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  1. How the ME interacts with contradictory instructions with PPMs, like a winger that has the Cuts Inside PPM or a deep-lying playmaker that has the Gets Forward Whenever Possible PPM? Will they do some sort of 50-50 or is there some form of hierarchy?
  2. 1 - Doesn't mixed passing + clear ball to flanks help with that? Perhaps switching the DM(D) to a DLP(D). The AM should ideally be dropping deep as it's on support duty and usually has high work rate or comes deep to get ball PPM. 2 - I often see you giving this kind of advice, and i can tell for sure that you know a hell lot of football. But I don't! Just a suggestion, you're a great mod, but if you could be a bit clearer on what to notice. I'm saying this because I tried to watch the game on other issues trying to find the problem, but i just couldnt lol
  3. #1: How conservative can the DM(S) role be thought of when playing a 4-2-3-1 DM formation in a very fluid style with mixed passing, lower tempo? His partner would be a DM(D). #2: How likely a DLF(A) is to be isolated on a very fluid system playing (usually) in a lower tempo, formation 4-1-4-1 DM? His partners would be a Winger and a Wide Midfielder set up as inside forward. CMs are likely to be a BWM and a B2B or an AP.
  4. Look for overlap helps if you don't have good wingers but your fullbacks can hit a cross. Then you should probably give the IF an attack duty to be the aim of these crosses more often as well
  5. Alright now I can give you some advice, be aware though that i'm not as good as any of the mods, but I do have success when playing FM. I'll write based on assumptions: Your goal: Possession game. Your key players: Lukaku (STC) and Barkley (MC). What I think, only by guess: You're scoring too few goals. Maybe conceding a bit more than you should as well, but the latter should be a minor issue. My thoughts on formation, roles & duties +Fairly balanced formation when attacking. Your team works like a 4-2-3-1 when attacking +The combination of IF/CF/W can work offensively. The IF probably needs an Attack duty, though, if you feel he should be scoring more. -Though there is no problem on using 2 playmakers, you should know that an Advanced Playmaker shoots less often and focuses more on key passes rather than getting in the box, and you have few players doing that already. Though we all know Ross Barkley struggled inside the box this season IRL, IMO on FM he works best as a striker (IF/Winger/AM/SS). I say that on my own experience playing Everton saves. Note however that if I were to use him on the CM (which he is still very well suited to), i'd rather use a CM(A) role/duty, pretty much working as an attack-minded box-to-box midfielder -Leon Osman isn't the best deep-lying playmaker ever because his stat distribution suggest a more offensive role for him, but he's still suited for it. I don't remember whether the player has a good Long Shots attribute, but I think its worth to say here that the main difference between a DLP(D) and a DLP(S) is that the DLP(S) tries a load of long shots. If you want to give him further responsability on unlocking the defense, use the "More Risky Passes" PI. -There's nothing wrong in using a BWM(D) on the DM, but i don't like doing it. First because i don't like BWM on defense duty at all. That's directly related with my second reason: a BWM on the CM with a support duty can get inside the box to be a threatening runner from deep. Having more players on the box is your goal here, remember? -Ball-playing defenders are not required to create a passing game at all. The role gives the "More risky passes" PI, meaning he will attempt to start counter attacks more often and put some through balls to create momentum in the transition, which tends to be slower due to the Retain Possession/Shorter Passing TIs. However you really need your defenders to be able to do that if you're giving them this role. And in my own experience playing with Everton, Funes Mori can't hit a through ball at all. Give him a standard CD and you'll still see him missing easy passes. TIs: +Play out of defence, Prevent short GK distribution and Close Down More is nowadays fever of the moment style of defending by pressing a lot. It helps you gaining the ball quickly and keeping it more. +Roam from positions is a nice touch to give on that system. +Play fairly wide encourages using the most out of the pitch when attacking, which suits an attacking oriented style. Note however that it's not really needed and it's possible to even play narrower, and