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  1. I was wondering how I could play keep playing my scorers throughout the season to ensure they have a good chance on becoming topscorer at the end. At the moment I rotate them out when the match load becomes 'high'. Together with an odd injury here and there they miss about 10 games a season. When I look at the actual topscorer they seem to always be able to play in about every match.
  2. Hi @Russell Hammant I got two saves running. Both have the same problem. I've uploaded one for you with the filename 'Pirlopas - 68 Aksaray Bld..fm' Cheers
  3. After having performed (a combination of) searches on the topic I've decided to create a thread on the issue I'm having with not being able to log in to twitter or youtube from the game. On my MBP from 2015 I used to be able to use this feature in previous iterations but haven't been able to with FM19. When I go to 'preferences' and click on 'login' underneath the Twitter or Youtube tabs I first get a black (with the twitter tab) or grey (with the youtube tab) screen. If I go back to it directly it remains that way. But when I switch tabs (e.g. going from the youtube tab to the twitter tab) and click 'login' I get the youtube login screen I expected from its original tab. But the screen is unresponsive and all I can do is to exit the screen. Turning the retina option on or off doesn't help. Would love to get some assistance on this.
  4. Hello Neil. Do the Mac related issues involve not being able to login to social media from within the game? I'd like to share my progress but can't this way.
  5. Are the issues regarding to the update also relevant in not being able to log in to social media accounts in the game?
  6. With the public beta I'm seeing an improvement in 3d performance. 2d is still stuttering. Also lack of fluidity when browsing through the interface or when processing after 'continuing'.
  7. Turning off Retina has proven to be a game changer for me. Even though it makes it blurry and some stuff don't fit on the screen anymore, it's much more fluid than it ever was, for me. I'm running it on MBP 2015
  8. I have the same problem on the latest MacOS 10.14.3 and latest version of the game. Deleting the cache and preferences hasn't changed anything. Though yesterday evening after opening the twitter login screen the screen seemed frozen with no visible movement. I tried typing in my username and cancelling. When I'd click the login button again the twitter login screen would come back with my username filled in but still frozen. When I tried the youtube login and cancelled and clicked the twitter login screen the youtube login screen would show up. Also frozen
  9. Terribly sorry, I hadn't noticed I've posted this in the mobile forum
  10. I seem to have a stuck transfer offer as well. In my case I've made an offer about two months ago consisting of a sum of money and a player in exchange. The player from my squad promptly accepted the other clubs contract offer but still no news on the player I want to get.
  11. Makes sense. But I'm afraid we're past the point of no return. Just checked save file v3 which is just past it as well.
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