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  1. My database is set to personalized but, as you can see in that print screen I sent, I have the major italian, french, german and spanish leagues, the 3 top tiers of portuguese football and the english football until the level 13 of the pyramid. I've been running the game in medium quality, but it suffers the same issue no matter what quality I choose, so I just setted to that medium quality as I believe it's the most suitable to me and to my computer (mainly due to this issue, because my computer is defaulted to high quality performances). About the 'Windowed' mode, I've already done it and yeah, the game still crashes... I don't know what else can I do... will wait for an answer!
  2. Hello! Tried to play the game in a window mode, but the lag stood and after the game chose to advance on calendar (vacations) and minimized the window... Result: the game crashed once again and the screen got black, then steam syncronized FM18 and I can launch it again, but well... it's still unpredictable whenever this issues can occur.
  3. Hello! My game is still lagging and crashing... Today right after a match I just pressed continue and well, the game crashed and lost what I had until then. This is starting to be way unplayable... kinda can lead with this but I am always playing with fear the game crashes outta nowhere... This is the update of the day.
  4. Right now the game isn't crashing as, when I save, I create a new file and the game carries on ok. About the graphics quality as 'Low' or 'Very Low', haven't tried yet, but I suppose the game won't crash as it isn't crashing at the moment. Even so, I can't confirm the problem is totally solved and I would like you to comment about the files I've sent you. Does my computer has some kind of problem? Will keep on playing and if some issue comes up I will notice you.
  5. Here is my database. Already said it was a large one, what causes some slow loads while advancing on the calendar but my computer is prepared to support it. About the saving, the game doesn't always crash while doing it. Tried to save in a different location and nothing bad happened, but I will try to play the game and advance a little bit then try to save. Maybe it will happen again. If it does I will say it. Btw, is there any problem on my DxDiag or in my Belarc file?
  6. Yes! The match engine stays laggy on medium and the game crashes when saving. Take note that the saving crash is the last issue I've got and well, if the lag was so annoying, the crash makes the game unplayable...
  7. Hello! Thanks for your answer. Will provide my dxdiag as soon as possible. About the graphics quality, I normally used the recommendations for my computer and it turned out it was a high quality graphic, but I have already lowed it to some medium quality and the issue remained. What about the game crash while saving, what can it be? Have you seen my belarc file?
  8. Hello! First of all, I'm portuguese and so my system is all in portuguese which means some english specific informatic terms won't be understood all of a sudden, but I'll try my best to it. I will be simple and just express my problem: 1 - The game began to slow down a lil bit in the last months, as I experienced a little bit of lag while searching for some players and staff; 2 - The lag extended to the match engine, especially the 3D one, and the matches actions became to be so slow and I couldn't even understand where the ball was (players moving like complete robots and the match occuring almost in 2 fps lol!); 3 - I started to have some crashing issues, expecially when I was advancing on the calendar and right now when I save the game. The screen just turns black as the game icon stays on my computer's down bar, but then the game shuts down whitout even a warning and I have to restart the computer to be able to launch the game again. With this (when the crash happens while I'm saving) the file gets corrupted and I can't even load my save anymore. Lucky me I do several copies of my saves to face this kind of problems. For the record, I have already deleted my cache and preferences files, tried to take off the Steam Overlay, and even reinstalled the game, but the problem seems unsolvable. With this, I said to myself I wouldn't ever play the game anymore, but well... I think I can't do it that way haha, so please help me solve this! Another information: I use a big database on my saves as that can be a reason why sometimes the game system can slow down a bit (loading and even saving), but I think that doesn't explain these last crashes and the lag in the match system. I also have my Belarc report available and will send it to you, but even so, I would be truly happy if you could get back to me as soon as possible and give me some answer. Best regards! David.
  9. Hello. Something cruel happened to me, as my long LLM save is not loading after my pc has shut down suddenly due to low battery issues. At the time that happened I was feeling ok because I had saved my game a minute or so ago, but when I turned on my pc again and went to load the game it said that the save couldn't be load. I've already tried to see if there are any old versions of the save in the sports interactive file, but there aren't any of it, so I want to know if there's anything you or I can do to restore my save. Btw I'm portuguese, so sorry if I couldn't express myself on the right way. I'm waiting for a quick answer! David.
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