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  1. Unbelievable. I came home and found myself logged out of Steam and FM18 uninstalled. Except it wasn't really uninstalled, it went through the installation process but immediately finished when it realized I already had all the files. I went in, found my save file, and...it won't load. This is the first time it's happened to me, and I just can't believe it. I was looking forward to this save developing, longer saves usually dim for me but I could tell this one was different. What a bummer. I'll be making a new save, but I can't see myself restarting this one from scratch. We'll see what I come up with.
  2. I wasn't very happy with the scheduling job of the organizers, so I tossed in a lot of friendlies. FH have ceased to cause us many problems, but the game I don't look forward to is IA. This year, they defeated us in the final and we only barely won the Champions Cup in what was essentially just a tie. Last year, they knocked us out in the Icelandic Cup final. Something about that team is just annoying. They don't even perform very well in the league. The board didn't care much about either competition, so I'm just moving on to the Urvalsdeild.
  3. Pre-Season 2023 Everything's going great for now. We still can't afford to bring in foreign teams. They've given me cash to splash, and I haven't hesitated. We brought in players in key positions, primarily fullbacks and a left winger. I also nabbed a defensive mid in Helgason at the last moment. His stats look like he's bordering 35, but he'll be progressing instead of regressing. We've made some killer deals, but I absolutely need it to pay off in the CL so I can still make a profit. Goalkeepers: Sigurjonsson Eythorsson Strom Defenders: Gunnarsson Gudlaugsson Jonsson Magnusson Hallsson Gunnarsson 2.0 Valsson Midfielders: Palmason Johannson Marteinsson Benediktsson Helgason Gudmundsson Wingers: Vignisson Hilmarsson Agnarsson Thorsteinsson Strikers: Gunnarsson 3.0... Olafs Olafsson YP18A (on loan somewhere else) We need to beat 6th...we can do this. Nobody in the dream team yet. We're gonna win the league. No other option is okay.
  4. I just had a look back at the World Cup because I realized I missed it. My word...imagine the scenes when the semi-final came around, I bet a lot of gamblers were quite angry. Africa had a sensational year, four countries is quite unusual.
  5. End of Season 2022 What a fantastic way to finish the season. IA gave us quite a bit of trouble both times around, but we recovered and won the last two games in good fashion. We were even with Leiknir on the final day and behind one goal on goal difference, but they choked and drew their final game, bringing the Urvalsdeild to UMF Selfoss. Finally! After three years of feeling like Arsenal, we managed to pull off consistent performances. A key figure this year was definitely Viktor Helgi Benediktsson. You can see his average rating above at 7.52. He came in as a backup to Marteinsson and was going to play as more of a rotation option, but he got himself a starting position and gave us a solid rock of consistency when other players were faltering. Our wage budget has more than doubled...I don't know what I'm going to do with that money, I don't think I'll even hit $1 million. I'll just put more money into the transfer budget. Benediktsson was so good, in fact, that his relatively low 16 appearances brought him the player of the year award. Your loss, FH. Our defense truly shined this year. Our fullback positions were weak at the start of the season and still are, so they've been pulling performances out of their collective asses to keep us in good shape. I'll figure out what I want to improve after contracts run out and I can take a fresh look at the squad. What a wonderful finish to the year, though. We've got Strom coming in from his loan spell, and it's getting about time that he takes over from the aging Sigurjonsson. Gudmundsson wasn't particularly impressive this year, but he has loads of time to develop. I'm severely questioning whether Alti Fannar Jonsson will stay with us or not. If he lowers his wage demands I might take a stab at it. Gudlaugsson, an old guard at 31 years old, can still do a great job for us. I'll be making moves to keep Gunnarsson and Magnusson on loan, hopefully we can see those out. Olafs is developing well, I look forward to how he does next year.
  6. Good grief, this isn't what I meant with baby steps
  7. Mid-Season 2020 There's a lot of green in the latter half of the fixtures! I'm pretty happy with what we've done, we haven't fallen into disarray after a series of bad results. We've finally made it into the Icelandic Cup final and will be facing IA. It's a shame about Dundalk, but we can focus on the league. It's another race against Leiknir. Breidablik has fallen upon sore times, but KR has regained composure after a poor finish last year and has rejoined the club.
  8. Youth Intake 2022 i'd say the first two are decent, but I'm still waiting on more money to upgrade facilities. It's a grind.
  9. I forgot the score of the first game and thought we only lost by one, so I thought we were through Really a shame.
  10. Splendid performance and a favorable draw. Perfect first round in the Europa League.
  11. We bow out of the League Cup A once again, this time against FH. Despite being my least favourite team in Iceland (I really wish I could have a say on rivalries), I'm glad it was them. They're a great team, and it's respectable to lose on penalties. I won't be speaking that kindly of them again.
  12. 2022 Preseason Everything is good so far in the friendlies, but we stumbled a little bit at the end there. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Welcome to FH 2.0. Goalkeepers Sigurjonsson Eythorsson Strom Defenders Gunnarsson Gudlaugsson Thrastarson Jonsson Magnusson Arnason Midfielders Heimisson Magnusson 2 Palmason Johannsson Marteinsson Benediktsson Gudmundsson Winger Vignisson Hilmarsson Reykjalin Striker Jonsson (AMC, really) Gunnarsson Olafs We're starting to edge back towards the black, but it'll be a while. We're rocking the 4-2-3-1 this year to make use of Jonsson. Still not predicted to do well. Shocker. I want to win the league. I've messed up a signing in Reykjalin, he never should have joined the team, but at this point I might as well use the depth he gives us. We have strong, young players in Olafs, Gudmundsson, and Strom, along with some great loan signings. We have the quality. Do we have the cojones?
  13. Thanks! Some revenge is in due order this year.
  14. End of Season 2021 Gutted. Looking to move on the weak links and fill key positions like left wing and right back. Maybe a change of formation or tactic is in need. Either way, we're getting a reform.
  15. This one is gonna sting for a while. It's a close game, and FH threw their game away. Had we won, we'd be sitting on 41 points, Leiknir on 40...we'd have won the league. Need to bring in players that are better than anything we have and push off the five or six players at the bottom. Gradual improvement, that's what we're going for.
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