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  1. Has this topic really become a discussion of whether FM21 should include the pandemic or not? This community's standards keep sinking.
  2. Any timeline or even a mere intention to make this game more realistic in this respect? It shouldn't be completely realistic but there's clearly a huge disparity.
  3. Just wondering if the latest version is just a continuation with some surface changes.
  4. Also, isn't it kind of common knowledge that the AI somehow erodes teams? Do you know how this happens? This is why I'm not using the bugs forum nor the ideas forum. I don't have a deep understanding of precisely what happens and why, but it is clear to me something rotten is happening. I don't obsess with Ludogorets, I just notice domestically and internationally the football world sort of collapses around me. In a season or two the quite superior Ludogorets falls, in five to six seasons Chelsea and Fiorentina are eliminated across two legs. There appears to be an understanding among others that this is so. Surely as developers you should understand this best and have the highest urgency in understanding it best and managing it. Players much more experienced than me post about achievements much more extreme than mine across a variety of teams. This could be nice for some and for some saves, but a more competitive environment would be nice for others and for other saves. Thus having multiple modes, difficulties, whatever. But there is no way things are just fine as they are.
  5. So you're happy with how the AI copes with two matches a week and how little demand it produces for extreme value in players? What do you think about the general tendency of human players to quickly and easily race past reality? What do you think about the world's most popular teams being unmanageable except by a novice due to the ease and degree with which players dominate? What are your plans for the future? What about the difficulty and realism of the game are you happy with given the performance of players?
  6. You strike me as the bug forum type of developer. Sorry, but civility doesn't produce things. Intelligence, integrity, and imagination do. If the takeaway here is that I'm just ranting and venting so be it. It is just a game after all. Civil and forthcoming... dude, I couldn't care less for such things. You haven't written one thing I'll remember and you'll likely do nothing to substantially improve this game. HAVE THE AI MANAGE TWO GAMES PER WEEK AND HAVE IT UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF STARS AND USE ITS SCOUTS GAINFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So in your desperation and/or total lack of experience or awareness you attribute Ludogorets underperforming to players over 30 declining in a season? Three of them! How did you possibly factor in the 99 problems of the AI into this stunning revelation, and how old exactly are the players you had in mind? This and reputation. What else you got in mind, champ? Genius, tell me, what happens if the AI would be improved not exclusively to Ludogorets and Bulgaria? If the evaluations of FM's researchers are correct, there will be a pecking order- reality. Do you have the slightest idea what I'm describing? I got bored after the first season, not five... dude, you can't even read the posts!!
  8. What do you find so fascinating about reputation that you substitute it for everything else that actually matters? By this point do you understand that I stopped playing FM19 as soon as I played a match or two in the Champions League? Your explanation is absolutely mind-boggling. Ludogorets' players are on the wrong side of 30!? Are you insane? You also have zero grasp of a free market and how the AI plays into it. Here's a tip, genius, Ludogorets and Bulgaria wouldn't be the only ones affected by an AI that makes some stupefyingly common sense basic decisions. WOW!!!! You deserve some sort of award for this statement. Wow, wow, wow. This level of logic is painful.
  9. I must admit I have trouble following your tangents. The broad point is that this obsession strikes me as contrived, whatever it is anyway as I wonder what the actual reason I have trouble following your posts is. It's largely unnecessary, like some sort of mini-game. Sure, I'll cede some high ground to you on the matter. But it is very strange to talk about tactics as some sort of esoteric matter that neither makes much of a difference nor is based on an awfully complicated module. Clearly the initiated aren't the only ones who greatly outperform reality, and I'm not referring to myself. Step away from the trees and look at the forest. It's like someone heaping praise on a simplistic game that was made 20-30 years ago because speed-running it may have some sort of intricacies and thus "everybody holds different benchmarks". No, only a few bury their heads and make a mountain out of a molehill. Others are casual players or just content themselves with what they are given. There are others who are attracted to real progress and never post on forums. They may not even be playing the game. One thing is clear. There are always going to be excuses. Some of you are active on this forum across many years, clearly you are content no matter what. Perhaps this is the true source of futility in progressive threads. I've been pointed to the Bug forum and an Idea forum, yet I started playing this franchise in '14 and the differences are subtle. That's half a decade of a professional life! I looked at the FM20 features announcement thread several hours ago that is supposed to highlight the major changes of the new edition. I think they speak volumes. Much of them struck me as a mere reorganization of existing information and functionality. Yet Svenc, who almost lives on this forum, addresses this to me: It's a laughing matter apparently... add in the moderators and this place is as conservative and stifling as it gets, hopeless. I'm the one who's keeping things simple rather than chopping and turning. Tell me, who is making all the money and is employed by this game? Ridiculous. Do you understand what the point of a developer is? A developer isn't someone who just responds to bugs like an automaton with zero vision and imagination, not a good one anyway. Maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree and this thread will be promptly locked. I just can't argue with certain people. Enjoy the game. Would be nice if people at least had the decency to grasp critical thinking but it's too much to ask for from gaming communities. It is ludicrous to me how I'm made to look like an alien because I won't put up with absolute ********. Enjoy the game. Svenc, good luck spending another decade in that tactics forum doing whatever it is you're doing. Keep it complex, brother, chop and turn.
