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  1. Does this tactic still work in fm18? Thinking of using it to recover the times of Swansealona!
  2. Thinking of starting a save. Are Lyon still a good team and if yes, are there any good cheapish players I should sign?
  3. Preferred Leagues Calcio A Ligue 1 Expectations: Not top top team. Challenging around Europa/Champions league Finances: Depends on the status of team, not too bothered.  Youth/Training Facilities: Same as above.
  4. Hi. I' just about to start this save and are there any leagues which I should load up first?
  5. What is wrong with my players????!!! They simply cannot score or defend to save their lives. Only 3 goals scored in 4 games and an average of 3 goals conceded per game. The first two games were absolutely awful and I realised that our tactic was going nowhere so I decided to change it up a bit. However, after we gave away a lead twice to draw vs Hasselt I believed our form was improving only for our 'Spirits' to be dampened by 'Spirit'mont. Amazingly we still lie outside of the relegation places! Song that sums up this month
  6. Well, we improved. We started the month at home to the team we beat in the cup, FCV Dender, but unfortunately lost. The next two games we should have won after going ahead but failed to capitalise on our lead. Dehond also scored in our final two games which we won to take his monthly tally to a brilliant 5 in 5 games. These 8 points cause us to move up 1 position to 9th in the league. Before my next update here is a sneak peak. Guess the score?!
  7. Haha, thanks for the reply Benjoe. The players just don't understand what I am trying to build here. Too bad they are to crap to play In it... However, my team have picked up form...
  8. We began the season so terrifically, which makes or sharp demise even more devastating. In our first 3 games we only conceded 1 goal and performed a brilliant comeback to defeat Dessel in the 90th minute. However cracks began to show in the game against Seraing where we dominated possession but failed to create any scoring chances. The same occurred in our cup game against Standard, a top tier team, where we had around 70 percent possession but only 0 clear cut chances. The last game was absolutely appalling- we were 4-0 down within the first 20. What rubs salt in the wounds further were the messages I received from players before the game. Despite this we lay 10th place In the table, above the relegation zone(s!) Any comments and advice would be truly appreciated- just don't ask to start the next game...
  9. Who listens to the pathetic , pointless press anyway. We will hope to prove them wrong this season with our squad and achieve promotion. On the matter of promotion in the Belgian amateur division I believe, from what I've read, the top four teams qualify for a promotion playoff group where 50 percent of their previous points are carried over. There they play a home and away round robin and the top team gets promoted. Got it? Good! I picked up anyone who looked half decent, especially defenders as we are in low numbers of that particular position. If you wish to see any players particular stats, ask and you shall receive... After an atrocious first game in charge against the B team, w picked up pace in the remaining friendlies knocking off some lower league German sides. The cup came next and as the board predicted a 5th round exit, I was ecstatic when we knocked out our league rivals FCV Dender who were the first real challenge we have played against so far. The league is next and will be I the next update and the remaining cup games will be intermingled amongst the league games. Oh and the cup was also drawn. Predicted to finish 4th in the top tier. Uh-oh
  10. Here are some of our best players. When your assistant manager believes a 39 year old Is your best player you know you will be in for a long hard season... Also, I played my first friendly. This will be hard
  11. Chapter 1: Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut KFC Oosterzonen Oosterwijk Yes, that is right. My career will begin in the lower leagues of Belgium at Oosterzonen, a club that plays in the amateur division and comes from Antwerp. They also have a proud history according to Wikipedia... Oh. Thomas Clarkson, Fashion Guru, Arsene Wenger impersonator and football manager. Next: Club update.
  12. Ok guys. The poll has been up for quite a while now and (despite the lack of votes) I have got a top two countries- Netherlands and Scotland- Both with a mightily grand total of a massive 2 (yes,2!!!!!) Votes each. Please respond to this thread with which country of the both you'd prefer me to manage in.
  13. Please vote for what country I should manage in first http://www.strawpoll.me/13249207
  14. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I will now begin my career ad updates will come soon... Would you mind me asking what is The Miracle.
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