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  1. January/February 2017 Only the Suomen Cup and preseason so far, we advance from the group stage. I made the same mistake last year where I let my good players play the first game for FC Lahti Ak. (Group 1), and that made them cup-tied and they couldn't play for me. So right now I'm not doing so hot. I'll have to survive with a team made of almost entirely academy players. Wish me luck...I need to remember not to make the fitness-lacking available for those games.
  2. 2025 Angola - Rank 41 Schedule Squad Emilio Barbeitos Blessing Diogo Armend Bello Wilson Goncalves Bermuda - Rank 99 Schedule Squad Kelrick Bannis Francisco Coppola Sergio André Aguiar Milan Smith Cuba - Rank 80 Schedule Squad Yoslan Aguirre Ze Serrao Arnaldo Ameijeiras Artur Ventura Faroe Islands - Rank 121 Schedule Squad Galym Krasikov Paul Taylor Kari Hansen Sonni Nattestad Georgia - Rank 65 Schedule Squad Zurab Gabelaia Nika Devdariani Sergey Fomin Romeo Khachidze Guatemala - Rank 42 Schedule Squad Cesar Garcia Milton Rodas Lester Cabrera Mafre Rodas Hong Kong - Rank 60 Schedule Squad Daniel Gadow Paulista Jeroen Helsen Yeung Chun Hung Indonesia - Rank 73 Schedule Squad Yoga Santoso Muhammad Syaranamual Dedi Redian Firman Prayitno Mauritius - Rank 98 Schedule Squad Jean Madron Fredrik Oldrup Jensen Johan Gunesh Aadilah Clarisse Nepal - Rank 138 Schedule Squad Santosh Gurung Prakash Sarkar Ramesh Basnet Binod Limbu PNG - Rank 124 Schedule Squad Jerry Japu Steven Spain Valentine Masange Kema Habuka Singapore - Rank 48 Schedule Squad Rizal Aminuddin Fadhil Daud Ismail Morshidi Sulaiman Faharuddin Somalia - Rank 152 Schedule Squad Fuadi Amin Ali Luke Booker Deogratias Abdillahi Bishaaro Omar Somalia is one hell of a depressing case, alongside Mauritius and Nepal. Bishaaro Omar has 198 PA, but chances are he won't reach it because he might not get out of the country. Very frustrating to watch all this occur. T&C - Rank 141 Schedule Squad Carlos Burgueno Stevens Glinton Fehmi Langliz Carlo Diamond T&T - Rank 26 Out of nowhere, T&T are in the mix! Schedule Squad Lloyd Joseph Brian Charles Andre John Jamal Latapy Wales - Rank 56 Schedule Squad Gethin Goldston Mark Johnson Ben Woodburn Paul Redman Top Players The best player in the save goes to Przemyslaw Butenko, from Poland. Don't forget, I slightly improved Poland at the beginning of this save so that will have no doubt played a large role. Zurab Gabelaia of Georgia lands at #7 in the world, two spaces above Paul Pogba. Angola's Emilio Barbeitos also features in the list at #10. Clocking in at #15, Guatemala's Cesar Garcia also makes the list of the best in the world. At this point, Gianluigi Donnarumma is only 26, so this is no small feat. Top Potential Of the top 21 potential players in the world (two of top three are at Ajax, I'm feeling a Dutch Dynasty coming on...), we have players from Hong Kong, PNG, and Faroe Islands, as well as two players from both Indonesia and Cuba. World Team of the Year Cuba's Yoslan Aguirre and Daniel Gadow of Hong Kong both infiltrated the World Team of the Year. Gadow starts in the middle. The Broadcaster's African Footballer of the Year Award goes to Angola's Emilio Barbeitos. Gadow and Aminuddin place 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Asian Footballer of the Year. North American Player of the Year gets a representative from Bermuda, Guatemala, and Cuba. Jerry Japu and Steven Spain go 1 and 2 in Oceanic Player of the Year World Rankings In the top 36 teams, Trinidad and Tobago was the only team of the sixteen nations to pierce the best countries in the world. Hopefully they stay up for next year. I'm also elated to announce that we will have four of our members participating in the 2026 World Cup, namely Angola and Singapore, who are competing in the same group, Guatemala, and Trinidad and Tobago. That a 25% qualification success rate! I wish all the teams luck in the coming year.
