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  1. Great thread! I am currently on a save with Vålerenga in Norway as well. Keep up the good work!
  2. Thanks! Makes totally sense, intrigued by trying a CMd in a wide formation.
  3. 2037!!! Take a bow to your commitment to the club! Really interesting set up there, I was also pondering a Porto save and would think of applying something similar. May I ask why going Extremely Wide?
  4. Both are asked to mark the opposition fullback on their side. This greatly reduces overlaps from the opposition and result in them tracking back a lot despite their attacking mentality. Then the differences are largely due to their position within the formation and players’ characteristics: To the right WM I ask to sit narrow to exploit the space left by having the half-back on his side. Using Pizzi who is more of a wide playmaker I also tick the “take more risks” PI. On the left I ask to cut inside but without the sit narrower instruction, as I want a diagonal outside-to-halfspace movement rather than a vertical one. I also allow him to “roam from position” because I have two intelligent players and I want them more unpredictable. I like a lot the pairing of F9 / PFA as with the right players you have a really complementary team, with one dropping to midfield and the other pressing the back line or finishing through balls. I prefer a PFA to an AF as the former is more involved in passing and maneuver and can bring into play the WM.
  5. Quite good actually, still have to finish my season but will surely win the league and just beaten Atletico Madrid 4-0 in the first leg UCL semi-final. The pairing of Waldschmidt (as F9) and Núñez (PF-A) is scoring goal for fun with 57 netted between them. But the real revelation for me was the use of wide-midfielders. I think I almost never used in over 12 years playing FM, but being a "generalistic" role it allows to get exactly the movement I want from them, much better than an IW or IF (in the AM strata). The squad and performances: Latest results: Competitions overview:
  6. That's an amazing first season! Probably it's too late for you to apply directly, but I've noticed that a lot of good young players in big teams have contracts until June 2021 and you can poached them relatevely easy. Man City has Eric Garcia and form Barcelona you can have Oriol Busquets, Collado, Miranda and a couple more all for free. What system did you use this season?
  7. In a save that is a homage to @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! using Benfica, I am achieving 3-1-6 shape that is well distributed through the width of the pitch with this formation:
  8. Well, another Supercopa win against Barcelona! What a goal by Williams! Aupa Athletic!
  9. Yes the Bundesliga is quite rich and a really fun league to manage. I understand your doubts about the save, it is difficult to achieve more than what you did. I hope you will return to Germany soon though!
  10. I am actually having a save in Spain right now but will surely make one in Germany soon. I also suggest checking these threads: @Cheez3y battling his way up with his local East German club: @TheRobert is instead trying his fortunes in the city of Carnival: @SimpleFM who brought Schalke to UCL glory in just 4 seasons!
  11. 3. Liga This is for me a very interesting league that has the potential of many long-term saves. Be it with fallen giants like 1860 Munich and Kaiserslautern or with former East Germany clubs such as Dresden, Rostock, or Magdeburg, you have plenty of options to create a funny and engaging narrative within FM21. Iconic West-German Fallen Giant Having won the German top division as recently as 1998, a slow but constant decent into hell started at the turn of the century. Having been relegated to the third tier in 2018, similarly to Hamburg, they failed to bounce straight back and are now in serious financial trouble. It would a be a terrible thing if the club the produced the backbone of World Cup winning West Germany team would fall into the non-professional leagues. In my opinion, at least in FM terms you have a capable squad of winning promotion. With a stadium with a capacity of around 50K you will have the infrastructure to finance your progress. East-German European Pedigree My last suggestion is Magdeburg. True, there are others great options to bring forth former East-Germany clubs such as Dresden or Rostock, but with Magdeburg you can aim at reviving 1974, the year that brought them European glory. They are infact the only DDR club to have won an international club competition. Facilities are OK and the team needs only a valid manager to make them rise again.
