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  1. So, instead of having PA as the ceiling for a player, it should be changed into "Growth Potential", what this stat does is it dictates the possibility of a player passing a "check" that improves his stats once he satisfied the requirements to have this "check". Let's say we have a 17 y.o player A with 100 CA and 80 "GP" (max 100). we promote player A into senior team, have him play pro matches, train with the best coaches, has great personality. all these factors give him something like "experience points", and once he gets enough exp, the game will do a "check", which takes into account the player's GP and determine if he passes the check or not. in player A's case, he will pass the check 80% of the times if he passes the check, he gains some attributes, and his exp goes back to 0, and the next check will require more exp points since he now has a higher CA. also a U18 player will gain more exp from training while a U23 player will gain more from playing, while older players will gain exp slower if he fails the check, he doesn't improve, his exp goes back to 0 but his next check will require the same amount of exp. we can also have an exp decay, if a player doesn't gain any exp for a long time due to injury or being unemployed, or simply is just a lazy player who doesn't get game time, he will get a level down "check", where if they fail the check they will lose stats instead. this decay increases with age as well, so older players will decline more naturally due to these level downs, and players like ronaldo and buffon can counter this decline by training and playing extra hard apply this system to any real world player and you can have a much easier time explaining their development progress, instead of just "this guy has 180 PA so he will get better and better until he reaches this number". we'll see less of players who got everything going right for them (professional, game time, training) that are just stuck at 140 PA while being 18 years old just because the game says so. now, even if he doesn't have much talent, with 70 GP, he can still improve steadily with lots of game time, training, professionalism, ambition, albeit slower since he will fail more of these checks. also we can see more redemption arcs like vardy's, since even if he only had 120 CA at 25 years old, if the stars aligned (which it did IRL) and he kept nailing these checks, he can improve to 160 CA in a year. with the old system, if you sign him at 120 CA at 25 years old, no matter what you do he will only gain 20 CA a year at most basically I just don't like having an unexplainable hard cap for a player potential. I'd rather chalk it down to the player failing the check due to having low GP, that way I have incentive to keep playing him, rather than stop giving him any play time because he "reached his magical number ceiling" give me your feedback everyone. who knows maybe some other company could use this idea when they make a competitor game to FM :P
  2. i7-8700 32gb RAM gtx 1080. no add ons except graphics pack and skins which i've been using in all previous games with no problem, though i still haven't updated to the new patch on 12/17 yet no it's like that when idle in game. actually it's like this in the main menu screen even don't think that's the problem, it's always like this even in main menu screen
  3. I think it would help tremendously to have an option to view the performances of a specific position/role, so I can compare how well my AMR(Inside Forward-Support) players perform compared to when they play as AMR(Winger-Support) or MR(Winger-Attack). maybe allow me to filter all goals scored by my AMC, then further filter goals scored when it's AP and when it's SS, etc
  4. game starts up really quickly, saves and loads within 5 seconds initially, but once i start processing a few days then the memory usage shoots up and everything becomes very clunky. i'm playing with 7-8 leagues and 48k players, shouldn't be a problem for my computer specs. anyone encountering the same issue?