keep in mind that it's an attacking TI, it doesn't make any difference in how your team defend. However you're using the shortest passing length in the game, so if you're going to keep both the passing instructions I strongly advise switching to balanced or play narrower. When playing narrower, your players will still look to stretch the play if the flanks are the only place with room to exploit. -You're doing overkill on your possession TIs. Retain possession, shorter passing and work ball into box will make your play way too redundant and you'll rarely be dangerous, hence why you should be struggling to score. If you're not, i still advise taking out one of these. Or just ignore my advice, but i'm pretty sure you'll see more dangerous play with less horizontal passes. -Higher Line can be good to restrict the space the opposition have when attacking, but you're playing Control which already has a high line by default and you're not using an offside trap. Funes Mori again has some issues fitting this style (Seriously, the guy is a great CB, but Martinez didn't really think so well when he signed him, he's the complete opposite of Stones and Jagielka) because to play a high line with an offside trap you need players with very high Decisions, Teamwork, Composure, Concentration, team-related mentals. What i'd do? I'd use a standard line with Stones or Jagielka on Cover duty. Maybe i'll use Funes Mori on Stopper sometimes and ask him to man mark a lone striker but that's not really needed IMO. -I'll say beforehand that this is relative again. If you opt to play a very high line (Control+Push Higher Up can be already considered very high), you want your players to close down the most they can. This means, if you keep your line high, you want to close down much more. Keep in mind however that Mirallas and Deulofeu have very poor work rate for wingers, hence why i don't suggest going all the way on pressing with Everton. Simply put, when defending aggressively, you need to cut every pass you can, because if the right opposition player gets a hold of the ball, he'll play one of these 30 yard passes over the top and you'll concede a clear cut chance. -Look for Overlap and Work Ball into Box are IMO, initially, situational TIs. Look for Overlap asks your full backs to be more aggressive, and your wingers to be a bit less aggressive when on the ball. True, Everton has good full backs, but depending on the opposition, they will exploit your flanks as soon as they can. Work Ball into Box makes your players cross less often and shoot less often. You're already retaining possession, which reduces the amount of risky passes, so you should either give up on one or another. -Not a big fan of the Be More Expressive TI. Can be useful when you're desperate and need anything to score a goal, but honestly I don't really see this TI as something relevant enough to be ticked on default. Things to consider: + Un-tick Retain Possession and Work Ball into Box, and add Pass into Space. Will help you giving Wengerball and Mourinhoball teams headache. + Hit Early Crosses can be a really good TI. Over the time people is starting to realize that even Guardiola, the king of possession football, crosses a real, real lot. That's because sometimes crossing is the best way to unlock the opposition defence. + Play Higher Tempo is a risky but very rewarding TI. I don't recommend having it by default, but it's useful to prevent deep sides from recovering their entire shape when you're attacking. There are multiple ways to make your tactic more efficient. It all depends what path you want to choose. Also keep in mind that having a Target Man makes your team play more direct by default, so be careful with that. If **** happens, just ask for more help and give more details about what's going on, it's hard to help if you don't tell us exactly where you're struggling.
  6. Well you gave your formation but the formation is the smallest aspect of a tactic... If you post a new screenshot with all the info on the tactic you'll get much more help. What really matters is mentality, fluidity, TIs and PIs. Can't even tell what you're doing role-wise because I don't know whether your system is fluid or structured. By the amount of "specialist" roles i gotta assume you're playing structured, though. And i just felt i needed to tell you, the fact you use 2 playmakers and 2 ball-playing defenders makes me suspect you got the wrong idea about the ball-playing defender role Quick tip #1: Never give Funes Mori a ball-playing defender role, he can barely hit a through ball.
