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  1. Bienvenue dans le Nord June 8th, 2019 (end season) Well, this went seriously wrong… We completely collapsed and only got 10 points out of 39, scoring 16 goals and conceding 25 goals. But these numbers of goals are in serious camouflage because we scored 13 of them in 3 games. Everything went wrong and it made us, deserved, finish on the play-out spot (12th). Luckily the 2 bottom teams had so few points that we survived automatic relegation. But of course this means extra stress and only winning 2 games in those play-outs would keep us in the league... Team performances Once again Matthieu Debisschop was our key player in the defensive deep lying playmaker role and dictating our gameplay. He contributed with 2 goals and 3 assists as well. Most promising performances by the youngster came from Roger Koné, Killian Lemasson and Jérôme Leroy. Next to them honorable mentions for Matthieu Vergne, Stéphane Herbet and Ruben Debisschop. Luckily Matthieu Debisschop confirmed another year playing for us. He is by far the best player we have, despite already being 35. But I’m aware that we almost are obliged to shift him due to that same age. Not the brightest future for the team in that light. Other I keep focusing on the positives but this looks like a story for the long haul. Financially we keep it around the break even. Investments are made in the junior coaching (upgraded to basic), coaching badges (mine is currently a National A licence) and a part of the backroom staff. Currently we have the best coaching team in the league with 1 assistant, 3 coaches and 1 head of youth development
  2. Decent and I will need them! This season is pretty difficult. Lots of success with the Endoume promotion hunt. I like the "original" stadium. Probably frauds already went down there in the past Wow @wynter what an insane youth intake striker that Magnin is!!! I can only dream about such a prospect. Congrats on the promotion @Deisler26 Great to take over and immediately make that kind of progress. I hope to post my season review tomorrow. I'm also trying to make an overview of all the fraudulous performances of our manager bunch, but it's a pretty detailed task to get everything in a handy overview though.
  3. Bienvenue dans le Nord March 5th, 2019 (youth intake) Looking at the potentials, this is the best intake we had in this save. But since all of them will not reach their full potential, I just hope that they generally add a bit of extra’s to the current players that are available. I’m also disappointed not having a good striker in this bunch. So I guess we keep battling for quality up front… Quick overview of the academy: Class of 2019 - Chiron Philippe (DL/AML): another left back. I have a lot of players for that position but none of them is currently taking his chances. Maybe a possibility to battle for that position - Vasseur Jacky (MRL): winger with potential. Not sure of him - Raynaud Bryan (DR/WBR): looks a very good player at this age. Maybe a regular for the future - Robitail Daniel (GK): I like him. Together with Robail my future in goal. Development will be decisive for both - Pollet Tom (AML/SC): since up front all is terrible, will get chances as a striker. Hopes….. - Cano Alexandre (DL/WBL): and another left back. Same story as for Chiron. - Roussel Antonin (DM/MC): question mark about him but can play in 2 positions. Up to him to take that moments - Kamara Ibrahima (DC/DM): looks basic but actually I like him. Not the brightest prospect but he has something, although I can't name what exactly Class of 2018 – Catalano Axel (DL): still a bright prospect according to the scouting. But doesn’t perform well at the moment. Just hoping that he grows in his level and ability – Herbet Stéphane (DM/MC): excellent physics but not a technical diamond. Can function in the defensive midfielder role and gets his chance – Huysman Jordan (MC): my mini technical midfielder. Very young and therefore still limited game time – Robail Romain (GK): except his handling, he looks a better keeper than first choice Mbassi. Therefore I will play him from time to time. Hopefully he will prove his quality – Vergne Matthieu (DR/DL): has to compete with 1 of the 2 original players, which is huge. Nevertheless gets some game time. Hope to see him grow in his role Class of 2017 – Barsotti Remy (AMLC/SC): plays decent but needs to score more goals. Difficult given his scoring attributes – Delplanque Pierre (DC): his game time is divided between the DC and DM position. Like his speed but isn't performing constantly enough at the moment – Koné Roger (MRC): looks to develop as the best player of his class. Will get more and more starting games – Lemasson Killian (AML/SC): still my best striker despite his abdominal attributes. Still a chance that he develops in a better player than he currently is – Leroy Jérôme (MC/AMC): a creative force in midfield. Gets some games and he plays decent – Lucas Mickaël (DC/DL): also a player who functions in 2 positions. Can become a regular for sure – Melluso Alessandro (DR/WB/AMR): depends on his physical abilities but still lacks other skills. Back-up in the future – Ormaetxea Carlos (AMC/MC/AML): improving unexpected good. Adds some technical skills and