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  1. @crusadertsar I really love this thread mate! Been look at it for a while! Love the total football way! I have been trying to play in a similiar way, also tried out a adjusted version of your 3-4-3, but I have got a couple of questions. Why use a half-back instead of an anchorman? Is there a reason you don't use 'urgent' pressing? Do you use player instructions? One thing I also noticed in a game of mine, is that the libero was drawn out of his place by following the striker who was dropping deep to play a simple ball, then another attacker dropped in the space he left and they play
  2. Yeah the relagation from second to third tier is not the real one, theze leagues A,B,C are region based and i can already see some teams Who have relegated to group A, that would never play their in real life Glad your finances got back up, what's the pilosophy behind your tactic? Do you try give players the role which they are best in?
  3. The thing is with the Belgian leagues it's quite complicated and total chaos for outsiders haha (I mean the league structures). I hope you can get your way up soon too! I have never done a youth only before, I'm still fairly new to FM, I don't know how to even start / manage I tried to make my own tactic in my last save and that went really wrong haha.
  4. Great save! Definitely following Glad to see someone play in the Belgian lower leagues! I'm from Belgium myself
  5. Hi, I got a question, if i made a regional division, but i added the wrong teams to it (teams that are not in that region) would it be filtered at the start of the game? (for example the regional divisions are on the same heigth in the competition, so would it change them up, so they are in the right division?) Thanks in adavance! Joagamecube
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