  7. At a first glance, if you're loyal to the current United Squad and want to keep the most of its current players at the club, you only really need to buy a CB with low injury proneness and high natural fitness. Because i'm on my 3rd United save (And the only reason i choose it was because of the facilities and it's not predicted to win the league on the first season) i'm doing a tycoon save. Got rid of Rooney because i hate him (off the pitch wise) and brought Jackson Martínez to tutor Martial. Except for the defence, every single position has a solid starting player and a backup. The midfield is way too crowded (I never keep Fellaini no matter what, even though I like the player IRL, he doesnt really fits the style i like on FM). But i'll give you some useful advice if you're keeping most of the squad: Just don't expect anything from Andreas Pereira, Paddy McNair, Jesse Lingard, and, to a much, much lesser extent, James Wilson. They're all average at best with the CB being just horrible. James Wilson could be a 1st team player in Crystal Palace or Norwich, but he's a backup at best on United as far as the current database is concerned. Midfield: With the only downside of being slow, Schweinsteiger is still a world class midfielder and will surely fit either AP, RPM or CM(D)/DM(D)/HB/DLP roles, so he's very versatile on the midfield. Ander Herrera has good enough aggression, work rate and stamina to work as a box-to-box midfielder or CM(S). Schneiderlin can be used very effectively as a BWM(S), works nicely as a B2B and if you want him to be played as CM(D) or anything that holds position in the DM, just get rid of his Gets Forward PPM. Carrick is a technical monster, but he is very slow. Somewhat reliable in the first season, he is great for tutoring youngsters. I never renew his contract and in most cases just the extension for a backup in the 2nd season is nice. Juan Mata and Januzaj can be employed out wide in 4-man midfield formations, but never do that with Memphis Depay: His decision making is by far his biggest weakness in the game and that attribute plays a big role when playing "out of position". Still viable to use him as ML, though. Strikers: Rooney and Juan Mata are your biggest names here for the first season, with Ashley Young and Memphis Depay being solid options as well. 19-year Martial isn't good enough to be a backup for a team as big as United but because of his huge potential you can't just put him on the U21s. Januzaj also has a lot of potential but he's a player i'm always too lazy to make work: His stat distribution isn't the best and his PPMs are just annoying to get rid of, but he can still be very good so don't just take my word as definite. Even though I hate Rooney to the point i got rid of him on the first season, he's a VERY good player to have when you're on the pitch. He can be played pretty much everywhere. He has decent versatility attribute making him a solid option even in CM, which is funny as heck, because with his insanely high Aggression/Work Rate attributes, he can be a truly solid ball-winning midfielder. Striker-wise, I think he's played best as a deep-lying forward, a very creative role, but not as creative as a False-9 or a Trequartista, because he's not that much of a playmaker. Juan Mata could be played in most attacking positions as well, but i strongly suggest not using him as your team's playmaker because he has the Gets into Opposition Area PPM and a nice 16 finishing attribute. (Playmaker roles shoot less often). Simply put: You need to revamp the squad's defence and find out how you're gonna use your attacking players. Your best CF is still too young to make a big impact and the England captain is just not my favorite player, but he can be a solid #9 or #10 because he's very skilled. Memphis Depay can also be played as a striker, just as Martial can also be played as an inside forward. If you asked me the most interesting possible way to use United's current squad, i'd set a 4-4-1-1 with Memphis on the ML as an inside forward, Young on the MR as a winger, Rooney on the AMC as a Shadow Striker/AMC(A) and Juan Mata in the STC as a Treq. But that's just personal preference. Quick tip: SS(A) and Treq on the AMC can work for strikerless formations. Fun fact: Young can also work as a striker, his high work rate helps a lot with that. Keep in mind he wouldn't be the best defensive forward ever though, because his aggression is very low. Fun fact #2: Phil Jones can be a great RB. Fun fact #3: Fellaini can be a great striker. Fun fact #4: You can emulate Bayern/Germany with Rooney doing the same role as Thomas Muller.
  8. I've been fooling with Man U for a good while now. Turns out the starting back 4 and its respective backups are a mess. Blind is a bad CB in FM16 simply put. I always prefer to use him on the midfield. You're much better off buying a new CB. Also, i'd like to give a quick advice on the team here: Phil Jones and Rojo have average at best composure-related mentals so I strongly advise against using both on the same line-up unless you're using Rojo as a LB (Which he works best out on FM16, by the way). Player or team instructions won't really help Blind beating Diego Costa, Lukaku and etc. because SI didn't see him as a CB at all when they updated his stats. In a funny enough way, Carrick would be a monster CB on Cover if he wasn't so slow.
