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  1. Henan Jianye FC – 2023 This didn’t take long, I left Indonesia on the 27thApril 2023 and 5 weeks later I was appointed the Henan Jianye FC manager. A club that found themselves in the relegation zone, but with a healthy bank balance and budget. It may have seemed like a risk with them being in the relegation zone, but I took the job at the start of the summer transfer window, giving me around a month to make changes to my squad before the league started again. Getting used to the foreign player limits was my first goal, something when you’re used to managing in England you don’t really need to bother with. Ronald Araújo and Stanislav Lobotka are the only players that were worthy of being foreign contingents, Baba, Rabuñal, Rashid, Skoric and Colin all departed. This allowed me to do my own business, Naby Keita and Paredes both joined on free transfers, both arguably in their prime at the ages of 28 and 29 respectively. Keanu Conway originally came in to be my starting striker and actually played one game before I agreed a deal to sign the Korean, Jung Yong-Ho. Once Yung-Ho was signed Conway was removed from the squad due to registration rules, he’s just chilling in the reserves currently with Serge Kitoko. Dai Wai Tsun came in as an extra player from Hong Kong (China PR) as I needed a right winger and all the Chinese options were terrible or wanted ridiculous fees. On the same note, signing players from other Chinese teams appears to be a massively inflated market and so I looked in the national team for players playing abroad. Centre back Shi Cong came in from Ulsan, he’ll partner Araújo at the back. We were already out of the cup when I joined so survival was all I needed to focus on. In my first 10 we only lost one, however we only won 3, drawing the remaining 6. In the run in we were able to win 4 of the remaining 7, losing the other 3. This meant we finished 11th, and actually 7 points clear of survival. One thing I did notice that any other season the two sides that were relegated would’ve stayed up quite comfortably, which suggests the gap in quality isn’t actually that great in this league. Despite only playing 8 games in the champions league for Suwon, Yong-Ho managed to win MVP and top scorer, which looks like good signs for the future. Top Scorer – Jung Yong-Ho (10) Most Assists – Leandro Paredes (9) Highest Average Rating - Leandro Paredes (7.61) Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (Badak Lampung, IDN) 1/10 domestic cups (Badak Lampung, IDN) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/1 world tournaments ()
  2. haha, when you get the chance you've got to take it, I did plan on bringing Fredy Guarin along with me as a coach but he was having none of it
  3. no idea, as I won the double we played the team who finished second? not sure how its figured out
  4. I had both him and Flipe Luis on trial but could only bring one in, had to go for Guarin for sentimental reasons. The super cup win might have added a little bit onto that as well, you might catch up if you follow in my footsteps and win the top competition that is the Indonesian Super Cup
  5. Badak Lampung – 2023 Just a short update, like I said I would give the Asian Champions League a shot, but I didn’t have much belief. Any belief I did have disappeared when I was unable to replace Guarin and Makharadze, despite our involvement in the champions league. I couldn’t help but laugh when the Champions League draw took place, finding ourselves in a group with last years winners Jeonbuk, Japanese side FC Hiroshima and Chinese Super League Changchun. First we played Changchun at home, and absolutely smashed them 5-0, don’t ask how. I felt confident after that that we could nick second place and go through the group. Alas, nothing went our way and after 5 games we had no chance of progressing, and with that I resigned. We did manage to add one more piece of silverware to the cabinet as we beat Persebaya 5-1, Sherman got a hat trick and new signing Ola Toivonen scored one. I can’t help but feel that if we had signed the Swede earlier and been able to register him for the Champions League group stage we could have sneaked through. Thankfully just before I left Badak Lampung had started putting me through my Continental B Licence. Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (Badak Lampung, IDN) 1/10 domestic cups (Badak Lampung, IDN) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/1 world tournaments ()
  6. congrats man, be interesting to see what your group in the Champions League looks like compared to mine, I got screwed
