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  1. Does this tactic still work in fm18? Thinking of using it to recover the times of Swansealona!
  2. Thinking of starting a save. Are Lyon still a good team and if yes, are there any good cheapish players I should sign?
  3. Preferred Leagues Calcio A Ligue 1 Expectations: Not top top team. Challenging around Europa/Champions league Finances: Depends on the status of team, not too bothered.  Youth/Training Facilities: Same as above.
  4. Hi. I' just about to start this save and are there any leagues which I should load up first?
  5. A few questions: 1. Is thefm17 editor out? 2. Howdoes everyone seen to be quicker at playing the game than me 3.what save ideasdo you recommend for a 1.6ghz laptop which is pretty poor
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