  9. Well I strongly suggest thinking of AM's as Second Strikers (#10s) by default, and that Attack Duties usually transform them in #9s. While I know that they are not necessarely strikers, when playing FM, thinking of AMs as strikers help to understand various concepts, roles and building tactics. The Inside Forward is known in portuguese(BR) literally as Second Striker. But, if you think a bit about it, Wingers could also be considered that, Attacking Midfielders could also be considered that and even Advanced Playmakers (On the AM position, and specially on Attack duty) could also be considered that, not to mention the other specialist roles that i won't mention one by one. This is because strikers and any other "final-third" players are being more and more used as the "First Marker" in modern game. That said, think of anyone in the AMC/R/L/ST positions as strikers. It's even possible to turn ML/R and maybe even MC strikers, with TIs and PIs, though these suit a lower tempo game much more to be able to have an impact in time. Now, the False 9 is a striker. If you are from the point of view that AMC/L/R positions are not striker positions, it would be easier if I just said that the F9 is much like an attacking midfielder in the STC position (Though, because he's a bit high on the pitch by default, he offers a bit less defensive cover even on support), just like Inside Forwards(A), AM(A), Ramdeuter and Shadow Strikers are Strikers in the Attacking Midfield positions. This was made this way so the Match Engine can actually put to use the dynamics of what people in the FM community know (Because of widely used guides) as the False Nine-False Ten Partnership, which the main goal is to have a player in a STC position to drop deep and to deeper players, mainly in the AM positions, to make forward runs and be the aim for assists. This allows a very unique movement dynamics to be used in the Match Engine, most commonly used in top teams in top divisions because it requires good players (Though it's still viable with a weaker side, I don't really recomment it unless you really know how to sign the right players), and it's widely used in modern football as well, specially with Messi's Barcelona, but there are a number of other examples. Here in Brazil, we are so used to the Advanced Forward and the Poacher that we simply call that not using an Advanced Forward. I'm just saying this out as a curiosity, but in very fluid systems, and this is specially true if not playing a higher tempo, you can even set-up a False Nine/False Ten partnership in a flat 4-4-2. Now, finally, for the actual tactical approach these roles employ. Like Cleon said in his excellent Art of Possession Football thread, it's not needed to have wide players on Attack duty when using a False 9, because it is possible in the match engine for supporting players to support themselves and still make dangerous runs (And this is specially true for a lower tempo game, but not really restricted to). My favorite system in FM16 is a 4-1-2-2-1 DM Wide with Inside Forwards on support and an Advanced Forward in the STC. Because I personally like for players in the AML/R positions to be useful defensively, I like to always leave them on support (Unless i'm desperate after a goal), and they still score a lot of goals, to the point in one of my saves, Memphis Depay (Who doesn't have a Gets Further Forward PPM) was my top goalscorer with 41 goals in the season. He has the Shoots Long PPM though, which is pretty much a Shoot on Sight instruction. To make the attack efficient when using multiple support duties, you just need to make sure that your players still have the tools and options to get into dangerous positions when you're struggling, and sometimes, that might cost you switching one of the support duties to an attack one. But having a Get Further Forward PPM (Gets Forward Whenever possible/Gets into Opposition Area/Plays One-Twos) helps a lot in my experience. Because I don't really have a good memory and I've been messing around with United for a while, i'll have to mention another United player. Anthony Martial still scores a lot of goals as a F9 because he has the most aggressive of these PPMs, Gets into Opposition Area. And finally, remember that even though I said everything I said, the F9 is still in a Striker position, and the Inside Forwards are still on the AML/AMR positions, so they have exclusive positional responsabilities by default no matter the role. I've had False Nines being my top league goalscorer in one of my other saves. I think it's very timely to say that the Defensive Forward offers much more than it's name and suggested attributes implies as well, as he's still a striker no matter what!