  7. Badak Lampung – 2022 And we’re all caught up. After a disappointing season I told myself this was my last year, I was sick of Indonesia and my players randomly going out of form. As with each season before, my foreign players were changed, Sherman and Davronov stayed, Bulot and Nirennoid both departed for small fees to clubs in the same division. Just as you would expect when selling a player to a team in your division with me, Bulot came back to score past me in the third game of the season. These departures allowed me to sign two new foreign players, UAE central defender Walid Abbas and Georgian central midfielder Kakha Makharadze arrived. I adopted a narrower formation, 4-3-1-2, this year and I presumed these two would be a huge part of this. However, one thing that you might want to check if you’re managing over here is the date that players are retiring, as a couple of months into the season Abbas retired. Luckily, this didn’t have too much impact on the season as we ran away with the league, winning 12 in a row from May to September, and going 24 games without a defeat in the league. I do wonder if this had something to do with the foreign replacement for Abbas which happened to be Colombian international Fredy Guarin. I was shocked to be able to sign him, but at the end of his career I’m not completely surprised he fancied wandering round the pitch dictating games. Not only did we win the league, but we won the cup too, winning the double. Following a shaky first leg defeat in the final I was worried about the second leg, but luckily, we got the win we needed and ended up winning on away goals, harsh on PSIS I thought. I plan on sticking around for the Asian Champions League, which we go straight into the group stage for due to an increase in stature for Indonesian football. But after that, I think my time might be up here. Guarin and Makharadze both retire at the end of the season, and I can’t see there being anybody to replace the impact they’ve had this year. I also completed my Continental C Licence. Top Scorer – Kpah Sherman (again) (17) Most Assists - Nuriddin Davronov (15) 9 more than last year! Highest Average Rating - Nuriddin Davronov (7.26) Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (Badak Lampung, IDN) 1/10 domestic cups (Badak Lampung, IDN) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/1 world tournaments
  8. Badak Lampung and Uzbekistan U23 – 2021 Back again with the catch-up posts. Following last year’s overachievement, I wanted to address a couple of problems and thought that we could really go on to win the league, or at least the cup. Foreign players was the first area to change, Reinaldo, Williams and Ribeiro all made way. Liberian striker Kpah Sherman arrived to replace Reinaldo, Nuriddin Davronov arrived as an attacking midfielder, and Victor Nirennoid came in as a starting right back. Mid way through the season, winger Frédéric Bulot joined as our fourth foreign player. The season started horrifically and the league was very tight all the way through. An email popped up with 7 games to go on the run in, saying that 10 of the 18 sides in the league could still have won it. I was happy with our chances as Arema had dropped off by this point, but a poor end to the season meant we finished 5th. I was absolutely fuming that the start and end of the season let us down, as we were pretty consistent for the middle part of the season. The less said about the Indonesian Cup the better, as we lost on penalties in the second round to League Two Sulut United. Sherman carried us for parts of the season, and when he wasn’t on form neither was the team. There was a lot of tactical tweaking through the season, and I think my own tinkering could have cost the team, next season I’m planning on cutting the wingers and getting rid of Bulut and Nirennoid, as they didn’t perform to the level I want from my foreign players. On the positives I completed both my National B and A licences. Top Scorer – Kpah Sherman (24) Most Assists – Nuriddin Davronov (5) Highest Average Rating – Kpah Sherman (7.49) Uzbekistan U23 In an attempt to increase reputation and possibly find any Uzbekistan gems I took the Uzbekistan U23 job. This increased my reputation but the squad was absolutely terrible, and I mean terrible. The upcoming competition was the U23 Asian Cup, first we had to qualify. We did this with ease smashing through the group including Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan and India. Luckily, in the draw for the Asian Cup we avoided both South Korea and Australia. Finding ourselves in a group with UAE, Oman and Vietnam. Although the games looked close we progressed with relative ease, setting up a quarter final tie with Iran. We took a one goal lead, before Iran went 2-1 up, I thought it was all over until our left back Bek Abdullaev scored in the 90+2 to take it to extra time. The penalties might have been the worst I had ever seen, but we scraped through 3-2. The semi final proved to be a step too far, but a 1-0 loss to Australia was nothing to be disheartened by. Iraq followed in the 3rdplace play off, and after going 1-0 down we battered them, finishing 3rd is not bad at all! Following the competition I was informed that they were not planning on playing anymore football in the near future so I would not be needed, funny as I saw next year they were playing again in an U23 competition.
