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  1. The problem is that every single of the most successful tactics made in the game is either positive or attacking and they fits every team regardless of quality. You overperform with an attacking and high pressing tactic and underperforms with a defensive tactic (even as a bottom team CA-wise). It seems like tactics are way more important than CA, while in real life CA is way more important than tactics...so there is a flaw here and it needs to be sorted. Physical attributes must be less important, technical attributes must be more important and CA must outperform attacking tactics in way bigge
  2. I have not scored any myself, but I see in the statistics that other teams scores in my savegames.
  3. Hi. This issue was brought up last year too, but for some reason I cant find the thread and dont remember who started it. The issue is the following: I have now simulated 5 different save games over several seasons with different nations and I have yet to see a single team have a pass completion percentage above 79 (most teams lower and a team like PSG often around 75%) In real life the best teams (City, Liverpool, PSG, Bayern, Barca etc etc) has a passing completion percentage of 84-88% (sources differs a bit, but official Premierleague page and whoscored.com have these numbers but
  4. Probably been put in wrong currency. I remember that has happened with some player wages for norwegian players before. I guess that if you divide the balance with about 10 it is more or less right (without me knowing to much about the economy at LSK)
  5. He is probably shocked because his technical skills are like an average norwegian league player, and if he had been in that league he would have been the best technical player by far. I guess no player in the best team in the world has got technical skills on single digits. 8 in marking and 9 in tackling for a left back playing CL final? It just does not make sense. He has of course better marking and tackling when you look at the number of full backs in the database that can match those numbers.
  6. Hi. This is partly a suggestion and partly a question. When you go into "world" - then managers - the first sorting you get is "general" - this is as far as I can see nothing more than a listing of all managers. (then you can sort by trophies, time at club etc. Could you not change the general into something useful - my suggestion would be to change it to a "reputation" list, so that we can see where in the line regarding world reputation as a manager we are. Should be easy to code and would be much more fun than just having a "general" sorting withou
  7. One thing is what teams played by humans manage, but how many goals do Messi score if he is managed by AI. In my games, hardly more than 15 pr season.
  8. Yes, full details on all league! Ran the test once again now with 7 leagues (added norwegian and greek league) with more or less same results.
  9. Ran a new test today: Top 5 nations with all leagues playable - no human manager - put it all on holiday for 2 years 2 seasons x 5 top leagues (bundesliga, premier league, la liga, serie a, french league) Total of 8 players scoring more than 20 goals. Most top strikers between 10-15 goals (Messi 13, Mbappe 15, Salah 11 etc). Lewandowski only striker to have 2 seasons with more than 20 goals.
  10. Did a new simulation now and this is still a problem, but guess you of course are aware of that. Main problem still that the best teams are far from having a realistic pass completion .
  11. It is every single league in every single save game in fm 19 and now fm 20. Just play a league and it will be reproduced. Over time all clubs ends up with more or less the same pass completion. The best teams like Barca, City etc should have 85-90%, while the worst teams should be in the range around 70% (even though you have teams that from time to time is in theirs 60s with pass completion). So the main problem is that the best teams are not good enough compared to real life stats.
  12. Simluated 2 seasons with top 5 leagues - and all I got was 6 players with more than 20 goals in the first season (Messi had 13 and Kane 12 as an example). Second season it was even worse with only 4 players scoring more than 20 goals, Lewandowski best with 25. Very strange that this is not the case when you reproduce. Just sat the game on holiday - had all leagues loaded from top 5 nations.
  13. Hi. There is an issue that was also reported at FM19, but nothing has been done. It seems like that regardless of the quality of the teams and leagues all teams have more or less the same passing completion. While in real life it differs from 65-90% in game its barely 4-5% that differs from the best teams in each league until the worst. As you see from the screenshots it also does that to many teams have high possesion, while the best teams often have to low possesion. But all in all the pass completion is very wrong and its more or less equal regardless of league.
  14. Actually I am also finding it very easy to get international jobs. In almost every save game I have (starting as semi pro and uefa c license) I will get a good international job (like Netherlands, Argentina etc) within the first 3 seasons. Getting good club jobs however is much much harder.
  15. Is there any place in game that you can see a list of managers ranked or sorted by reputation? I know that it was in some versions many years ago, but cant remember to see it for the past years? I guess the "general" screen in "Managers" aint showing much, so maybe that one could been turned into a reputation list? Would have been fun to see how I was ranked reputation wise compared to other managers.
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