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  1. What a way to start his last season! I was home watching the game and at half time Spanish TV showed the stats of his distance covered and I actually thought it must have been a misreading. The issue though is that for me he should dose his effort better to be fresher in the one v. one following a counter.
  2. HAVE YOU SEEN THE GOAL HE JUST SCORED AGAINST BARCELONA?!?! OMG! He's a true modern legend of Athletic. IRL, they just renewed Williams with a contract up to 2028! Probably the longest ever contract at this level. In my second season now and Williams and Guruzeta are doing fine actually....we will see.
  3. Sh**t! Finished posting the above, clicked continue on FM and Arsenal have just met Yeray's release clause! I offered him a new contract straight away....let's hope he decides to stay... All well what ends well!
  4. An encouraging first season for me as we managed to qualify for the UCL, for a brief spell in February I was even title contender fighting alongside Atletico. But came April and a terrible spell of three losses and two draws. Barcelona, who weren't looking particularly consistent the first six months, went on a four months winning spree and secure the title by only one point. I loved the fact that Réal looked poor all season, we beat them twice, and didn't qualified for the UCL. Must be weird to watch los blancos in Europa League against a side like Videoton! We actually filled the trophy cabinet with the welcome addition of the club's 24th Copa del Rey. The final was a tense match resolved by a Muniain's screamer at 118' in extra-time, when I was already preparing to suffer during penalty shoot-outs. That also increased a lot managerial support from both players and board. There is the weird issue that with new database where the elections which Elizegi won IRL are held only to have Elizegi replaced. Weird. Anyway, I am pretty happy on how things went and am excited about the second season, in which I will have better control on who to keep in the first team. In terms of performances, Williams did OK-ish as a Pressing Forward netting 12, but he also went on unimpressive performances runs. Aduriz has decided to retire and I am planning to promote Guruzeta who, at least in my game, seems a better option than Villalibre, Córdoba or Kodro. The highlight was the defence, we conceded only 23 in the Liga. Yeray, Martínez and Núñez are really solid option. Remiro did amazingly between the posts as well. As for transfers during the season, having decided to go the purist way and signing only Basque players I only added Iván Martínez from Osasuna. He's just 17 but probably will be the next big Basque keeper available. It is nice to have him so early in the save as I can mentor him and guide his development. But for next season I already secured several key arrivals, including David García as a centre-back, the return of Aketxe and the one and only Mikel Merino! Since January I've kept scouting him until his interest for a move finally changed to "extremely interested" in May when we confirmed UCL qualification, I hence immediately activated his release clause. The best two newgen of my intake are two strikers, both very promising but the rest, alas, not as much....hopefully will improve next season. One last happy note, our B Team got promoted to Segunda, I was actually thinking of signing some players at small fees just to ensure they stay up and to complement our youngsters. It is great for their development that they will be able to play at such competitive level. Aupa Athletic!
  5. I am through the half season and things are looking good, I am also experimenting with this tactic with great success @TOMetz I stole your idea of using Susaeta as a Raumdeuter, amazing how efficient he is at that role. Thanks!
  6. @TOMetz Nice to see you experimenting, I have just started a save myself and one of the tactic I was toying with is a 352. As for your retraining of Susaeta I used him mainly as an AP in the AMR slot (same as López) in a classic 433. But during my experimenting I have used Muniain as a Mezzala and put some nice performances.
  7. @maccataq I must say that I've never for a second thought that you or anyone else here was classifying the policy as racist and I don't think it is neither. Perhaps, I expressed myself wrongly, my intervention was actually to defend the current policy of putting cultural and football ties ahead of any notion of "certified-origin". It is obvious that in FM, you cannot reflect this at 100%. Sorry if I sounded polemic and keep up the good times with your save!
  8. Posted my reply before reading yours, interesting we have almost equal set-up.
  9. To complement my post above, here you have a screenshot of my current tactic. Had great success, on my third season with Mainz, qualified for Champions League the first two seasons and won the domestic cup, starting to challanging the title now that I am getting better players or developping the youngster I had. This is last full season of my main player, Matías Vargas, in my Mainz save. BTW, he's phenomenal and first season you can buy him for less than € 5M from Vélez, a steal!
  10. Hallo there. I have used with great success on an RB Leipzig save a 442 with one wide-playmaker, after seeing its success I replicated a similar approach in a 4411 tactic I created for Mainz. With the right player and wing-back/full-back on his back it's a very effective setup. What I like is that whilst in possession he occupies the #10 spot, he also runs as an IF while the ball is on the other side of the pitch and scores a lot being at the end of crosses from the opposite side. The fact that he plays as a 10 starting from the wing makes it also more difficult to mark for the opposition, creating more space for others' run. Am at work right now but will post the screenshot later.
  11. Just few words to say that I abandoned my old save long time ago as in the meantime I moved to another country and change job and only recently started played again. After having done a couple of saves over in Germany I just started yesterday a new save with Athletic. I think is a good save to restart in this weird period when the new season started. Will try to post some updates. But mainly want to say kudos to this thread, just updated the last couple of months of posts. Well done everyone, some amazing progress there.
  12. Well, actually they don't go as far as Romania or South America, but rather Romanians and South Americans come to them. That is to say that the IRL policy include anyone grown up football-wise in the greater Basque country area. Therefore, Iñaki Williams is eligible despite not having any Basque roots, while players like Otamendi or Higuaín are not even considered, regardless the fact that they clearly have Basque ancestors/origins. It is more a "cultural" nationality policy and not a biological one. Thanks God BTW as it would just be racism otherwise. Actually there is a lot of uproar among the fans as they just signed a German grown player for the women's team, whose mother is from Vizcaya but who didn't grow up there, Bibiane Schulze. In FM19 it would be difficult to replicate the policy and that is why you can actually sign any Spanish player until they're 16, to simulate someone "grown football-wise" in Basque country.
  13. There's a lot of threads and posts here and around the web on youth development, but to reply to your question: game-time does not affect players until they reach 18. So don't worry about your U19 squad in that sense. Hire the best coach available and check their personality. As for the reserve team I would park there player in the 19 to 21 bracket and put them all for loan as in that period is when they should okay regular football in competitive matches.
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