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  1. Sorry for the late reply: System one, you screenshot and use a tool like Gyazo or Imgur to generate a link to a picture, then go at the bottom of your writing window here go to “Insert other media” and the use the option “Insert image from URL”. System two, you will see a “Click to choose files” option at the bottom right and simply select the screenshot from your file system.
  2. Great choice @TX-18! My main suggestion is checking the U19s and Second Teams of Bayern, Dortmund and Schlage as there are many youngsters you could loan and do well in the 3. Liga. Wait until July as at the start of the game few of them are loan listed.
  3. You probably already found out somewhere else. But what you are referring to is the Youth Intake Preview and is independent of staff. It appears every year a couple of months before the intake. In most European leagues it appears in January for intakes happening in March/April. Once the Intake has happened and the preview obviously disappears and you’ll have to wait till the next season around the same time.
  4. There are quite a number of good players for cheap in Germany. Look to Erkan Eyibil at Mainz, he often refuses to sign a new contract and so is transfer-listed for peanuts. Batista-Meier and Lukas Mai can often be loaned with optional buy-clause. Some of the youngsters at Dortmund out in loan also can be cheap after the first season (in my save I bough Sergio Gomez for less than 2M Eur. and Dzenis Burnic for free after 2 seasons). Otherwise, check good teams who are in the 2.Bundesliga: van Drongelen at Hamburg; Musljia, Anton, and Maina at Hannover; basically anyone at Stuttgart but check in particolar Sosa, Massimo, Klimowicz and a young Congolese strikers whose name is unspellable just by memory. Good luck!
  5. Take a bow @AceAvenger. The OG and the whole thread are excellent quality and food for thoughts! I have been implementing a similar philosophy and tactical approach in my current save with Mainz. Have been using a 442 and a 4411 during my three seasons in charge so far. But thanks to tweaks inspired by your tactic, this year (3rd season) we managed to be consistent and grabbed a UCL spot. As you, I also take advantage of relegated teams or the AI not granting playing time to young talent who becomes available, so my squad is young but definitely talented. This is my main 442, some slight modification to yours, but I really have to thank you for the inputs and the insight. I have also started to take much more attention to certain attributes when recruiting and am excited to use this approach for the following seasons.
  6. Both excellent options, if you want to stick to a more "realistic" approach I'd go for Adeyemi, as he is already part of the Red Bull galaxy. Not at the same level of quality, but you could check also Burkardt (Mainz), Richter (Augsburg), Waldschmidt (Freiburg), and Kuhn (Ajax). I believe they all have variable PA, so you will have to scout them and see if in your save they are worth buying.
  7. I am sure if you post here your save, people will be interested. Good luck wiht Gladbach!
  8. Daramy at FC Kobenhavn is another good shoutout. You can pick him up for around € 1.5/2M at game start. On I save I did with Werder Bremen he was elected European Golden Boy in 2020/21.
  9. Little over half-season and it is quite a tight race for the title and UCL qualifications!
  10. Well, I might downplayed how well Daramy has been
  11. We weren't great, but this group gifted some surprises!
  12. @Stu_UBJ Kudos!!! Welcome to the Bundesliga!! Pretty impressive how you dominated the league and some pretty smart business there.
  13. @Ronaldo Beckham Here you have the screenshots. Bought him in January 2020 for EUR 2.3M - though I am sure you can snatch him at a cheaper price if you buy him in the first transfer window or with a harder negotiation. My first season I was playing with a one striker formation so I loaned him out and he scored 7 in 19 La Liga matches. A decent tally considered the League. Now, he is part of my back-up pair and he is doing really well, scored 4 in 6.
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