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  1. First title of the save, Copa del Rey is coming home! And Llorente is back, as a U19 coach. Attributes are quite terrible, but I couldn't resist the nostalgia.
  2. Thanks @Otis! In my save he retired as well after the first season, but yeah he was really disappointing. I couldn't find a way to fit him in my system. I rotate between Bautista and Villalibre now and are both performing, in January and they scored 12 and 7 goals. Pretty happy with my tactic now, am sitting top of the league. If I survive the hectic scheduling of Liga's winter, those returns legs in Copa del Rey are really tiring, I have good chances.
  3. @dothestrand He's ours!!!! € 22.5M but mainly in instalments and had to ship off both Beñat and Susaeta to free up wages - but I thought they are both 32, so woldn't have lasted much longer. He was really unhappy playing in Segunda and I declared my interest and scout him to unsettle him further.
  4. Actually I managed to sign Pardo for € 5M as he requested to be transfer-listed. Was so happy! I tried Merino too but Sociedad wouldn't budge. If the board makes more funds available I will try again in the winter transfers window.
  5. 2019/20 recap A slightly dissapointing end of season, missed out the Champions League qualification by goal avarage. But, it's right at the end, we performed at our standards because we lack consinstency, due mainly to my failure to find a working system. Things have improved, I am already in December of the 2nd season and am sitting 2nd with the best defensive record of the league. The missing out of the UCL was compensate by Réal Sociedad going down!!! That is great news, hoping our differential in reputation grows wider so it'll be easier to sign their players regardless of the rivalry. Players wise, of the starting big names, I sold Balenziaga, left Rico's and R. Garcia's contracts expire, and Aduriz retired. In the 2020 youth intake there were two gems Iñigo Ramírez - Striker : The new Aduriz, or so I hope! Ander Rodríguez - Defender: Probably the best DC newgen I've had in a long while. We'll have to work on his Heading abilities, and he's not the tallest. But those attributes and that Determination are impressive. Aupa Athletic!
  6. Hey there. One question, which system did you use. I have seen the screen with Aduriz scoring more than 20 goals for you. I am really struggling to make him score regularly. Thanks!
  7. So, after almost 4 months of not playing FM I was drawn back to the game and started a save with Athletic. Struggle to find a consistent tactic and nailed it down only around December. Nevertheless, we've displayed an impressive defensive performances and so we won a lot of games 1-0 and currently sitting 3rd only 2 points off the top place (a surprising Valencia). As of now, just after the winter market, my squad is the following: GK: Remiro, Simón DR: De Marcos, Capa DC: Yeray, I. Martinez, D. Garcia (released by Osasuna), Núñez DL: Yuri, Ghanea (had to sell Balenziaga as he was moaning for first-team football) DM: Iturraspe, San José MC: Beñat, D. García, R. Garcia, Rico AMR: Williams, Susaeta AML: Muniain, Cordoba ST: Aduriz, Bautista (transfer-listed and unhappy by Sociedad so I managed to sign him). Raul García will be shipped off at the end of the season as he's asking outrageous wages and he doesn't really fit my system. Sociedad is having an awful season and they are currently 20th, pretty sure they'll go down. Hopefully this will allow me to make signings there regardless of the rivalry, Merino is my main target. Aduriz is really struggling, so will have to invent something for next year. I use a PF so Villalibre could fit but I'm scared of facing the Liga and Champions with Bautista and Villalibre as my strikers. I'm writing this from my phone, will post some screenshots at the end of the season. Aúpa Athletic!!
  8. Just started with Brora in Scotalnd, will post when (and if) I survive first season! Anyway, it is a pleasure to read you guys, some very amazing saves round here!
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