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  1. just to let you know that your attacking version tactic is very good. I am using it home and away with fulham on my 2nd season and currently fifth on the premier league.
  2. @geordiebird - playing as Man Utd. I'm not using this tactic though, but using your tips to create 442 and 4411. Regarding the shouts, I'll give it a try
  3. @geordiebird - what pre-match shout that you use? This tactic work wonder at home, but not so good away.
  4. if anyone could modify this tactic to other formation like 442, 4231 would be great. This will make this tactic more flexible.
  5. no problem at all. Just few minutes of work compare to your time to create this wonderful tactic. Honestly, I like version 3.1 more even though you said player instruction are the same, but with the role you choose, I know which player suitable for that position. Good luck for your next adventure and if you have free time, hope you can you create alex ferguson tactic
  6. what is the difference between 3.1 and 3.2 really? I just tweaked all the set pieces for 3.1 and I need to know what I'm losing if not using version 3.2
  7. now I know how AI team will counter this tactic. For the last 3 matches, all AI keepers got MoM and for each match my player hit the post at least 2 times. But still not lost though, just narrow win and draw
  8. brilliant tactic. Play beautiful football and scoring for fun just like barca in real life. And my team only concede 1 goals in 10 matches through penalty. Lets see how AI can counter this tactic after 2 3 seasons.
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