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  1. Nah not anymore last cersion was 2014 I think
  2. Flying visit to see whos here, we need an old school FMH PSP reunion!!!
  3. Andrewdriver, still hanging around
  4. I miss the good old days of the PSP
  5. bring back the olden days, I blame Marc for pushing through android version etc.!!!! hahaha I told him not to
  6. not a clue how many ive done but tried to get all main transfers in it didnt bother doing lower down transfers just for me
  7. cheers matey but i look through the form and all i see is android and ipad etc whats happend i feel like the fmh old wise man!
  8. So will this be the last year for the PSP or is 2014 in the pipeline?
  9. Dont really come on here much now as i feel like im too old school now, think i may be the only PSP pro left!!! haha
  10. nice to hear from you again Scottc18
  11. I have an update with a lot of transfers done but not in as much detail as I have done in the past
  12. I will never give it up!!!!!
  13. can you not turn it off in prefrences?
  14. Only works on PSP though, when club makes a bid, set the price at what you want but before you accept press L and then go back to negotiate. Your price will still be there click undo to reset the price back to the original and then accept. It will then go through at whatever you wanted for the player
  15. Looks like ill keep doing the updates on my own then, will never give up my PSP