can be used as a sub when creativity is needed – Wattez Tanguy (DC/WBR/DM): still hoping that he becomes my rock at the back. Plays decent games, hopefully he develops smoothly Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  4. Bienvenue dans le Nord November 23rd, 2018 (mid season) Another standard form of the team in the National 3 championship. Sitting just above the play-out position, comfortably about the automatic relegation spots. It doesn’t work out that fine. Average getting about 1 goal each game sums up the problem once again.... banging in goals. With only a couple of original players left (and the better ones getting veterans) a lot of youthful enthousiasm is currently in the team. So despite the questionable performances the team is in a complete makeover shift, which is good short term if we can stay in this division. That’s the most positive of the club news. The Coupe de France was pretty standard although we went out in the 8th round. Another standard performance, let’s say, but not that important because we can’t compete with higher level clubs. Let’s head for the youth intake date as soon as possible… Tourcoing, la créative, on y va
  5. Any reason for only picking Sochaux as destination? Something special 'bout them?
  6. Bienvenue dans le Nord June 1st, 2018 (end of season 2 review) In the National 3 form dropped dramatically. Only 3 wins in 13 games. That's not enough. A lot of concerns since we didn't win any of our last 7 games. Despite still finishing safely in 10th position, decline was too big. I hope we can pick ourselves up next season. It will be a must or we can get into real troubles. On the players front, no one really stood out. The better players were Killian Lemasson with his goals, Grégory Moret with his assists and Matthieu Debisschop with his leading playmaking role. With those names in mind I do think that others are able to overtake their positions though, except from our deep lying playmaker. It all depends on every player his development. Season stats can be found here. To end this post I have some very critical and crucial info about my team and their performances. This challenge will be very difficult for some time to come. The problem for my team lies up front. 6 other teams got strikers with 15 goals or more. My league topscorer is Lemasson with 9, Debisschop (a defensive midfielder) got 4 and is my second best... If you analyse our season you’ll see that we have played 10 matches without scoring. Actually I’m not surprised by that but it’s almost half of our games we lack finishing strength. But when you look at our available strikers and their finishing attribute you’ll notice the problems we have. A short overview of the finishing stats: Lemasson (4), Barsotti (6), Bertrand (3). This says it all. Next to that it’s also a fact that my teens have to develop further. Currently only my veteran players got a 7.00+ average rating after the season. This tells a lot about the current quality that is available to the team. Nevertheless we keep going. I guess next season probably will/can be similar to this one. Financially some positive news. We're on a break-even balance. Once I was able to find a little bit of money, I immediately invested this in my national B coaching badge which I'm currently following. I also try to improve the junior coaching from a limited to basic level. I’m happy with these kind of small improvements though. Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  7. Bienvenue dans le Nord March 1st, 2018 (youth intake) Some usefull players (of course) but certainly not a 'golden generation'. Overview of the current Tourcoing academy: Class of 2018 – Catalano Axel (DL): prospect for the left back position. One of the positions where we lack quality. Looks decent – Herbet Stéphane (DM/MC): a prospect I really like. His height and heading are promising. This is one I keep an eye on – Huysman Jordan (MC): very small, technical midfielder. I don't know what but he has got something about him... – Robail Romain (GK): very young but my most promising goalkeeper. Maybe in 2 years time? – Vergne Matthieu (DR/DL): full back but not a lot of potential according to my assistent. We'll see, definately has to become quicker for the full back position Class of 2017 (linked only the ones that are already available to play) – Barsotti Remy (AMLC/SC): gets frequently first team chances since we lack strikers. Not performing that well but I have few other choices. – Delplanque Pierre (DC): quick for a defender, but small as well. I think his future lies at the DM position – Koné Roger (MRC): had the highest potential and since his debut his attributes went up immediatly. Strong mentals – Lemasson Killian (AML/SC): surprisingly taking the lead up front with regularly scoring a goal. Ever present at the moment. Trying to improve his finishing though. – Leroy Jérôme (MC/AMC): not registered yet. Think of bringing him as an attacking CM due to his flair. – Lucas Mickael (DC/DL): naturally a central defender but not that big. See how he progresses, maybe he can make a shift to the DL position – Melluso Alessandro (DR/WB/AMR): doesn't have high potential but he's physically a rock. Hope to improve other attributes. Maybe he'll be fine – Ormaetxea Carlos (AMC/MC/AML): waiting to register him but he's currently improving unexpectedly well. Player who can act on different positions – Wattez Tanguy (DC/WBR/DM): look at that height (1m91). Ideal for set pieces. A true central defender Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  8. Finally able to read all movements in France from us, Hakan frauds... @Fer Fuchs Ake Good luck with the new fraudulous Aubagne project. Like the gifs lol @smp20 Also a complete twist in the Giuly story. Completely unexpected. Bonne chance avec AG Caen (they have a very modern badge I must say) @Benjoe Steadied the ship with a good mid-table finish. Curious where the croissant tactic can take you. The rise can begin! @wynter The extended highlights are indeed fenominal… and painful... Quality at this level for sure @BoxToBox and @Bartrcm Both of your saves keep going very fluently. Those results are unbelievable and a tycoon takeover… what a fraud! @Deisler26 Brilliant promotion with Chateaubriant! Especially since you could keep all those B teams behind in the ranking. With the Bastia prospect… it's your choice. Think about how Hakan would fraud this offer @shaunvamos Congratulations on the promotion!!! @noikeee Don't give up with TA Rennes. Not all of us can climb the ladder that quickly. Patience will be rewarded tremendously @Vélodrome Welcome to this fraudulous challenge. Good luck with Toulouse Rodéo @MarcxD Superb that you returned to the thread. On the up with Drancy again! Bonne chance et un progrès positive with the challenge to all of you!
  9. Bienvenue dans le Nord November 20th, 2017 (mid season) In our second National 3 season one could say that we are repeating history. Once again ups and downs with 4 wins out of 13. Putting the team just below mid-table but above expectations (season preview: 12th - odds 80-1). It feels a bit better though since I'm confident we can avoid the 3 bottom positions and there is the fact that we get during the january window some extra youngsters we can register. If we can keep the rest of the squad together this means extra addition. Biggest problems are still up front. We lack a real striker so these positions and quality has to come from the youngsters. A bit of a gamble if one of those guys we lift the team results. Till then we can continue the current process. Maybe we also need to replace some older players at the end of the season again. Which will drop the avarege age once again and our number of players aged 20+ as well. Nevertheless a decent progress. In the Coupe de France we went out in the 8th round after a hard fought 2-3 loss against Locminé. The match also was part of our disapointing 6 game run without a win. It hasn't been our favourite competition so far… Other than last season all players still want to stay. But of course, due to having non-contracts a decent interest can move them out of the club. It's not ideal at all. On other fronts not much to mention. I'm happy that some higher division clubs are interested in my services. A promising sign for my career. Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  10. Bienvenue dans le Nord June 1st, 2017 (End of Season) Well, looking at the table everything seems ok (general season review). But especially the 2nd half of the season was exhausting. Due to the injuries up front and thin covered back positions we had to play a lot of games with players out of position. To compensate this we ended with a very unusual 4-2-2-2 formation but we managed to finish mid-table. Which is very, very good given the quality of the available players. Player wise - season stats - the better performances came from strikers Arnaud Despres (13 goals) and Charly Kiaku (15 goals) but both will leave us. Another important player was Matthieu Debisschop. Despite his age I saw him grow in performances when I started to play him as a deeplying playmaker. I'm very happy that he decided to stay with the club. During the season he was't convinced about staying at the club but it's massive news. Maybe it has helped that he was voted the fans player of the year. Jérôme Kisonga contributed from the right back position with 7 assists and stays as well. Younger players who got a lot of playing time were Grégory Moret (MC/AMC), Jean Mbassi (GK), Olivier Lavie (DM) and Ruben Debisschop (MC/AMRC). Hopefully they grow a bit further heading into next season. Going forward to next season we lose 3 of the better and experienced players which means that we will now only have 7 players aged 20+ I was able to extend my contract for another season and job security is at 62%. I have realistic ambitions though. Since we don't have any quality (or natural strikers) up front, staying up is all we try to do. Also there's only 1 player from the youth batch having its 16th birthday on time before the registration slot closes. This means a small, small number of players to complete the mission. Financially we are in the red 41.000€. France is 11th at the world ranking but is heading comfortably to the World Cup. Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  11. His height is indeed something that worries me as well. Currently I'm using him as a DM in my U19's. If he gets familiar with that position I can maybe use him as an anchor man or pure defensive midfielder.
