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  1. How is this still broken. Online freezing and pausing issues. Makes online careers unplayable. You can't spectate others and when you're playing another player it results in someone having to leave for the game to un pause. Joke.
  2. Newish discord. Looking for FM players to populate. FM chat and setting up online games. Feel free to join and say hi. https://discord.gg/3WPKTZr
  3. If you're interested in joining feel free. Just started it up trying to grow a community of FM players. https://discord.gg/3WPKTZr
  4. Can confirm this is happening post full release. However we are playing on a save created in the beta. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  5. I run this game on a very good PC and it was originally running fun. But recently it's become very slow especially when moving to the inbox. There is a white screen for a solid 3-5 seconds before displaying. Not sure if it's to do with the update?
  6. I want to have my youth players playing in their best roles for the youth teams. Yet when I got into tactics and then player I can't change any of their roles. They are fixed to the standard role. I want to be able to personalise each player to each positions yet it won't let me?
  7. In a Chelsea save and I'm wanting to increase the amount of coaches allowed for my U23's and U18's but when I go to request it, it only displays the senior squad? Is this a glitch or am I being stupid. I seem to remember it always being a drop down option showing all 3 teams.
  8. Not what I mend tho. The players out on loan when you start a save which is in the transfer window can't be recalled despite not having a fee and having a recall option in real life. When you first load the new save and get a transfer update from your staff member showing players out on loan you should be able to recall any you want back at the club which could be done in real life.
  9. The way you set out tactics in FM should be revamped in my opinion. The player role options should be scrapped with the player instructions becoming more important. In real life management you don't designate each player a role such as Trequartista, Regista or limited full back. You give your player a position and instructions into what they do in that position. Basic roles such as defensive midfielder or central midfielder should be there when putting a player in central midfield but nothing more advanced than that. The player role thing in FM just makes things more confusing with the player instructions there as well. Get rid of one and improve the other. In this case, get rid of player roles and add to player instructions. So you drag your striker into your formation and then click the instructions tab. I think way more options in the player instructions menu should be added to give you more options, but you then select the instructions for that specific player. So if you wanted him to play as a target man, you select the likes of hold up ball, stay central, bring other players into play, play give and goes, go short etc. I'd much prefer having full control over what each player does in game rather than giving them a role that the game chooses.
  10. As a manager your staff are very important to you, yet in FM they don't feel important at all. Many of them have little impact on the save and some do nothing at all. I would like to see some sort of staff performance, I know staff attributes can grow but even that is hidden. There's no way of telling when a staff member has improved. (Attribute changes should be visible on staff pages). There should be a page regarding staff performance under the staff tab. Say for example your coach is working really hard in training, putting in longer hours, improving their own ability and improving players then as a manager you should be able to see that and reward them. In contrast you should be able to see when a staff member isn't performing well; being lazy, leaving training early, not putting in 100% effort or falling out with players. Improving staff interacting would go along side my initial idea well, staff interacting should be improved. So regarding the staff performances you should be able to speak to individual staff members. Talk to them about things such as their performance, their contract, their ambitions, change of roles, even personally things. Praise them, give them advice or warn them about their job security. Build relationships with staff members so they actually feel important rather than just a role that can be replaced over and over. Let me know what you think.
  11. When starting a save at a club that has players out on loan e.g. Chelsea. You are unable to recall loaned out players. Whenever the players are already out on loan you cannot recall at any point during the first season. You have to wait until the end of the season for the player to return from the loan that you may not of wanted them on, and the loan that may not have benefited them. The loan contracts should have a recall option from the start. The majority of loans in real life especially at Chelsea will have recall options yet in the game it's not there. As a new manager you should be able to access all your players and have full control over who goes and who stays from the start. A lot of the loans already implemented don't help the players either. For example on FM16 when playing as Chelsea, Solanke, Bamford, Brown and many others did not get game time and apart from talking to their managers, I couldn't do anything about it.
  12. Why not, cool little feature that won't have a big effect on the game.
  13. I think training overall needs a revamp. It's not detailed enough and I don't feel I can improve individual players as easily as a manager in real life would be able to.
  14. I'm sure it will but I hope FM17 includes the new multi billion TV deal in the Premier League which adds to clubs budgets, it annoys me this year when starting up a save and the club having an unrealistic low transfer budget. This year every side in the EPL should have a larger budget. When the likes of Stoke are splashing 18 million on a player and Palace are linked with Benteke for 30 million it really should be represented in the game. Also I'd like to suggest having preseason tournaments with cash prizes. The champions cup out in USA brings in large figures for the clubs that take part in it and I would like something like this to be included in the game.
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