  5. you're roleplaying too much. the AI clubs have programming rules and guidelines that it follows in the transfer market, and you can exploit those to make unrealistic profit, much like RPG bosses have their own attack patterns, and once you learn those patterns you can defeat the boss easily. they don't have an actual brain that plans things through in a realistic and logical way and you didn't read my post properly, i've said again and again the MAXIMUM MONTHLY FEE you can get from a loan is £300k A MONTH, no matter how good the player is. but you can put in a clause called "MANDATORY FEE" which means the buying club is REQUIRED TO BUY the player at the end of the loan period, and this mandatory fee is BUGGED, you can set it way higher than what a club would normally pay for your players. check my previous post i included a save file in which you can loan out 2 goalkeepers with clauses to force the other club to pay you £140m at the end of the loan period i don't know why i even have to explain this over and over
  6. seems like you haven't messed around with the game enough to know how it works. if you have tried to min/max your income by loaning out players then you would notice the most any team would pay for ANY player is £300k/month, but the thing is the AI is very willing to pay that same amount to a low tier player who transfer value is even lower than the loan fee. so you can get 300k/month for any unneeded player but that's also the capped amount, so you can't ask for more loan fee no matter how good the player is for the last point, you're amusing me with how hard you're trying to defend the game's realism. everyone knows the game behaves based on the outlines that it was programmed in, if A happens, do X, if B happens, do Y. bugs will always exist, the game will never be perfect, but we're discussing the bugs here to keep trying to improve the game. but there's always guys like you who believe the game can do no wrong and everything in it makes sense if you look hard enough here's an example: the AI club won't agree to pay 40m for a player in multiple installments over 2 year, but they will pay 140m straight up if you negotiate it through a loan. go ahead, i'm actually curious to see what ******** reasoning you're coming up with to justify these transfers that i managed to get
  7. no matter what happens in the game someone will twist and turn it trying to make it seem "realistic". many people post pics of man city and PSG etc go out and spend 80 millions to get a random play then sell them off after 1 season for 1/10 the price and never letting them play a single match. "oh it happens" explain to me how the MOST you can get for loaning out messi is the same as loaning out shane long, £300k/month also your point about "They will offer what they want to offer (regardless of the "value'' figure on his profile)", using this logic you can justify any and all crazy actions the AI does. say, in my save liverpool wanted to buy insigne from napoli for ridiculous amount, so i offered them jadon sancho, a young english player who plays the same position as insigne, but better, who also happened to be unhappy so his wage should be affordable. couldn't make them go over 35m (the player's value is 60m), then they proceeded to pay 80m for insigne. i'm sure you can come up with some weird explanation to justify this behavior too oh and also even tho they wouldn't go over 35m for jadon sancho, if i negotiate it into a short term loan with mandatory fee, then they're ok with paying 70m for him after a half season loan
  8. sure. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b1v57b2dkyu4wwk/exploit+upload.fm recall rulli and leno from their loans. then offer to club and set mandatory fee £140mil, dortmund will offer to buy both of them. some people will argue it's not a bug, just unrealistic, but you can go look at my transfer history and see a lot of players sold for ridiculous amounts and dozens of players on loan for £300k/month each season
  9. i do see some big transfers. dybala to ManUtd for £144m is the biggest one i've seen, and some 100-120m for average players (moise kean, rodrygo, jesse lingard). but i've never seen any big offer for MY players, unless i do the loan trick then i get ridiculous amount for back up players
  10. I feel the opposite. the transfer mechanics in the game are too easy to exploit, and it's operating in the exact same way it's been for years. like you can loan out players for £300k a month regardless if he's a world class or a washed up player. every season i get £50m from these loans alone. and whenever you want to sell a player, it's almost always better to offer to loan them out with a mandatory fee. a team won't pay over £40m for player A would agree to pay £70m after the loan period plus the £300k/month fee. and if an AI managed team NEEDS a player in a certain position (especially GK), you can make them pay you ridiculous amount for a loan-to-buy transfer, TWICE. the other day I had rulli loaned to dortmund until end of the year, so they decided to sell their other GK, then i recalled rulli, then immediately offered him AND bern leno on loan, with a mandatory fee of £141 MILLIONS. dortmund accepted my offers for both of them. and eventually paid me £282mil for 2 decent GKs, which they ended up benching one. and there are many many other exploits that have been in the game for years that are still behaving exactly the same, so I'm led to believe that SI is just copy pasting everything game to game without updating anything and don't tell me "well you can just not use these bugs instead of complaining about them". it's not really the point, for a game that brings in millions $ a year that don't require much developing, it's a joke that they don't even fix these bugs that's been in the game for years. and also i was only listing exploitable bugs, there are negative bugs that you have to play with without a way to avoid them https://snag.gy/NBgF4w.jpg
  11. when getting a player on loan with a higher fee when NOT played, how many % of minutes do i need to play the player to not have to pay this "penalty fee"?
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