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  1. And I mean they are not even close. It is so completely flawed that it takes away from the enjoyment of playing. There are ZERO teams in the NHL which have hired and fired three separate coaches over the course of a season. Let alone 3 separate teams which have done so in the exact same season. Yeah guys, that happened last season. I am in season 4. And no, I am not talking about an intern coach here, I am talking about a full blown 3 or 4 year contract to each individual coach. And don't get me started on the underqualified people whom are hired. Speaking of which, after 4 seasons, I have won the cup four straight times. I have also smashed the record for most points in a season in 3 of those four years. I have a record of 305-68-31. I am the top ranked GM in the world according to the rankings in the game, and my board fires me today exactly one month after winning the 4th cup. And one day after giving me a positive board review. I can only assume it is because I trade away assets that they deem valuable yet over time prove to be complete crap (record speaks for itself and finances are awesome). Spending all of this time on this game only for it to end in such an impossible an unfathomably unrealistic way just proves that your team spent quite a bit of time in certain areas and spent little to no time in others. And no, I didn't "mod" the game in any way. I say this because you brand this AI as realistic and keep talking about how it is the most realistic GM game out there. That was debateable before, but in order for something to be considered "realistic" then one cannot have several different major flaws which, like stated, have never once happened in the modern history of the league. Let alone several times with several teams. It is, pardon the irony, absolutely impossible for one to describe a thing as realistic when there are impossibilities within the thing which is described as realistic. You cannot call something realistic if there are situations which occur that do not, have not or will not happen in "real" life situations. It is a contradiction to the exact definition of the word. Also, I am severely doubting that any team would have 12 injuries at one time on their roster....especially when those 12 occur to the exact top 12 guys on one team. So bugs are one thing...when there are several impossibilities that occur with frequency then you should consider your statements about the AI in your machine as 100% false. Not inaccurate, just plain false. Because while it is remarkable in certain areas, that does nothing for the game when things that simply never occur, start occurring. And the fans and board "raging" over a trade which saw a 6th defenseman and a marginal prospect and a 3rd rounder get traded for a 1st, again...most fans would take that any day of the week. Especially when the defenseman is Ben Lovejoy, the prospect is in Europe after never panning out, and the draft pick became Matt Tkachuk who in the game is now one of the highest rated LW's. These aren't some "minor" flaws here. I consider things happening which actually never happen to be major. And make the game look 2nd rate. And for all of the patting yourselves on the back going on for your AI, I offer this for some levity.
  2. Two separate times I have got a month into the season. Both times I stopped playing. 13 injuries in 11 games to my main roster and when I attempt to call up a player I notice all if the best players from my AHL roster are injured as well. There is no way that any orginization has their top 25 (yes that number is correct) players out of action all at once. Furthermore, they we're ALL 1st and 2nd liners or top 4 defensemen as well as the starting goalies for both my NHL and AHL rosters. Not only that, but if a player is on injured reserve (even if he us out 9 months) he comes against the 23 man roster? I bought this game because I read people rave about how realistic it us. My first experience is that it is so far the opposite that it is ridiculous. It is unplayable when the amount of injuries significantly lessens your chance of competing. Yes, injuries are a part of the NHL. INJURIES to only the top players AND injuries to 25 people in your organization at the 10 game mark are not. Just because it is difficult to beat a game when it stacjs the deck this way does not make it realistic. And don't even get me started on fair value for trades when the only fair value going around us the AI trades with each other.
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