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  1. As for feedback I have a few things ive noticed that you may wish to look at: 1) Teams well out of the playoff picture, like 12-15 in the conference trading away picks for 35+ year old players at the trade deadline. 2) Scouting, Coaches/trainers reports, Gm's team report all very innacurate i will give examples - trainers saying can log high minutes on players with sub 60 stam or commenting positively on a players strength when it is very poor. - most scout reports are very poor.... under position a player considered a power forward then compared to david krejci or a player called "a more talented version of Patrice Bergeron with sub 50 stats in checking, positioning & pokechecking. (scouts with 99 in potential & ability) - Team report (gm with 99 in both potential and abilitiy) considering a 4th D pairing Dman as the 2nd best Dman on the team when you have 4 1st pairing Dmen. 3) Players set to Shoot in personal tactics getting under 50 shots in a season where those set to pass get over 250 shots. Or players set to allowed/encouraged to fight not getting in a single fight over the course of an entire season whilst others set to not allowed get in over 10. 4) Scouting a potential draftee 5-8 times over the course of a season with 4+ scouts all at 99 potential all consider him a potential first line player, then drafted & instantly those same scouts consider him a 3rd liner. Just a few things you may want to look at.....I love the game don't get me wrong, just trying to help make it better
  2. Thanx for bringing back this great game. Since the most recent patch there is an issue with the game crashing if you have multiple Gm's. Is there a way to revert to the previous version until this version is fixed, it is unplayable unless you wish to remove the GM of your farmteam which isnt a viable option due to the poor AI of GM & coaches.
  3. I am having the same issue. Is there any fix being worked on yet?? Pointless even having a farm team if you cant manage it, the AI coaches & GM are terrible at it. 1st round draft picks sent there for seasoning get next to no playtime being one of the key problems.
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