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  1. Oh, forgot you can't use the BBcodes here. Here's the link for all you lazy peole out there. http://i12.tinypic.com/6h8e3qt.jpg Anyone who likes this idea? Are the things that's posted here read by SI or sent to them in some way? I mean, is there acctually a chance that these things can be included in the upcoming game?
  2. Okey, I've got an idea which I think would be very useful. At the tactics screen, you should be able to select target man and playmaker by position, and not just by player. For example: If you use a 4-2-3-1 formation you of course want the one striker to act as the target man. Then you could simply select Target man: ST, instead of having to chose the stiker who happens to be picked for the game. This would also work excellent with playmaker and throw-ins. Here's a picture of how I've imagiend it to look: Simply enough, you would just right click on the position of your choice, and select the role from the menu. My photoshop skills are not the best, but I hope the message got across. Cheers!
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