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  1. Icardi is the modern Crespo. Incredibly direct, great off the ball and good finisher, will lurk in or around the box all day and score goals. But that's his limitation - he'll seldom contribute in build up play. Dybala meanwhile is more of a Totti/Del Piero type. He's your secondary striker that will being proficient in scoring goals, will drop deeper and facilitate your other striker (or Inside Forwards). That's not to say he can't play alone up front, but if you do, you'll want Inside Forwards cutting inside and scoring goals. IMO you can't go wrong with either of them, but in FM D
  2. Bibao Champions of Europe (in 2027...) Following successive league victories, I suspect my team decided to put more focus on our Champions League campaign. There was nothing I did or said to influence this, except maybe mumble in frustration as in every prior season the club failed to advance past the quarter finals and usually went out in the first knockout round. Our Champions League form was BAD. But, a 5-3 smashing of Paris Saint-Germain, followed by a 5-1 victory over Benfica, saw my Bilbao squad face - and defeat - Manchester United in the Champions League Final with a comforta
  3. 2025/26 Season Update Ander Herrera stalemate Despite being 36 to commence the season, Herrera's decline has been slower than expected, buoyed by his high natural fitness. He retained some mobility - acceleration 11 pace 10 and his technical attributes remain the strongest in my midfield. I wanted to keep him. But, his agent put his foot down in contract negotiations, wanting a further 1 year extension after 10 games, and making it a mandatory clause to negotiations. I wanted to keep him so badly, so every week for the month of August I came back to the negotiating table - and every
  4. As promised: Now this is only one save of course, I do think he has untapped potential as he was on my shortlist from the very start, but sadly he didn't perform this season (following that screenshot) so I've let him go. I managed to retain the 2025 La Liga title, winning it with a game to spare over Barcelona, however I'm no way going to retain it for a 3rd successive season. I've brought in no new players for nearly 3 seasons now (well, none for my first team squad) so my focus is integrating the youth from my academy.
  5. This is how I signed a handful of players, though it is worth pointing out that most state they are not interested in discussing because "they've only recently signed a contract". If you're very patient, a handful of players will be interested - especially if they're at smaller clubs. I've also noticed though that your window for signing them seems quite small... most of the good newgens appear to be very close to their 17th birthday in my save.
  6. I've just signed him but he looks quite poor - going to give him a chance to improve but he's here mainly for depth. At work atm but I'll post a screenshot later... Oh and Man United offered £126m for Garcia in the end. I rejected... not going to regret it as I have £300m cash in the bank right now and nowhere to spend it. I'd probably finish bottom half without him...
  7. Thanks for the good luck wish - it worked! I won! And now Man Utd have offered me £100m for Garcia. Do you think I should try to bump him up from his £200k wage and £150m release fee?
  8. My patience is definitely paying off... 11 games to go in the league and I've just overtaken Barcelona by beating them at the Camp Nou! Garcia has been my star performer as expected, but this season has really just been a combination of that and some great form from the original Bilbao players, including Etxeberria, Laporte and Lekue in defence and Muniain and Williams in midfield. Herrera is nearing 35, but his high natural fitness has slowed his decline, and my squad players have all performed. I even had a good youth intake this time around, with a striker and defender both 'poten
  9. Get him to practice his jumping! Other than that, looks pretty good.
  10. Have you been able to sign anyone from either of them? I managed to get Garcia for his release fee, but nobody from Sociedad will ever talk to me.
  11. My most recently signed head has the following: Judging Ability 18 Judging Potential 20 Working with Youngsters 17 I've had a few players that may have made the squad - but they've all been goalkeepers - they're currently all playing for my B/C teams. Optimistic for this summer's intake as it will be the first he's been around for. In the interim, Aitor Garcia is carrying me to another top 4 finish. Oh and on the plus side I have loooooaaads of money. £250m in the bank now.
  12. And the downfall begins Javi Martinez just announced his immediate retirement, following a tear to his cruciate ligaments. Monreal and Raul Garcia are hanging up their boots at the end of the season.
  13. So I'm now mid-way through the 2021/22 season. My league positions to this point have been 5th, 5th, 4th, 5th and 3rd last season. Still way behind Barcelona and Real Madrid who spend £100m every summer, but Atletico have fallen off substantially and Sevilla/Villarreal have lacked consistency. This season has started badly, but I'm topping my CL group and I've had 5 straight wins in the league, putting me back on the fringe of European spots. I blame my poor start on injuries to Merino, Martinez and Williams - the squad really lacks depth. Here's my current squad: On face
  14. Well, I decided to be a little more patient, and after searching for replacement players I managed to find I young right winger named Xavier Llorente, at Osasuna - a 19 year old regen who my scouts rated 5*! I don't think he's that good - my scouts are a bit eager perhaps, after being assigned to look at so many bad players recently, but nonetheless a year's experience in the second tier and a tally of 6 goals and 9 assists were enough for me to take a chance on him (really, I just saw pace/acceleration 18/18 and a good crossing stat and got desperate) for his £17.5m release fee. Even if he is
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