  10. You fallaciously equate high performance in a league with ability. It's relative, hence why the top clubs in Italy buy who they buy. When someone demonstrates that buying Danska Liga top performers makes more sense others will follow, as well as the irl FM scouts/evaluators who likely have the Man Utd cast-offs in Italy with higher attributes. As for Bulgarian football teams not being able to sign the highest ability players they can afford, Ludogorets has shown that money goes far even in Bulgaria. The league is theirs and I think they have been acquitting themselves nicely internationally too. France did not have an admirable reputation at the highest level but a highly talented team was still assembled. It's arguable that a concept like reputation isn't very significant in a free market, especially in the case of FM where attributes are more concrete and can be scouted. The better leagues and teams have correlating financial capabilities, and shifts can occur if things swing. More importantly, this is where you would actually want the game to be able to deviate from reality. But this has to occur intelligently, not because the AI is in an inexplicable self-harming state. Indeed, like someone else pointed out, despite how easy it is to identify value in current ability, attributes, potential ability, divergent player value, and contract status (just listing these terms exceeds the complexity of spotting players to sign or pursue, it's too often as simple for a human manager as seeing some stars) the AI provides exceedingly little competition for talent, in a game where talent is numbers that are scoutable. AI heaven, basically. I find it unlikely this failure of the AI has much to do with extreme processing times or complexity. The reality is that the AI is probably just in a hair-raising state under the hood, perhaps intentionally. Or perhaps in general game developers are grossly overestimated by gamers. Civilization 6, for instance, has an AI that a 6-year-old would know is terrible. Calling it an AI with the present-day popularity of the term is more of an excuse than a meaningful statement. This is something I think many people misunderstand. An AI that in the real world would do certain things that people do is, at least presently, impossible. An AI in the much more restricted world of FM, for instance, where key decisions are often basic, is a much lesser beast. I'm confident it's well inside the realm of possibility for the AI to be such that the game becomes a nightmare, especially for the FM sages who take an association of amateur blokes from the bottom of the hierarchy and turn them into champions, let alone with handicaps. Even relatively little things may make a big difference when it comes to improving the AI. You're one more post like this away from me blocking you as this is now persistent misreading and thoughtlessness that will become unnecessary to tolerate. https://footballdatabase.com/league-scores-tables/bulgaria-a-pfg-2017-18 Levski remains better than most Bulgarian teams but is much worse than Ludogorets, as the player attributes in FM reflect, and has been placing third. History has little to do with the present. I'll say it one last time, the issue isn't that I would sometimes win the league in my first season. Contrary to your prattle one of the hardest things to do with Levski is winning the league in the very first season. That's how much better Ludogorets is. Their strength works against them, and here the downfalls of the AI start to rear their heads. While you would be unable to make a European competition group stage, more likely than not failing to reach the qualification playoff round, Ludogorets gets to the group stages. They may even get out of the group stages. This and even the following make-up period of months is where they would disproportionately bleed points because the AI doesn't handle two games a week well, a topic referred to in this thread by someone else. Arguably FM handles two games a week weirdly as I had a negative experience trying to make it work myself. Of the like four FMs I've played I've won the league twice in the first season. The first time I did it in the final round flipping Ludogorets from 0-2 to 3-2 without even noticing with a win I would jump over them. The second time was FM19 which was just a breeze altogether. The problem is that I wasn't just winning, I was slapping Ludogorets themselves around in the process. At the same time I was winning 2-0 with my B team and young players in the Champions League group stage (which means I had already won more than the odd game against what should be much better competition through the second, third, and playoff qualifying rounds; and it is also already better than what Levski has done in prior years to Ludogorets becoming a thing when Levski were a much better team than they currently are fielding their A as opposed to B team) I won the Bulgarian Super Cup against them 5-1. I think by the end of the first season I was getting over on them emphatically too. Other teams were getting slaughtered as well, with a focus on comparable teams. To the contrary of what you imply, the bad teams park the bus and represent a considerable challenge to not squander points against, not infrequently being beaten by a close score. Let me tell you how the fundamental concept of order works. It's not even fantasizing that what you do in this game is leading the Oakland As through your intelligence over the odds, it's you opening the game and starting a career at Levski. Then you go over to the financial page of the team, take in the light from the monitor, and use your brain. That's how knowing how much money I was dealing with works. Long story short you don't have money. You're at least a million in the red by the end of the season, perhaps two. The money you get after the season gets you out of the red and leaves you with perhaps a million in the green. If you are fortunate enough to make the kind of money Ludogorets already made at the beginning of the first season by getting into the group stages of a European competition you might have to game the game in when you ask the board to actually have a transfer budget. In my FM19 save I didn't spend any of that money. Longer story shorter, I basically did jack s. You might be roleplaying moneyball like you're having a religious experience, for the most part I just sat there, the AI put a knife in its gut before me, I turned around and walked out the door. Haven't started FM19 since. I don't know what possessed you to conclude with this ill-conceived gem, (by the way, there are* 99 flaws) but you're either brand new to this community or you've forgotten some things. Thoroughly unrealistic success is something many users on this forum have experienced and stated. Are you new to FM or are you one of the people asking which of the handful of tactical options will enable you to beat the competent AI? From the very start I've been stating that multiple modes are necessary. The response I got, which could have very well been from you, is that FM is a football simulation and thus it would make no sense to have anything of the sort as it's one world. It's the height of irony that I'm the one seemingly not realizing things. There is also a significant number of players who would like to play a football manager that makes more sense. Different strokes for different folks. I won't even comment on artificial boosts or nerfs for those of us who got gud... I don't even. This game is not the admission test for the Mensa society. All I want is to be able to waste more of my time with it. Hell, is that really so hard to understand? Start with this, get the AI to manage around two games per week and for it to demonstrate an understanding of literal stars. Who knows, that may be all it takes. It doesn't have to be Michael Fassbender from the new Alien movies. Also, simplicity and difficulty/performance are two different things. With an improved AI the game may become much more difficult to succeed in but it will likely remain relatively simple. There is not that much user-dependent depth or complexity to FM, not that many options. Once you get into the swing of it it's rather straightforward.