  3. @saintrainhard Thanks! I'm liking the six updates per year format, not nearly as crowded as the monthly. Hopefully the good times keep on rollin'. @Keano16 If we can replicate that 4-0, I'd say the chances of qualification exist. What a way to start the journey though, getting into the first World Cup? Would love that.
  4. End of 2016 Two games that were a lot more difficult than I would have preferred. Definitely something that requires a lot of work. Finland Nation Overview We find ourselves at Rank 54 at the end of the year. A ton of work to do to get...really anywhere. Finland Squad It's unlikely that we find our way into the World Cup, but I can still have dreams. How this year's games went for Finland, I see a lot of quality performances but also a lot of questionable games. Would love to clean up consistency. We've made some money but I still expect to be in a bad place until the Champions League. It is imperative we do well in the Champions League, which is why I'm bringing in so many loan players. Worry about performances and money first, then I can get myself some real players. Key Players Matheus Phillipe Matias Nani Pyry Karkkainen Alex Kral Hendrik Helmke Mikko Kuningas Jasse Tuominen Nemanja Ivanovic
  5. Septober 2016 I think we did alright. Croatia was expected to win, so when they did I wasn't too upset. The squad was definitely complaining about it, they have very high expectations for themselves. Typical Finns. That win against Turkey was incredible, I didn't expect to do anywhere that well. Experimenting with formations, I settled one something like a 4-1-3-2 DM, and it seemed to work out. Tim Sparv has got to be one of my favourite players around. For the portion of the save, at the end of the Nocember update I'll put the Finnish squad as well as the FC Lahti squad. That'll give a good season by season update of both teams. The season ends with two resounding wins over Mariehamn and KuPS, keeping us barely ahead of FC Inter Turku. Our end of season form clinches the title, and my first season in ends with a trophy! We still don't have any more, the Champions League might get us a fraction of a million, but we need to win another season if we want to stay on top next season. We have an additional $100k in wages to spend, but no transfer budget, so we'll be targeting those free transfers. Experimenting with different formations and our best players in their best positions, it looks like the most important positions to fill our center back and right back. After that we'll look to bring in the best signing we can to give a good quality boost. It's key for me to remember that domestic dominance must come before youth recruitment, or else the system falls apart. I've suffered that lesson many times.
  6. I'll still look through past years to see past games and competitions. However, gauging the reaction, it seems most people like the year by year format. It doesn't matter to me, they take about equal time to do, but would everyone prefer to stay with one year intervals? With the length of this experiment, I wasn't sure if people wanted yearly updates which adds up to, what, 60 updates? Doesn't seem like anyone thinks it's a problem though.