  10. I'm currently playing a Man-U save right now and i'm very positive that my 4-3-3 and your 3-4-2-1 have a very similar objective but i don't really see a point in using an AM and an AP when you have insane all-arounders with few weaknesses on Depay and Martial. Back 3 lines aren't really suited to possession styles unless you have a world class libero and it's really hard to fit a libero in FM nowadays, because they are very scarce in real life. Back 3 lines can be exploited with High Lines so i'd really suggest reconsidering that. Still possible to do that, though. But keep in mind that the whole reason of having 2 centre-backs is to have an extra man up on the pitch. And we don't need to be geniuses to know how an extra midfielder can be important in that style. When you watch United playing, it's not a back 3 you're looking at. It's a 2-1 CB/DM strata using Carrick, (I'm not sure about other options here because i didn't watch United the entire season) Schweinsteiger or maybe Schneiderlin. But i'm 100% sure Carrick has been played as Half Back in the couple games I've watched. The whole reason of the role half-back existing? Making the CBs go wider and cover the flanks more. Why? So full-backs can evolve (Pokemon pun intended) to Wing-Backs. Why? Because when you have Inside Forwards or Advanced Playmakers in the AML/AMR positions (Namely every single wide United player, maybe except Ashley Young when playing on the right wing and Antonio Valencia when rarely not playing as a full back?), they doesn't really provide enough width most of the time. The point? You need width to penetrate sides who defend deep. The Half-Back is widely known in Brazil as the "1st Pass Guy", hence why he's similar to a DLP as he holds position and needs technique, pretty much a luxurious BPD for the modern game, but is very unique because he doesn't really try very fancy stuff and is always ready to be in either the midfield to get clearances from deep and be the 1st pass guy or defence to compose, effectively, a back 3 when you're getting attacked on the break and building from the back.
  11. To mimic IFs in the ML/MR strata toggle Cuts Inside, Dribble More, More Risky Passes and Cross Less Often.
  12. How to make a world class inside forward with poor decisions work? I know this may be too stupid even for this thread, but I always overlooked attributes like that one and I'm looking to get some more in-depth knowledge about the game. Tactics: http://i.imgur.com/gCCsXRE.png Player: http://i.imgur.com/Q0LofPY.png
  13. I like defensive football in it's very classic way: Sitting deep, keeping shape and attacking on the break. No need to mess with tempo because that TI is very player-based. (Unless your entire team has, say, 14 average decisions/composure, i don't really see higher tempo with good eyes, and you don't want to kill momentum with lower tempo, which by the way, i hate in FM16, even for possession-based systems). I'm not familiar with Birmingham's squad, but i'm pretty sure that playing some good, old ugly looking football will take you far with average players, just look at Leicester and Chelsea back then. You should think of team shape as compactness and that's it. Someone smarter than me will tell you how it affects creative freedom but I never really use it as criterion for changing shape. Fluid will give compactness and spread responsabilities more, with Structured being the other way around. Both can work with defensive football, i particularly like fluid more when i'm not retaining possession, but in doubt, always go with flexible. Formation is never important enough on FM16 but roles, and particularly duties, are. Basically, support duty means the player will have more time on the ball and make himself available more often, while attack duty will focus more on making dangerous runs and be the aim of penetrative passes. I'd go with standard mentality over defensive and counter, unless i'm really giving emphasis on not conceding. As random advice, i'd avoid overlap/any creative freedom and positional tis, and use early crosses, play narrower (so that your break through balls get your players closer to goal) and a deeper line.
  14. Wish my tactic was less reliant on the fullbacks. Any tips? http://i.imgur.com/Q08AFTH.png
  15. Does tutoring consumes PA if rising hidden attributes? I was scouting Martial, tutored by Jackson Martinez with genie scout and after the tutoring his potential attributes dropped a bit.
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