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  1. Hello. I have played the game more or less daily since release. All of a sudden I got crash dumps tonight when trying to start the game. It comes to the loading screen and then I get a crash. Have deleted cache and preferences etc without any changes. Thanks for helping. FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.23 22.57.52).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.23 22.46.38).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.23 22.41.23).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.23 22.38.33).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.23 22.32.35).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.06.23 22.31.36).dmp DxDiag.txt
  2. Actually I am also finding it very easy to get international jobs. In almost every save game I have (starting as semi pro and uefa c license) I will get a good international job (like Netherlands, Argentina etc) within the first 3 seasons. Getting good club jobs however is much much harder.
  3. Is there any place in game that you can see a list of managers ranked or sorted by reputation? I know that it was in some versions many years ago, but cant remember to see it for the past years? I guess the "general" screen in "Managers" aint showing much, so maybe that one could been turned into a reputation list? Would have been fun to see how I was ranked reputation wise compared to other managers.
  4. Of course, its no problem making the game hard, but then - as you have done - you have to give yourself big disadvantages. It should be more than hard enough winning the epl with a team like Fulham....in fact it should be almost impossible (like in real life), but as it is now its almost impossible not to win it within 3-4 seasons without doing anything else than buy a couple of players fitting your system and make a tactic that gives lots of crosses and intensive pressing.
  5. The AI is rather limited, so being a team like Cagliari, Fulham, Espanyol or something similar makes it rather easy to be a serious title challenger within 2-3 seasons without doing much more than buying and selling some players to fit your prefered formation. A typical savegame for me with such a club is a 5-6 place first season (wich is far to easy to achieve), maybe a 3-4 place 2nd season and usually a title in the 3rd season. The best AI teams are to weak when it comes to take advantage of their best players. A player like Messi usually dont score more than maybe 20 goals playing under AI manager, same with Ronaldo, if I have an average striker like Mitrovic in PL I easily make him score around 30 goals a season.
  6. Same for me. It seems like when we shop in scandinavian values (I use swedish krones) the prices paid is in swedish krones, but the total amount is in either Euro or Pounds (I dont know the conversian rate) So guess that there is something in the total amount put in wrong value.
  7. This is a big problem, have made a similar thread, hope they look into it.
  8. With a certaing throw in setup the AI dont mark the players wich makes it a big goal scoring opportunity every time. I dont know what makes world class defenders not understanding this, but surely something wrong in the match engine that needs to be looked upon. An example can be seen in the pmk - the first goal in the match. But just put up the setup and it will happens often. Cagliari v Fiorentina 1st goal.pkm
  9. I just looked at this years stats and so far this season you have Cardiff 64% and Getafe 65%, so even though it was a bit higher last year, it should also be possible for teams being in their 60s....Getafe was at 65,9% last season too. But when it comes to high percentage the best teams are close to 90% both last year and this year. This season you have City: 89,5 and Chelsea 88,5%, in Italy you find Napoli and Juventus at 87,7 (Juventus 88,8% last season), in Spain you have Barcelona 88,8, Real Madrid 88,7 and Real Betis at 87,8%....so the best teams should at least be at 87-89% at average...and the low between 65-72...with most of the direct teams at around 70%. As you write, the big flaw is that all teams have more or less the same. Cant understand that no one within FM has noticed this.
  10. In my savegames it seems that all teams have more or less the same pass completion, regardless og league, quality of players etc. While in real life it usually differs from 88-90% for the best teams to 60-65% for the lesser teams, they are all between a range of 4-5% in my savegames. This just cant be right.
  11. Not on public beta, 19.1.5 - so hopefully this will be better when 19.2 is released. More or less everything is wrong in that clip, even the GK makes his dive before the attacker have received the ball.....
  12. Things like this is happening to me far to often. This would "never" been done by a player in Serie A leading 2-1 in injury time. It would hardly been done on 3rd level in a small country (believe me, I have coached at that level for several years). The player would/should either play back to GK, or give a throw in.....but as you can see there are several things in this clip that is a bit strange behaviour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFpMss5CfLo
  13. Seems like this bug is when 1312 items or more are modified?
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