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  1. Cheers Duncan. How come fm2011 was working fine for a few days before it started playing silly buggers? Odd that (and very annoying). Good to hear about FM16 - have updated my drivers as much as I can (not great with stuff like that tbh )
  2. A weird thing happened. I updated to Windows 10 and installed FM 2011 for the first time on it (Had it for ages, decided to start playing). I was directed to download and use Steam, which I did, and it worked for a few days - it installed ok and I played a few friendlies whilst setting up/swapping my team. Then, Steam updated (it looked like) and that was that - it stopped working. It just kept crashing as soon as I got to the main game screen. Now, I uninstalled everything and started again and now it just keeps coming up with a message saying "XML parsing error ot well formed (invalid token) at line 1 of last_saved_game.xml" - I'm sure there's also been a few different error messages too and I've looked everywhere to sort this out but no matter what I do, it gets to the game start page - and it freezes/crashes. Please help, I'm going to throw my laptop in the sea. Oh, if I bought FM2016 - would it work on Windows 10? Cheers for any help.
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