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  1. Hey guys! Could you share your FM19 save in 2040 or more please? I wanna try a career like this but It takes too much time to arrive to this date on vacation!
  2. I'm one of these players and I confirm all too. The game has become unplayable after the last update, it takes too much time to move between match days and we need about 20 seconds to load the news page! I hope you'll help us
  3. The striker is still not scoring for me in 4-1-2-2-1 wide
  4. Hi! I noticed this in the last match, at 95' a player stopped with the ball in the corner and all players stopped moving until the end, around 30" later! I've uploaded the file "Cardiff - Torino.pkm"
  5. big database, around 100k players and I'm playing in windowed mode with 1366x768 resolution. I'm not using custom database and I'm using YACS skin
  6. I've tried both of them but I still have lag on 2d. I just have windows defender and f.lux running in background
  7. I have the same problem with Lenovo B50-70, i3-4005U, 8GB Ram and SSD. I have a lot of lag although I use 2d for matches..I tried to update drivers but didn't solve
  8. I've played a lot until now and the game never crashed! Thanks a lot!
  9. Ok I did it, I'll test some days and I'll let you know, thanks for your help
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