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  1. Hello. I don't usually comment or haven't done for an awfully long time but just want to say your original thread and hopefully this one are awesome. Not taking too much away from the other two San Marino threads because they're also fun but this has provided a break now and then and the occasional chuckle. Well done. I just hope this save is not bugged. Have you checked before loading? I look forward to another 130 years of mayhem around the continent!
  2. My only complaint on this add-on is that it takes ages to download so for a newbie its not gonna be considered.
  3. Sad. I think he had released a few training packs or something similar some yrs back. RIP.
  4. I am annoyed with the negative comments coming from posters with about 100+ posts. You guys no nothing about FM, in fact to suggest as info0 did that I concentrate too much on the English leagues is a big mistake. A tactic should be open to criticism, positive or otherwise. At no stage has this tactic been proven to work. Therefore this tactic is another one of many.
  5. I have read the whole lot. A long read and I dont see any weak teams. Fiorentina are not a weak team nor is Ipswich.
  6. Heathxxx - yes I want it for further evidence and to see if I will or not use it. Problem is that nearly every post on here has the tactic tested with strong teams, mostly premiership teams and so it doesnt prove anything. I wont and have never used a swear word so no problem with that one. daddyoh - that upload didnt work. coolestrock - I've answered this one before. So not going to repeat myself on that one.
  7. Screenies? Still I would rather Mr Hough or cas1no try it if they can.
  8. I await results. As I said I will genuinely say this is a great tactic if something is proven with that team.
  9. Because its your tactic and your claim. If I did it then I could ensure it either works or fails (cheating) and I cant counterclaim such a claim. Also I havent the time. Still I await your Blyth results but Im surprised you wont take up the challenge, it would put your tactic above all others.
  10. My challenge was for you to try a team who are financially cripled. I gave Crystal Palace as the example. A 10 point deduction and no money, this should be all about your tactic. Blyth is not on the same level but I await results all the same although I dont see why you wont take up the Crystal Palace challenge.
  11. Not wanting to bring the obvious but how much money did you have available and who did you buy? I notice that Coventry are open to a potential takeover so was there one and did this alter the financial situation? I will await a reply from Mr Hough on how he progresses with a team as poor as Crystal Palace who have to play against a 10 point deduction using his tactic before I agree with any comments like those posted above.
  12. IF its a brilliant tactic then it should work with a club with no money. Which is what I have challenged him to succeed in, until this is shown I will simply refer to this tactic as one more and should be referred to as such.
  13. I know you're using a translator but I think you better rectify that last comment. Anyhow I await results on the challenge.
  14. Regarding your post. I am free to comment as I wish as long as I dont insult or condone insults. I have played by the rules of the forum at all times and was one of the first to support Mr Hough when another member deliberatly belittled him. Now all I ask is that he proves his quote that the tactic is great by trying out a rubbish team. Crystal Palace standout because in 10.3 they have a 10 point deduction and no money. That is a challenge. I dont know if there's another team with similar financial problems but they seem the best example I can think of. As for your comment on effectiveness, if it works for you then fine but can you prove this, screenies perhaps?
  15. And I happily await the results. If he proves it to work under the conditions I set then I will happily rectify my comments.
  16. West Ham have a good team ingame, they are not like real life. Do you have a screenie of this feat? What team? How much money? All that influences your game not just the tactics. Thats a fact.
  17. And its the last time I say this. Unless you prove your tactic to be a success with a lower level club its simply a tactic like any other.
  18. You have 97 posts to your name, what gives you the insight to suggest its a great tactic. Its obvious you like most posters here cant read. I never questioned the tactic or the work involved, what I question is the statement that its a great tactic. Its not, unless you prove it.
  19. Actually Im at work. So I cant play. Tbh the only snob is you. I am not going to play as palace but its clear that you wont do it because your tactics will not do anything if you tried. I never asked for back to back promotions, I said top 7 would make it a great tactic (check my previous post). I am not a snob poster and have never been but you are a snob creater since you claim its a great tactic by using it with top teams. If you think its a great tactic then prove it. Everyone else who posts in this forum does precisely that, they prove it so do what everyone else is expected to do. Prove your tactic is great by trying it on a rubbish team and see what happens.
  20. Ok this is a better post. Lets see what the changes are but are QPR still a rich club? If so would it not be easy to purchase players? I dont deny this is a good tactic but I see no eveidence its a great tactic. Take on a useless team and see what happens. I give the example of Crystal Palace because in 10.3 they have -10 points and no money. I guess survival would prove this a good tactic a top 7 finish would prove it a Great tactic. The challenge is on guys. I'll be waiting.
  21. You said it yourself, Huddersfield had potential. Try it with a weaker team and show the results.
  22. How can I explain this any simpler. You guys create a thread and say "This is the best tactic out there" and then when asked to back this up you produce examples with teams who would usually win irrelevant of the tactic and when I ask you to show results with a weak team you ask me to do it and then say if it doesnt work try another one. The point is if this tactic is so good, demonstrate it. Not me, you guys, all those who say its a great tactic, show me this. Otherwise its just a tactic as good as the rest of them. No offence Mr Hough but you need to show its a great tactic, take it as a challenge. Not much point tweaking it if you're unable to show how good it is with a weak or average side.
  23. Mr Hough, I am actively playing another game with another team and haven't got the time to try a tactic out all the time. That is why I ask on your thread if someone can try this out, maybe yourself. I am not questioning if your tactic is good, I will not doubt that but I would like to know if its better than most other tactics posted here. All your posters simply seem to select a top team and tend to buy the same players, this does not support the belief that your tactic is great. There lies my question, is this a great tactic or simply a good one?
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