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  1. Yep been this way since launch. It even lags on 2D view on a PC capable of running every game at max graphics. One of the many broken things about Football Manager 2020 at the moment sadly.
  2. With Christmas just days away there will be a large number of new players. To have the game in it's current state with this match engine is going to turn a lot of people off very quickly. It's very concerning the lack of action being taken to fix a game that still feels Beta worthy. Saying you're busy on your holidays when your game is in desperate need of attention is really poor. The game doesn't justify the price right now.
  3. Sakes. Cba with this Match Engine rn. Already have no incentive to play this game.
  4. Seeing as solo strikers seem useless is anyone playing 2 up top? I'm wondering if that at least counters the 1v1 issue.
  5. The match engine still lags. It even struggles on 2D view for me now. My PC can handle most games on the highest graphics so it's not my end. We're a month in now. How is this still an issue. Surely just copying the FM19 match engine would have been better than the current mess of 20.
  6. I'm not sure if this is just me but there seems to be no decimals under player development progress. The flat line is 11 and so is the upwards line. On previous games it would have displayed as 11.2 or 11.4 giving you an indication on how close the player is to the next full number. Just seems weird and pointless if they removed this.
  7. When you arrange a friendly and click confirm the fixture doesn't appear on your schedule until you sim. On FM19 it appeared straight away, made arranging preseason games in one go a lot easier. On this screenshot I arrange a friendly on the Wednesday, the boxes blank out but the friendly proposed doesn't appear. Just seems odd considering previous games didn't have this.
  8. How is this still broken. Online freezing and pausing issues. Makes online careers unplayable. You can't spectate others and when you're playing another player it results in someone having to leave for the game to un pause. Joke.
  9. Newish discord. Looking for FM players to populate. FM chat and setting up online games. Feel free to join and say hi. https://discord.gg/3WPKTZr
  10. If you're interested in joining feel free. Just started it up trying to grow a community of FM players. https://discord.gg/3WPKTZr
  11. Can confirm this is happening post full release. However we are playing on a save created in the beta. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  12. I run this game on a very good PC and it was originally running fun. But recently it's become very slow especially when moving to the inbox. There is a white screen for a solid 3-5 seconds before displaying. Not sure if it's to do with the update?
  13. I want to have my youth players playing in their best roles for the youth teams. Yet when I got into tactics and then player I can't change any of their roles. They are fixed to the standard role. I want to be able to personalise each player to each positions yet it won't let me?
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