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  1. I've seen it but I can't understsand how to use it to disable international friendlies, could you suggest me please?
  2. I've tried to change teams from advanced rules in this way but the new tournament doesn't show up even if test didn't return errors
  3. You are right, I fille that field for each round, this problem now is solved and rules are valid. The problem now is that I've create a new game and it ignored the other european cups, the first 8 teams of the nations I've choosed are in this new cup even if they are in CL or EL too
  4. hey guys! I want to disable all international matches, I've removed successfully all the official competition, I've removed international friendly too but when I create a new game I can still see friendly between nationals, is there any way to delete them?
  5. ah ok, it's clear now. I moved on but I got an error that I can't understand, in General screen I've set 32 teams in the competition, 32 teams in the group stage with 16 teams qualifiyng for next stage, 16 teams in round 16, 8 in quarter finals, 4 in semi finals, 2 in final but seems that the game wants 62 teams, why?
  6. ok! Now I need to set which teams will join this cup, I've put the number of teams for league, why is the total on the right different? How I can say from which position teams will qualify for the league?
  7. Hey guys! I want to create a new continental cup for german and italian teams that are not qualified for european cups and for italian serie b and bundesliga 2 teams. The cup should have a group stage and then elimination rounds like CL or EL, could you tell me please how I should set type field?
  8. ncamb

    fix online game

    For future versions I just hope you'll fix online game! There's a huge problem since last fm19's patch, when 10+ people are in the server the game become too slow, almost unplayable. We wrote about that one year ago, you said that you were working on fm20 and you had to fix it for this game but one year later the problem is still there, so please, just fix online game
  9. Here we go again like one year ago, dunno why but you just don't care about online game and this is really frustrating, there's a lot of people who buy the game every year just to play online with friends but there are always a lot of bugs/problems and you neither answer or just say "we'll investigate", so the problems are still there, just remove online mode if you can't deal with it
  10. Hi, since last patches the game runs terribly slow in online mode, we've always used the option to allow the game to continue automatically after 30 seconds but we aren't neither able to load news screen in this time! Before last patches the game was running more faster than now, could you fix it please? The same thing happeneded with fm19, after one of the first patch the game became unplayable online like now!
  11. hi! thanks for the skin, it's awesome! Is there any way to remove the 2 formation panels on left and right?
  12. Hi! I've installed FM in my new laptop yesterday and I have lag on 2d meanwhile 3d works fine! I've attached dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  13. e bravo l'amico mio puoi inserire il supporto per le faccine DF11?
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