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  1. To anyone interested, I'm playing way more leagues than I could on my pc and it's performing well. I get the odd delay that I assume is down to connectivity but othwrwise all seems good. Will try out with the controller tomorrow but works well.on my pixel slate, just wish we had resolution options...come on Google :-)
  2. Thanks for clarifying, that's what I had hoped. Just need my access code and I'll give it a go! Looking at the hands on review earlier on the thread, will there ever be any options to change resolution or is this locked down on stadia? Cheers
  3. Thanks for confirming. How big a change would it be to include the tactics etc in the actual game save rather than separately, would that work?
  4. I agree, please can we get a list of what is missing? This will determine if I cancel my stadia pre-order and purchase on pc instead ( will also need a new pc!) Cheers
  5. I pre ordered a stadia to play FM on my Chromebook (my laptop literally died a few days ago!!) My current delivery date is showing 26th Nov, so not too long after the release. Did you see Miles interview about stadia and adopting the football manager test software so that any spare capacity in the Google servers will be used to process the background matches and generally speed everything up when playing as the matches require a lot of processing. Sounds interesting and can't wait to try it. I'll be running as many leagues as it will let me. :-)
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