  9. Badak Lampung – 2020 Staying in Indonesia I got the Badak Lampung job, who finished 15ththe previous season, they survived relegation by one point. When I arrived the board asked me to avoid relegation, a simple task I thought, as I had the transfer window to put my own stamp on the squad. 23 players came in, 18 left, basically an entirely new squad, Atep even joined me after being released by Mitra Kukar. If you’re unaware of the rules in Indonesia each team can have 4 foreign players, these are, as you would predict the best players and so I decided by team would be built around them. Wallace and Andre Ribiero two Brazilian centre halves bulked up the defence, with Australian Aryn Williams joining them to sit just in front. Reinaldo completed a trio of Brazillians, and the plan was for him to be our starting striker. The less said about him the better, and he was replaced in the summer transfer window by Malaysian striker Muhd Safawi Rasid, who like the Brazillian before him, wasn’t very prolific. We didn’t just achieve our expectations, we absolutely smashed them, finishing third. A couple of poor spells of form really stopped us putting in a real title challenge and Arema ran away with the league, finishing 13 points above second. On the positive side though, I won manager of the year. None of my foreign contingent were particularly good and so next year a complete new four will be arriving if I have my way. As at Mitra Kukar the board wanted me to be competitive in the cup, and the fourth round came during a poor run of form, and we unfortunately bowed out to Second Division Persirija. Top Scorer: Kogoya (11) Most Assists: Atep (5) Average Rating: Novrianto (7.05)
  10. Mitra Kukar Finally got round to writing this up, been whizzing through the seasons so probably be quite brief the first few years just to catch up to where I am. Any questions or anything else you want to see though let me know! When I’ve tried the challenge before, I’ve always jumped in straight away to whatever team comes about, completely against the recommendations I know. So this time I said to myself I wouldn’t do it and I’d wait for the right job to become available. So what did I do? Get a job almost instantly. I couldn’t help myself though as Mitra Kukar were a team that had just been relegated from the top flight of Indonesian football and happened to be top of the league after 7 games, looking for a manager. Regular Season We were only expected to reach the play offs this season, which was good for me as I felt that there was much less pressure. We won the league with more points than any side in either the East or West. We went onto the play offs and made it to the final, but lost on penalties after drawing 0-0. That’s the first bottle of the journey, I’m sure there will be many more to come, so I hope you’re all looking forward to that. Luckily we were still promoted for reaching the final! Indonesian Cup An expectation of ‘Be competitive’ is incredibly vague, but we got to the fourth round in the end, losing to Persija 3-2 on aggregate after a 90+3 minute winner for them. Key Players Top Scorer: Atep and Aprilianto (12) Most Assists: Wahyu (9) Highest Average Rating: Novriansyah (7.85) Unfortunately, I don’t have screenshots of their attributes from this season, or the next few to be honest but once I have caught up I will make it clearer so you aren’t just living off random Indonesian names. Not a bad first season you may think? Didn’t stop them sacking me for applying for other jobs on the spot though, ooops. The job hunt starts again. The progression updates at the bottom of each update will start after a few updates, sorry if there’s a spam tonight as I’m going to be writing them all up!
  11. honestly, I wish I could sub myself on sometimes. not particularly, they won the league last season. Tira-Persikabo are top this year and won it the first year. Arema only 5th this year. I'm keeping my options open, managed to get myself the Uzbekistan U23 job to raise my rep. Going to put a proper post up later but need to gather a few screenshots and stuff.
  12. It looks like we've taken a similar path, I managed Mitra Kukar first year, managed to go up, got lucky they were top when I took the job. Then got sacked because I applied elsewhere haha. I've taken over Badak Lampung and finished 3rd in 20/21. This season not gone as well, most stressful league I've ever managed in because the players are all idiots haha
  13. Cheers mate, felt like I needed a big challenge to get me back into the swing of things
  14. As the first target states, I want to win every league title, beginning with the lowest reputation top division, which is Indonesia, I have started with no Coaching badges but a Professional Footballer reputation, in line with Rasmus Moller. I wanted to get underway straight away, and decided to take charge of Persib. Granted Persib are projected to win the league but as I have always found in lower rep leagues, there isn’t much between the sides. The squad is pretty strong, I’ve signed Anggo Julian as Defensive midfielder back up, and at this stage I am happy with the squad, but this may change as the transfer window doesn’t end until a month into the season. Unfortunately Eric Weeks will need to be sold due to registration rules which state we may only have 4 foreign players in our squad. Having read many of the threads in the forum, I wanted to try and make a strikerless formation work, and right now that seems the perfect opportunity, with our strikers being our weakest area. Atep, Marcos Flores and Robertinho will make up the 3 Attacking midfielders, with Kim Jeffery, Matsunaga and Sergio van Dijk as my back ups, both van Dijk and Matsunaga are being retrained. Our friendlies have been brilliant, with 8 scored and 1 conceded in 3 games, Robertinho and Atep were good, but Dedi on a centre midfield attack has been the icing on the cake. I feel very confident after these friendlies, however they were all against significantly weaker oppositions so the first game of the season could go many ways.
  15. This save will have a few goals and targets which are set by myself personally: · Win all 51 top League titles in the original game, from the bottom reputation to the top · Manage Malmo FF · Win all Continental Competitions · Win the World Cup
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