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  1. Yeah the relagation from second to third tier is not the real one, theze leagues A,B,C are region based and i can already see some teams Who have relegated to group A, that would never play their in real life Glad your finances got back up, what's the pilosophy behind your tactic? Do you try give players the role which they are best in?
  2. The thing is with the Belgian leagues it's quite complicated and total chaos for outsiders haha (I mean the league structures). I hope you can get your way up soon too! I have never done a youth only before, I'm still fairly new to FM, I don't know how to even start / manage I tried to make my own tactic in my last save and that went really wrong haha.
  3. Great save! Definitely following Glad to see someone play in the Belgian lower leagues! I'm from Belgium myself
  4. Hi, I was making some adjustements to the leagues in Belgium (Lower tiers and a new cup). My problem is that when i try to test the rules i get this error, which is shown below in the picture. It says no teams are relegated from the first division in Belgium ( Jupiler Pro League), but this error only occurs at the end of the testing (late 2017). I don't know what happend but i didn't edit the first division, so everything should be as normal. I also had one error that the season update of the first division was 1 january instead of 29 June, but i fixed that. I don't really know how to fix this, because i didn't edit anything in that league, and as you can see, in the rules it says that 1 team is relegated... So yeah. Many thanks in advance! Greets, Joagamecube
  5. Damn once you get up there you never let it go again you're too good
  6. They also relegated in real life this year, sadly..
  7. You should consider one going down to the Thrid one Yeah maybe, but it paid off really well, also with some good signings!
  8. You are a legend! Any chance you play with a database that goes all the way up to the third amateur division? If so, you should start managing my home town team and make them glorious,you're good!
  9. @krlenjushka Could you guide me a bit with my cup? (it's for Belgium)
  10. @krlenjushka Something like the FA Cup, first there are qualifiers, between the low teams, then the big teams are added. I've got a total of 380 teams. I would also like that the later rounds are on TV. Just like a real national cup basically.
  11. Hi, Is there any update on this or a full Belgian league pyramid for FM17?
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