  12. 2. Bundesliga The second tier in German football is a very competitive league with some quite interesting club to manage. My two personal suggestions both stem from the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg Finally Get It Right Hamburg SV are now for the third year battling in the 2. Bundesliga aiming to get back to the top league. Until their relegation in 2018, they were the only still existing team to always have played in the top flight. They still have some important players and interesting youngster such as Vagnoman, van Drongelen, and Amaechi. Will you finally be able to bring them to the top and restore this European football giant? Punk Your Way to the Top Originating in the red-light district in Hamburg, during the 1980s St. Pauli emerged as a favourite club of left-wingers and undergroung culture of the city who did not want to associate themselves with the giant that HSV was at the time. Nowadays St. Pauli are a stable second division club that nurtures its status of alternative club by heavily engaging in social causes. Having last been in the top tier for the 2010/11 season, your aim would be to build a team that can aim for promotion. Would you be able to turn the club into an international powerhouse, while maintaining it true to its popular culture?
  13. BUNDESLIGA Could it be that after such an incredible domination over the past years and a treble achieved during the summer someone finally dethrones Bayern? Will Dortmund or Leipzig deliver? Can Leverkusen of 'Gladbach find consistency? Will it be the year when historic clubs such as Schalke or Werder finally go down? Will nouveaux riches Hertha qualify for the UCL? With so many historic and interesting teams it is actually difficult to pinpoint to just a couple of clubs, but here are my two cents on teams that are worth trying this year. Overthrowing the King Both sides can boast an impressive pletora of young talent and with the right guidance you could transform them into real European powerhouses. Eternal second-best club in the country for the past years, BVB boast an impressive young and talented squad with the likes of Sancho, Halland, and Reyna, with the good amount of experience in Reus, Witsel or Can. Consistency is what they always missed. Can you deliver? The squad in FM is pretty good from the get-go, but I would suggest looking for alternatives between the posts and a second strikers not to tire your Norwegian wonderkid too much. On the other hand, Leipzig (AKA the most hated club in Germany) are another strong candidate for the "best of the rest". With their link to Salzburg and other RB clubs around the world, their focus on analytical scouting they managed to discover some gems through the years such as Upamecano, Nkunku or Dani Olmo. Alongside with more experienced players like Sabitzer, Gulacsi, or Kampl you wouldn't need to dwelve into the transfer market in the first window. That said, the departure of Werner left a whole in their attack, could you build a tactic the doesn't show? Resurgent Middle-Class To define 'Gladbach as "middle-class" might enrage some of their fans, having been a truly powerhouse in the 1970s. But this year under the guide of Marco Rose they're showing their model of organic growth is paying off. The strange year we are leaving assured that coveted players like Plea, Thuram, Zakaria or Neuhaus are all still at the club. Could you be able to bring the happy days back at Borussia Park? A very different story is the one of the Aspirins AKA Neverkusen for their famous season when in space of a few days they bottled their lead in the League, lost the Pokal and lost the UCL final. IRL, the departure of Kai Havertz seems not to have had an impact on the team. The objective with Leverkusen will surely be to win a treble and erase the label of eternal bottlers. Falling Giants Two historic clubs undergoing tough times. Schalke is the perfect example of how important it is to have a well-managed club and how this actually reflects onto the pitch. The club from Gelsenkirchen have been inconsistent for many years but this season they are facing catastrophe. If you take them over, you will have to deal with over 200M EUR in debt and most likely sell players to recover financially. But in FM terms the team is certainly good, with some interesting young players such as Kabak, Kutucu or Serdar around which you can rebuild the fortunes of this amazing club. Provincial Glory Focusing on Youth Freiburg and Stuttgart are two teams that are renown for the focus on producing young talent. While the Black Forest team is now an established Bundesliga side, the Swabian are a newly promoted team after spending only one season in the second tier (unlike Hamburg). The goal of such saves will be of course to continue the focus on talent development while climbing the ladder so as not to be poached every year.
  14. Welcome to this year German football thread where you can share and discuss about your saves in Germany!
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