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  1. Hey guys, So my iPad just died on me and I’ll have to wipe it clean and reinstall everything from scratch (essentially like a new iPad, but obviously not new). The biggest issue I have is that I don’t know if FM20 Touch will be available from the App Store. Obviously I will lose all my saves - I’ve accepted that - but will I be able to download the app again? I have FM Touch 2021 but it’s so goddamn bugged and unplayable I’d rather wait until the new patch comes out and play it later and play FM Touch 2020 until it’s sorted out.
  2. I’ve also had this problem too. I thought maybe a player had to play a game/several games first but I find that nothing actually happens when you select a specific role.
  3. I have this issue also. I’ve noticed it specifically when I’m scrolling down the list of players in the ‘player search’ section, and when attempting to train a player in on a specific set of attributes (i.e. ‘Quickness’, ‘Shooting’, etc.) This slows playing the game down a huge amount.
  4. I’ve also experienced this issue. The most information I can give is that I’m watching the game and that absolutely no half time break comes up and the game keeps on going. Before I know it it’s the 75th minute. Doesn’t happen all the time but it’s happened a couple of times. I’ve noticed that while FM21 could be way more enjoyable, it’s also extremely buggy
  5. Glad someone bought this up; I have this issue too. It’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t actually played the game that much. it happened primarily when I go to sections like ‘player search’ and for when I went to ask a player to focus on a specific aspect of training (i.e. ‘Quickness’, ‘Shooting’, etc.) Any idea where we can go or who to report it to?
  6. Hey guys, Apologies if you have had a million requests for this; can’t seem to find it any official thread. Considering how awesome Chris Wilders tactics have been at Sheffield Utd, eluding be amazing to try and recreate his overlapping Centre back tactic on the next FMTouch. Not sure how it would look; having it as an additional player instruction episode be great, and maybe only one or two options available (i.e. either Support, or Attack or the ability to choose between Support and Attack, much like the Segundo Volante option). i guess the specific traits would be simila
  7. Hey guys, Any word on the update or files? Trying to download logos for FM2020 Touch but feel pretty o overwhelmed and confused by the different instructions, updates and downloads that I need. Is there a sticky on this thread or a specific post which is the most relevent?
  8. Dear all, Sorry if this has been covered before (can’t seem to find the correct info). I’ve recently bought FM2020 touch for my iPad after playing the mobile version for almost a decade. Before that I was a champ man/football manager guy (and it’s great to be back, even if the controls are daunting!). I’m looking to get up and running ASAP with a couple of different plug and play tactics but I’m having problem downloading them from football manager sites/blogs and the SI Forum. Anyone have any advice on how I can download them and then upload them to my iPad and straight in
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