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  1. Normally, I only disable the first transfer window. I know attribute masking increase realism, but I still prefer it.
  2. Weird, I just began my third season and they never signed anyone. I would be über-pissed-off.
  3. @RVP32 Good choice!! Watching their match against Hertha IRL and Reus just scored the winner at the 93'!! Surprised you decided to offload Phillip, he's been fantastic for me. Good luck with BVB!!
  4. You just need to change the responsibility in the II Team tab of your staff responsibility. By putting yourself, they won't sign anyone.
  5. I don't use them, putting there old wood and players above 19 who don't have a future in the first squad. In my II Team there is a handful of players, all transfer-listed or waiting for their contract to expire.
  6. I'd suggest Leverkusen, not only they have an empty trophy cabinet you got many wonderkids and young prospects in Havertz, Brandt, Paulinho, Tah, and Bailey. In general, I am amazed by the money available in the Bundesliga. Of course in the first season you won't have much to play with, but following a couple of good season, you'll got quite a war chest.
  7. You're totally right, I use him as our third option...but he was available on a free, will defo loan him out next season.
  8. Ballspielverein Borussia 09 Dortmund - Season 2 Another very good season domestically, as we secured the title with 4 games to play facing a surprising couple with Hannover 96 in second place and Mainz 05 in third. The latter qualifying for the second year straight into the UCL. Bayern had a very disappointing season and Klopp has been sacked as they fail a Top 4 finish. In the cups, both domestic and European we couldn't pass the Semi-Finals, failing against Bayern and Juventus (managed by Guardiola!) respectively. But I can't complain as I am managing to create a team composed by players either German home-grown or Club-trained, with only a few young exceptions. To achieve this we were certainly very active, spending over € 200M in the transfer market. Mayor transfer out included Alcacer, Witsel, Bürki, and Abdou Diallo for whom I accepted offers that I esteemed adequate given players' age or nationality and that helped us financed our many investments. Summing up all sales, we collected € 192M, reducing our net transfer expenses to just € 15M. Definitely, some good business there. The new players bought included. Johannes Eggestein coming in for free. My summer coups, the pair destined to replace Reus and Götze, Julian Brandt and Karl Havertz (for a combined fee of € 140M). I wanted to offload Bürki so in June I activated Timo Horn's release clause of € 17,5M. To replace Diallo, I secured Niklas Stark of Hertha and I needed a second winger and the best option was Leonardo Bittencourt from Hoffenheim. Other minor business thinking of the future included: 17 yo Patrick Olalekan, 18 yo Thiago Almada, and 18 yo Jonathan Burkardt. But as important as the new players, the new season saw also the coming back of the many young players that were on loan last year and that I want to introduce into the team: Felix Passlack will be our first choice right FB; Swedish wonderkid Alexander Isak will be our second choice Striker; and Dzenis Burnic entering rotation in the midfield. Below my First XI and their replacement for rotation. As you can see I also changed the tactic, it's an asymmetric 4-4-1-1, but it's thought to act more like a 4-4-2, with a Trequartista functioning both as a creative midfielder and as a second striker. On that note, Havertz playing in that position is our top season goalscorer banging in 20 goals, while Isak has once managed an incredible quintuple in a match. The tactic works well, as demonstrated by our U19 squad winning the UEFA Youth League. After such a busy summer, I don't expect movements unless to replace players who want to leave for a reason or the other. The only addition will be Matthijs de Ligt, it was a coup I couldn't let pass. The objective for next season is to pass the Semi-Finals in Europe and in the Pokal to try to bring a cup into our trophy cabinet.
  9. Wow, a winner at the 92nd minute!! Kudos on the Quadruple!
  10. Good luck! Fun team to play!
  11. So....I just spent a total of € 140M on two Bayer 04 players! Someone might ask why I didn't start a save with them...
  12. This one, it's a 4-4-1-1. What I like is its flexibility, as you can see it either as a low 4-2-3-1 or as 4-4-2 with the AM pushing high. I like the configuration with two DMs and have a lot of pitch depth in front of the midfield. SK-D: Just so he rushes out more often than a normal goalie. FB-S: He's asked to sit narrower to defend the half-space as the wider space is covered by the Winger. CD-C: Is the slowest of the defenders hence I want him to set the defensive line. BPD-D: Asked to press less to keep the defense's line. WB-S: He provides width on the left flank. VOL-A: He acts as BBM, and attack the box with late runs, while when we have possession he helps to connect the two flanks. DLP-D: Nothing special, he stays to protect the defensive line and to recycle possession. W-S: Gives width and put in low crosses into the box. WP-A: The real creator of the team and a goal threat, he dribbles and put in through passes and is always at the scoring end when crosses come from the opposite flank. AM-A: Both a link between the midfield and the striker and often position himself as a second striker. PF-S: I prefer this role than a DLF because he is not asked to hold the ball and is more compatible with a direct style. The support duty is to be sure he is involved in the passes play. Sorry to everyone for going off topic with this tactic digression.
  13. Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 09 - Season 1 Well, it has definitely been a productive season, winning the Bundesliga in my first year trying. But first things first, there was no major addition to the side during the winter transfer window. I brought in Nicolas Kühn from Ajax and Marc-Oliver Kempf from Stuttgart. The latter being a young promising German CD and listed for only € 3M was a no-brainer. While Toprak left for the Saudi league. The squad for the second part of the season looked like this. In the league, we battled with Bayern until the last 4 or 5 fixtures when we managed to gain some advantage. Mainz and Freiburg achieved both an incredible season qualifying for the UCL and Europa League. We also managed to do a very good UCL campaign and were eliminated only by goal difference by title holders Réal Madrid, who, weirdly enough, played with a strikeless 4-2-4. Never seen such a weird tactic by an AI manager. In terms of single players, I have to salute the performances of captain Marco Reus and Abdou Diallo. While wonderkids Jadon Sancho, Sergio Gómez, and Luca Unbehaun are developing well. As for next year plans, my board gave me € 177M to play with and I have € 25M (per year) as free wage budget. I want to bring in at least one between Brandt, Havertz, and Werner. The last one is the least of the priorities as I already secured the signing on a free of Johannes Eggestein and Alexandre Isak will be coming back from loan.
  14. @Trent71 The longest Reus has been injured this season is 3 weeks. But mind that I do rotate a lot and I pay a close attention to Reus' reports from my sport scientists. On the pitch he has been fastastic. We are in April and he made 30 appearences for 11 goals and 7 assists playing as a Wide-Playmaker.
  15. Meanwhile in Dortmund.... Simply my best win so far on FM19!! Almost finished my first season and things are going well. Top of the table by 4 points and in the semi-finals of the UCL, though against Madrid. Got knocked-out the Pokal by Bayern, but really can't complain. Will do a full sum-up post tomorrow hopefully. @Trent71 By qualifying to the 2019-20 UCL, my board already gave me a war chest of € 177M, so gonna be where you at soon. But I'm not going away from my own save's rules of buying young and German preferably. Guess gonna land either Brandt, Havertz, or Werner. Of your proposed squad, the only weird name for me is Dembélé. The rest is...WOW! Is the Palacios you wanna sell Ezequiel Palacios?
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