  12. Bienvenue dans le Nord March 1st, 2017 (Youth Intake) Le moment suprème pour notre equipe et notre future. Well, of course I will sign all of them. None of them really stands out but when they turn 16 chances to play will pass by for most of them. Certainly the youngsters on positions where we currently lack players (central midfielders and strikers) will play quick after their birthdays. I never had a player with a dual Basque nationality. Probably BoxToBox frauded some people in the club... The 3 players with most potential: – Roger Koné – Pierre Delplanque – Jérôme Leroy In the competition we are still 4 points above the play-out place. But since Despres fell out with his long-term injury we are finding it difficult to score goals. My other striker, Charly Kiaku, isn't happy with me as manager and dislikes me. Of course he leaves us at the end of the season but since he's our only available striker I do have to put the fraud on the field for that reason. Nevertheless I will kick him out with a big smile on my face when the season is over. The ship isn't steady at all but I hope we can keep our heads above the water. Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  13. An USF Tourcoing game half December. Spectacular is the least you can say! If I could upload the goals you will see the quality of football at this level But only 2 weeks later (begin january) a serious blow. Our top scorer (13 goals) out for the rest of the season @Deisler26 You stayed up, that's the most important. Building process can continue with your very young squad. Petit and Girault look like adding important quality. By the way, brilliant stuff with the Hakan update! @smp20 Hopefully you bypassed that crash. I was looking forward to the partnership between Bastia and Furiani/Agliani after all that family misery @noikeee Steady progress. The age of your players is pretty ideal to include the new youngsters step by step. @BoxToBox Incredible performance! @After Familiar feelings in my save... @Benjoe Wow, only predicted to finish 10th? That 10 out of 15 points alone looks like a serious mountain to climb
  14. Bienvenue dans le Nord November 16th, 2016 (mid season) Well, it has been a bit of a bumpy ride, my first half National 3 season at the helm in Tourcoing. I'm happy that we are above our predicted finish but at the same time we're far from being safe. We will bypass the automatic relegation spots but the play-out is still a very realistic chance. In that way a bit of mixed feelings. Results are pretty simple to explain. Once we concede a goal, we drop points. Our wins on the other handwere deserved and clear. Every single of them without conceding a goal. In the Coupe de France we went out in the 8th round after a win against Libourne (5-1), followed by a loss against Jura-Sud (0-2 - team in the National 2) I'm happy that I was able to keep every player but at the moment no one with a contract wants to stay (not mentioning "extending" because I only can handout non-contracts). One of those is striker Despres who already scored 11 league goals. If we can stay up we probably have to do it with other and youngster players next season and that will be a huge task. The thought on that is already a bit of a worry :-/ Tactical wise I generally went for a simple 4-4-2 formation but I already tried this in various forms (diamond, flat, high wingers,…). It's a bit hoping to get the best combinations between fraudulous bad players on that front. Nonetheless I'm generally happy with the steady progress we are making and I'm looking forward to the first youth intake. Although hopes and expectations are limited on that front you never know if our club board gave some misleading info to some youth talent and their parents. Let's start with frauding the region first. Tourcoing, la créative, on y va!
  15. @Deisler26 Excellent season, tense finish with a fantastic promotion as reward. Good stuff @shaunvamos Both other teams meet each other as well so that's the advantage you got. I think the last game will be decisive. Good luck with your end of season run! @smp20 A this tempo I guess father-son derbies will be there every season. Also Furiano looks like climbing up the ranks quickly I hope to get a mid season update later this day myself. Less spectacular results though... depending on how you look at it
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