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  1. Yes the Bundesliga is quite rich and a really fun league to manage. I understand your doubts about the save, it is difficult to achieve more than what you did. I hope you will return to Germany soon though!
  2. I am actually having a save in Spain right now but will surely make one in Germany soon. I also suggest checking these threads: @Cheez3y battling his way up with his local East German club: @TheRobert is instead trying his fortunes in the city of Carnival: @SimpleFM who brought Schalke to UCL glory in just 4 seasons!
  3. 3. Liga This is for me a very interesting league that has the potential of many long-term saves. Be it with fallen giants like 1860 Munich and Kaiserslautern or with former East Germany clubs such as Dresden, Rostock, or Magdeburg, you have plenty of options to create a funny and engaging narrative within FM21. Iconic West-German Fallen Giant Having won the German top division as recently as 1998, a slow but constant decent into hell started at the turn of the century. Having been relegated to the third tier in 2018, similarly to Hamburg, they failed to bounce straight
  4. 2. Bundesliga The second tier in German football is a very competitive league with some quite interesting club to manage. My two personal suggestions both stem from the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg Finally Get It Right Hamburg SV are now for the third year battling in the 2. Bundesliga aiming to get back to the top league. Until their relegation in 2018, they were the only still existing team to always have played in the top flight. They still have some important players and interesting youngster such as Vagnoman, van Drongelen, and Amaechi. Will you finally
  5. BUNDESLIGA Could it be that after such an incredible domination over the past years and a treble achieved during the summer someone finally dethrones Bayern? Will Dortmund or Leipzig deliver? Can Leverkusen of 'Gladbach find consistency? Will it be the year when historic clubs such as Schalke or Werder finally go down? Will nouveaux riches Hertha qualify for the UCL? With so many historic and interesting teams it is actually difficult to pinpoint to just a couple of clubs, but here are my two cents on teams that are worth trying this year. Overthrowing the King Bo
  6. Welcome to this year German football thread where you can share and discuss about your saves in Germany!
  7. Great idea for a save. Always had a thing for German football, good luck!
  8. Season 3 Review - 2022/2023 Another season to remember and another unexpected Liga title, making two in a row. I tweaked the winning tactic of last season to make it more tiki-taka-ish and accomodate two playmakers on the pitch. At the end in came down to just a point difference to Barcelona, who destroyed us on day 37. But on the last match day we secured a comfortable win against Granada to bring the title home. I am also positive about our progress in the UCL where we reached the Quarter Finals. Sadly, after overcoming Bayern we went down to 95' goal against Shaktar. Semi Finals were i
  9. Season 2 Review - 2021/2022 Competitions: La Liga: Winners! Totally unexpected to be honest. The squad wasn't much stronger than last year but the tactic I've created worked super well and we just kept on winning matches. UCL/Europa League: Came third in a very tough group. In the EL we reached the Semi-Finals, but Manchester United was a step too high for us in a period where we had several players out injured. Copa del Rey: Knocked out by Atletico. SuperCopa: Winners for the second year straight. Transfers: Odriozola joined us for 28M EUR. I poeached
  10. First season over and I am pretty happy overall. Finished 3rd on 80 points behind Barcelona and Réal Madrid. Better still, we bring two trophies home with victory in the Super Cup and in the 2021 Copa del Rey. I played the whole season with a balanced It was not football champagne, but we were solid defensevely (conceded 17 in the whole season) and my attackers always seemed to nick a goal or two. I was impressed by Iñaki Williams, whom I played up as a Complete Forward. He finished the season with 19 goals and came third in the Pichichi. I am very happy also about the inclusion
  11. Finally bought the game and decided to start with Athletic. One issue that might have been raised at the Beta stage is the fact that there is no Copa del Rey final for the season 2019-20. IRL it has been postponed due to Covid to April 2021. The in-game situation is very frustrating as it'd be a chance to gain silverware from season one and against our rivals from Donostia no less. It's a shame that SI canceled an entire competition. I did managed to reach the final and win the cup, but I am quite pissed off there is a missing year because of a simple match-postponement.
  12. Many pDutch players came through their academy and Van Gaal started his career there if I remember correctly. They are also the oldest professional club of the Netherlands and were a strong team in pre-war years. Bring them back to the top is a nice challenge and being based in Rotterdam you would have room to grow in terms of stadium/public.
  13. Still hasn’t bought FM21 yet but will surely follow fellow admirers of Athletic Club. Good luck everyone with their save and great OP as usual @dothestrand
  14. Sorry for the late reply: System one, you screenshot and use a tool like Gyazo or Imgur to generate a link to a picture, then go at the bottom of your writing window here go to “Insert other media” and the use the option “Insert image from URL”. System two, you will see a “Click to choose files” option at the bottom right and simply select the screenshot from your file system.
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