  11. That's not the issue. In fact, finishing first that first season isn't easy to do. Beating other "big" teams including Ludogorets in debacles consistently is a part of the actual issue. Once you cement yourself it's over, and it's pretty obvious how the other teams regress. Regress is a mild word. Winning a Champions League group game at the beginning of the second season with a B team against one of the recognizable Greek clubs is an issue. The game quickly becomes unrealistically boring. You can talk about complaining but you can't keep up with comprehension. Over the past five years in my experience it doesn't seem like they've done much. Furthermore, based on my aforementioned exchange major improvement to the AI is apparently out of the question. At least squad rotation is something you would imagine they could do something about. This stuff doesn't cease to amuse me. This game isn't my child. I'm not going to coddle and love it irrationally. I want to play the full extent of the game with a specific team for obvious reasons. This is football manager, not I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time manager. You didn't game anything. All you did was look at the potential rating of a player with an already good current rating who was young and cheap. I don't know what it is with people astronomically overestimating themselves but this is an extremely basic behavior that shouldn't be hard for an AI to reproduce. Some people here, like Dagenham_Dave, can't figure out that these threads are about the opposite of bragging. This is not a very complex game. I would argue it's relatively simple. It needs to be improved. I feel personal disgust rather than pride that I spend my time playing it. That's the issue. I'm not trying to impress some randos on a forum. Hell, the one time I started a multiplayer game in the EPL I got a 33-year-old Ronaldinho for Tottenham whereas the other person got some pre-20 stud that was already good enough to start. Turned out you can just type lower limits for a few attributes, set an age, and if a player comes back not only is he likely to be good but he's going to be a star as he isn't fully developed, and of course the AI wouldn't do the same because it's so complicated each turn would take days. Clearly even when it has the CA at 3.5 and the PA at 5 it hardly bothers. That or the guy was one of these people who uses lists... So there's a rock and a hard place. At the moment SI is not between them, it's closer to an extreme. A lot of reasons are just tossed around as to why they can't and don't achieve a better balance. Reputation is only a thing because in reality players don't have attributes with numbers attached to them. It's a proxy. You outperform others remarkably, you appear to demonstrate good attributes, thus you get snatched up. Reputation isn't some abstract concept floating in the ether. It attracts attention, but most responsible teams would look for specifics that would translate to their levels of competition. In FM there are hard numbers defining the ability of a player, in reality it's not that simple. By the way, how did you decide everything about the game is realistic?
  12. I noticed. Got me wondering whether I should edit in the word hammer or leave it at beat.
  13. I see. So my I would say pretty standard tactical setup (4-2-3-1 of some sort with no notable extreme I can think of) that I made based on my squad with some adjustment based on opponent coincides with a borderline exploit rather than a realistic setup. And the fact that Levski Sofia doesn't have any money and by the end of the first season is at least a million in the red explains how I would get into the group stages of the Champions League at the beginning of the second season, win my first group stage game 2-0 against an opponent with a name I recognize with my B team featuring three basically youth players, and beat Ludogorets like their team corresponds to their home village. Being able to acquire better players and gradually improve beyond what is realistic isn't the issue either. This is a deviation from reality that should be retained. But it should unfold in a relatively plausible manner. The editor should also be flexible enough to raise the tide for the whole league mid-game if this can't occur organically. I agree with Lanko. This stands out to me as a problem as well. I'm not even sure the fitness number captures the full effect. Even with decent fitness the second fixture in a week can be a real struggle and a poor performance. If you're referring to the thread I started I subsequently received a different explanation. "Considerably" slower processing is apparently supposed to stand for hours and even days longer per turn, so basically don't hold your breath for major improvements as the Pentium 4 CPU isn't the limiting factor. Furthermore it didn't sound like there was code for a better AI.
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