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  1. Why does taking over youth individual training then mean the youth teams use the first teams tactics? Why is there no longer the option for youth teams to use their own tactics. This was a thing only a couple of FMs ago?
  2. The match UI from last years game was perfect. Nothing about it should have been changed.
  3. Chilwell only having 11 crossing is very harsh. His crossing from both corners and open play has been exceptional this season. Pulisic not being natural on the left wing despite that being his position last season (30 appearances, only 3 as a RW) and that clearly being his position going forward with Ziyech arriving. Werner overall just looks pretty underwhelming considering the seasons he had in Germany and now his start in England. How can Ziyech have 9 decisions with his level of creativity and the amount of assists over the past few seasons? Grealish deserves better than 13 bravery, 11 decisions and 12 leadership. One of the most fouled players in the league and doesn't wear shin pads. If that's not brave then what is?
  4. The match report on FM21 is much more analytical but did anyone else really like the summary part of the match report on previous FMs. A short wall of text followed by some key stats. It made it easier to see a roundup of the players performance in the match and therefore allowed you to praise/warn them for their passing/tackling/chances created. If you wanted more detailed stats then you could just click 'Statistics'. On FM21 it doesn't give you a short summary and instead you have to look through big tables of stats. This is of course fine but takes time. If you just want to praise a player to boost that vital morale then having a short summary on each performance is a lot less time consuming and a lot more user friendly.
  5. Match engine is great. Some nice features in the menus. Like how when you sign a new player you can set up their training on the confirmation email. Really not a fan of the in game UI though. There was nothing wrong with the previous one. Didn't need changing.
  6. Sakes. Cba with this Match Engine rn. Already have no incentive to play this game.
  7. Seeing as solo strikers seem useless is anyone playing 2 up top? I'm wondering if that at least counters the 1v1 issue.
  8. When you arrange a friendly and click confirm the fixture doesn't appear on your schedule until you sim. On FM19 it appeared straight away, made arranging preseason games in one go a lot easier. On this screenshot I arrange a friendly on the Wednesday, the boxes blank out but the friendly proposed doesn't appear. Just seems odd considering previous games didn't have this.
  9. How is this still broken. Online freezing and pausing issues. Makes online careers unplayable. You can't spectate others and when you're playing another player it results in someone having to leave for the game to un pause. Joke.
  10. Newish discord. Looking for FM players to populate. FM chat and setting up online games. Feel free to join and say hi. https://discord.gg/3WPKTZr
  11. If you're interested in joining feel free. Just started it up trying to grow a community of FM players. https://discord.gg/3WPKTZr
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