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  1. Hello. I don't usually comment or haven't done for an awfully long time but just want to say your original thread and hopefully this one are awesome. Not taking too much away from the other two San Marino threads because they're also fun but this has provided a break now and then and the occasional chuckle. Well done. I just hope this save is not bugged. Have you checked before loading? I look forward to another 130 years of mayhem around the continent!
  2. Thank you heathxxx, that is what I was trying to say. I would love to start as a B team Manager and have the opportunity to be offered the top job or an alternative top job. I mean Luis Enrique was at Barcelona B and he landed the Roma job, with lots of money to spend. How often does that happen IRL? And his replacement at Barcelona B was chosen with the aid of the First team manager since he was a friend of Guardiola. Is this even possible in FM? After such a long time, these issues should now be fixed. It's a bit ridiculous to promote the game as the "Greatest" Football Management game when you still can't even do these IRL basic things.
  3. @heathxxx, thanks but that doesn't mean he gets it. Everytime there's a job going, the playing manager nearly always gets mentioned even if he has no hope in hell of getting the job. It's also a matter of the main Manager having a say over the B team manager, you cannot replace the B team Manager even if you want to, it's an external decision and if you send players to the B team they don't get trained properly which is not the case with a Reserve team. It SHOULD be the same. The B team is in essence the Reserve team. Yes, they play their own league, promotion/relegation but the coaching is all managed from above, including the manager and training. In FM, this is impossible and has been for years. Surely, it can be fixed. Also as mentioned, you can't work your way from the bottom up. If you took on a C team, a little difficult, I admit but say you did, the obvious would be B team then Main team, in FM this is impossible, you simply have no hope of ever achieving this. That IS wrong and should now be fixed. It's been too long, surely there has been someone working on this within SI. I mean, yes, complicated coding and binary issues but surely, 6 years on, there should be some progress. I love FM but feel that failure to fix this has restricted the game, it would make FM unique if some system was implemented imo.
  4. After many editions of this game, I am wondering if SI will finally realease a version of the game that makes the B teams work exactly as they are meant to. The best high profile example of this is the latest Barcelona situation, Guardiola, a former Barcelona B Manager, is now stepping down from the role and his replacement will be his Assistant at the club. How many times does this happen in any FM game? There should be a way where once you take the B team job and gain some success, you are considered for the top job. I would love to handle a couple of years grafting it at the B team with the knowledge that I would at least have a chance of being offered the top job. Also, if I left, then why can't my Assistant take on the role? I have not even seen many caretaker managers be offered the role for longer than a week in FM. Also, this would fix the finances issue with B teams, since they would be accounted for by the first team. I know the coding issue is likely vast but this problem has been present for over 6 years, surely, someone has managed to work on it since then? Surely to match the modern game and every possible scenario found in the world of football, there needs to be a change to the current model and make B teams and Assistant Managers all that more important than they actually are in-game.
  5. You probably can do it but why would you want to? It's a very boring, pessimistic way of playing. Yes, IRL, they won by doing this but a club like Chelsea should not be demeaning itself in this way, very sad to see them being outplayed over 180 mins and celebrating surviving the onslaught.
  6. My only complaint on this add-on is that it takes ages to download so for a newbie its not gonna be considered.
  7. Sad. I think he had released a few training packs or something similar some yrs back. RIP.
  8. 38 million on a 24 months pay back of 20 with the rest upfront. For Atletico Madrid in my 3rd season in FM11. He didn't contribute much but got them to the Champions League final 2 seasons later when I had moved on from the club. Typical
  9. I am annoyed with the negative comments coming from posters with about 100+ posts. You guys no nothing about FM, in fact to suggest as info0 did that I concentrate too much on the English leagues is a big mistake. A tactic should be open to criticism, positive or otherwise. At no stage has this tactic been proven to work. Therefore this tactic is another one of many.
  10. I have read the whole lot. A long read and I dont see any weak teams. Fiorentina are not a weak team nor is Ipswich.
  11. Heathxxx - yes I want it for further evidence and to see if I will or not use it. Problem is that nearly every post on here has the tactic tested with strong teams, mostly premiership teams and so it doesnt prove anything. I wont and have never used a swear word so no problem with that one. daddyoh - that upload didnt work. coolestrock - I've answered this one before. So not going to repeat myself on that one.
  12. Screenies? Still I would rather Mr Hough or cas1no try it if they can.
  13. I await results. As I said I will genuinely say this is a great tactic if something is proven with that team.
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