  7. No way this is the end, I want to see a few teams at the top. I'll do several World Cups, maybe 2050s or later.
  8. Angola Rank 30 Squad Emilio Barbeitos Armend Bello Blessing Diogo Wilson Goncalves Bermuda Rank 113 Squad Kelrick Bannis Francisco Coppola Sergio Andre Aguiar Milan Smith Cuba Rank 116 Squad Ze Serrao Yoslan Aguirre Arnaldo Ameijeiras Christian Faroe Islands Rank 135 Squad Galym Krasikov Paul Taylor Sonni Nattestad Gilli Rolantsson Georgia Rank 82 Squad Zurab Gabelaia Nika Devdariani Sergey Fomin Romeo Khachidze Guatemala Rank 34 Squad Cesar Garcia Milton Rodas Lester Cabrera Carlos Gonzalez Hong Kong Rank 50 Squad Daniel Gadow Paulista Jeroen Helsen Yeung Chun Hung Indonesia Rank 79 Squad Muhammad Syaranamual Yoga Santoso Dedi Redian Firman Prayitno Mauritius Rank 81 Squad Jean Madron Fredrik Oldrup Jensen Johan Gunesh Aadilah Clarisse Nepal Rank 145 Squad Santosh Gurung Prakash Sarkar Ramesh Basnet Bimal Gharti Magar PNG Rank 133 Squad Jerry Japu Steven Spain Valentine Masange Kema Habuka Singapore Rank 44 Squad Rizal Aminuddin Fadhil Daud Sulaiman Faharuddin Ismail Morshidi Somalia Rank 135 Squad Fuadi Amin Ali Luke Booker Deogratias Abdillahi Mukhtar Ali T&C Rank 117 Squad Carlos Burgueno Fehmi Langliz Stevens Glinton Carlo Diamond T&T Rank 59 Squad Lloyd Joseph Brian Charles Jamal Latapy Levi Garcia Wales Rank 64 Squad Gethin Goldston Mark Johnson Ben Woodburn Ben Davies Top Players Top Potential A few incoming changes. Several team, admittedly not all, are reaching maturity and will several players will start being a world force. I think it's time to transition into the final phase of this experiment/sign-up, which is focusing on the big dog: the World Cup. The next update will be 2026. Featured will be World Cup performances, squads, players, and if a big award (Ballon d'Or, World Player of the Year) is won by a player, I will definitely post that. Additionally, I won't be putting the top players of the countries involved anymore. The players are becoming so good that it is time to compare them to the world's best. The top players and potential list will truly become a list of the world's best, and hopefully some of you find your players. The rate at which your countries improve will also increase fourfold (math), which is nice. It will take a long time to sim, but I think it's better for this experiment in the long run.
  9. 2024 Competitions Angola - CHAN 3rd Place - Southern African Cup Qtr Final Bermuda Cuba Faroe Islands Georgia Guatemala Hong Kong Indonesia - SEA Championship Winner... Mauritius - CHAN Runner-Up - Southern African Cup Runner-Up Nepal - SAFF Championship Semi Final - AFC Solidarity Cup 4th Place PNG Singapore - SEA Championship Runner-Up Somalia - East Africa Cup 3rd Place T&C - Won every game, but no tournaments T&T Wales
  10. Thank you very much, @Lenzar, fantastic that you're taking this up! No issues here with two updates per year.
  11. Julust 2016 One loss. It was a bad one, but considering the alternative, I'll gladly take it. With five games to go, we have a four point lead on Inter Turku.
  12. Mune 2016 A good baseline for the beginning of the year. Worse than the Swiss, better than the Tunisians, and...equal to the Liechtensteiners? I thought we'd do a little better than that but I guess my hopes were betrayed. Short-term goal: Domestic dominance with FC Lahti, improve youth recruitment, training, and scouting. Tactics have been serving me very well so far. The JT duo have been serving me extremely well, scoring goal after goal and putting us in a strong position in the league. We also somehow manage to move on in the Suomen Cup despite playing mostly 17-19 year olds.
  13. Marpril 2016 More or less what I expected, Switzerland's going to be running circles around us, so I don't really have a problem with any of this. I'm happy Pohjanpalo got one in the net. We've won the Liigacup, although the prize money was less than impressive. We're still dreadfully in the red. The Veikkausliiga has started out as a relative success, with two wins in the bag already raising us above our predicted 7th place finish. The Suomen Cup is going to be a challenge, as virtually all my players are cup-tied. I had to dig deep into my B Team to put something together.
  14. Jabruary 2016 Well...not really sure what's happened here but I've had a smashing start to the Finnish season, starting with the League Cup. Undefeated, haven't even drawn. I'm not sure who I know this unbelievable string of results, but I'm in the League Cup final, and I'm $170,000 in debt two months in so I could use some money.