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  1. So is FM meant to be a casual game then? I don't get it. Like a managerial FIFA? Let's dangle a bunch of complex looking things to give an impression of sophistication but have the game be a breeze. And for whatever reason there is no compromise or accommodation to be made for players who want a more realistic challenging experience? If this is the developers' end goal they should just say so. The "data" is on their side apparently so no shame there.
  2. Experienced players are fully aware what the broad strokes of the problem are. Domination with high tier teams is quick, absolute, and perpetual, extending to international club tournaments. Middle tier teams, whether mid-table in the best top flights or elite in second tier top flights, take a few seasons to reach the apex and similarly don't look back. Lower tier teams all the way down the steps of the hierarchy rapidly progress and overachieve. The best and most accurate word to describe the performance of those of us who play this game relative to reality is ridiculous, nothing short of it
  3. Has this topic really become a discussion of whether FM21 should include the pandemic or not? This community's standards keep sinking.
  4. Any timeline or even a mere intention to make this game more realistic in this respect? It shouldn't be completely realistic but there's clearly a huge disparity.
  5. Just wondering if the latest version is just a continuation with some surface changes.
  6. Also, isn't it kind of common knowledge that the AI somehow erodes teams? Do you know how this happens? This is why I'm not using the bugs forum nor the ideas forum. I don't have a deep understanding of precisely what happens and why, but it is clear to me something rotten is happening. I don't obsess with Ludogorets, I just notice domestically and internationally the football world sort of collapses around me. In a season or two the quite superior Ludogorets falls, in five to six seasons Chelsea and Fiorentina are eliminated across two legs. There appears to be an understanding among oth
  7. So you're happy with how the AI copes with two matches a week and how little demand it produces for extreme value in players? What do you think about the general tendency of human players to quickly and easily race past reality? What do you think about the world's most popular teams being unmanageable except by a novice due to the ease and degree with which players dominate? What are your plans for the future? What about the difficulty and realism of the game are you happy with given the performance of players?
  8. You strike me as the bug forum type of developer. Sorry, but civility doesn't produce things. Intelligence, integrity, and imagination do. If the takeaway here is that I'm just ranting and venting so be it. It is just a game after all. Civil and forthcoming... dude, I couldn't care less for such things. You haven't written one thing I'll remember and you'll likely do nothing to substantially improve this game. HAVE THE AI MANAGE TWO GAMES PER WEEK AND HAVE IT UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF STARS AND USE ITS SCOUTS GAINFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. So in your desperation and/or total lack of experience or awareness you attribute Ludogorets underperforming to players over 30 declining in a season? Three of them! How did you possibly factor in the 99 problems of the AI into this stunning revelation, and how old exactly are the players you had in mind? This and reputation. What else you got in mind, champ? Genius, tell me, what happens if the AI would be improved not exclusively to Ludogorets and Bulgaria? If the evaluations of FM's researchers are correct, there will be a pecking order- reality. Do you have the slightest idea what I'm
  10. What do you find so fascinating about reputation that you substitute it for everything else that actually matters? By this point do you understand that I stopped playing FM19 as soon as I played a match or two in the Champions League? Your explanation is absolutely mind-boggling. Ludogorets' players are on the wrong side of 30!? Are you insane? You also have zero grasp of a free market and how the AI plays into it. Here's a tip, genius, Ludogorets and Bulgaria wouldn't be the only ones affected by an AI that makes some stupefyingly common sense basic decisions. WOW!!!! You deserve
  11. I must admit I have trouble following your tangents. The broad point is that this obsession strikes me as contrived, whatever it is anyway as I wonder what the actual reason I have trouble following your posts is. It's largely unnecessary, like some sort of mini-game. Sure, I'll cede some high ground to you on the matter. But it is very strange to talk about tactics as some sort of esoteric matter that neither makes much of a difference nor is based on an awfully complicated module. Clearly the initiated aren't the only ones who greatly outperform reality, and I'm not referring to myself. Step
  12. You fallaciously equate high performance in a league with ability. It's relative, hence why the top clubs in Italy buy who they buy. When someone demonstrates that buying Danska Liga top performers makes more sense others will follow, as well as the irl FM scouts/evaluators who likely have the Man Utd cast-offs in Italy with higher attributes. As for Bulgarian football teams not being able to sign the highest ability players they can afford, Ludogorets has shown that money goes far even in Bulgaria. The league is theirs and I think they have been acquitting themselves nicely internationally to
  13. That's not the issue. In fact, finishing first that first season isn't easy to do. Beating other "big" teams including Ludogorets in debacles consistently is a part of the actual issue. Once you cement yourself it's over, and it's pretty obvious how the other teams regress. Regress is a mild word. Winning a Champions League group game at the beginning of the second season with a B team against one of the recognizable Greek clubs is an issue. The game quickly becomes unrealistically boring. You can talk about complaining but you can't keep up with comprehension. Over the past five years
  14. I noticed. Got me wondering whether I should edit in the word hammer or leave it at beat.
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