammar.
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