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  1. Redditch are currently the closest club to my house and I hate pretend commuting. So I am in with Redditch United
  2. I am coming in with Halesowen. Taking role play too far, I decided that I needed a club within a 45 minute drive of my home. I have just moved and I can't face the pretend stress of packing and moving again. Halesowen were the only club that fit that criteria within my limit of 40 loads. https://imgur.com/2isqG7r I might even pop over for a real burger.
  3. Thanks all. That is exactly the help I was looking for. Cleon, it was just an "I think" comment from someone on one of the FM challenges pages, (nothing definitive). However, it was enough to sew the seed of doubt in my mind. Thank you for clearing it all up.
  4. Hi, in FM17 I used to have success playing players completely out of position as long as they had the attributes that I wanted. Has anyone tried this successfully in FM18. I have heard that the new familiarity system will work against this sort of tinkering. Will test this myself, but hoping for instant info before I make a potential signing soon.
  5. Coming in with Coalville Town. Reloaded for 15+ hours waiting for Thurrock but gave up. So coming in with a low rep team near-ish.
  6. Still re-loading waiting for Thurrock. But now I have a loading side interest in Iran getting a result against Argentina in the WC on the 24th. Best result so far is a 1- 0 win to a Messi Pen. Anyone spied a Iran win?
  7. Loading. Loading. I feel the need to be a club I have watched and eaten a burger at. Grays and Canvey Island conveniently got themselves relegated out of the feeder league last year. So that leaves me with just Thurrock. So loading, loading and more loading.
  8. I am late to start, but will be giving this a go. I have to have a link to the teams that I play so I had to reload and reload and reload until a good option came up. I have family living in sunny Canvey Island so grabbed the chance to take charge there. [/img] I will update progress at the Mid Point and at the end of the year.
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