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  1. My friend and I are currently suffering with 2 main issues in our network save, the first being that my friend consistently is kicked from the server in each match when he is playing, the other being my game automatically pausing when spectated with no other way to continue the match, other than having my friend leave the server altogether. We both have no current anti-virus installed and both have a stable internet connection
  2. This problem happens most times that we are in game, however we're not sure its a connection issue as we are also communicating over Skype when playing and the connection with this call does not falter
  3. When in an online server with other people, throughout different parts of the save (in game, in menus etc.) other players are often kicked from the server with the message "Client was disconnected from the server" appearing and with them unable to rejoin the server until once I as host leave and reload the save. In addition to this, often when others are disconnected and I myself am playing a match, I am unable to leave the match once finished as it is 'waiting' for others to also press continue. All involved have checked our connectivity and have made sure our device performance is suitable so we don't really have any ideas why this is happening, any ideas guys? Thanks
  4. In numerous online saves between my friend and I, the current save itself when launched by myself seems to have continued progression seemingly on its own. The saves usually skips around three or four match weeks and this is apparent most times I log back into this save and the last saving point cannot be reached. This happens when I have made sure to save the game and close down FM16 and completely powered off my Mac. Any help would be appreciated
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