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  1. I retire the game, then wait a year and buy the next one... it's dumb but it is what it is. At least you made it that far before losing interest.
  2. What team are you playing with and what are you doing?
  3. Benfica is rather far from being a top team continentally.
  4. Apparently not even SI agrees. That's the fascinating thing to me. Not only does what they imply fly in the face of realism it also makes the game a joke playing with the teams most people would be most inclined to play with. I don't understand the implicit satisfaction with this state of things. Only a few teams are an exception in terms of challenge irl, Real Madrid being the foremost one, and the absence of Ronaldo may alter that. PS Is Civ 6 any different from previous ones? I despise that series.
  5. This is very weird. Similar to my case when the game should be at its most realistic it's not remotely so. I, for instance, just haven't had the money for major squad changes. There has to be an explanation for this. Mitja links to some interesting threads but I don't know. These results are occurring against teams that are at minimum competitive, and the incidence of blowouts in our favor is very high. Like I said, I'm unaware of any exploits and don't do anything special. Due to file size restriction I can't upload my save.
  6. These scorelines make me wonder. How far were you into the save when you beat Real Madrid 6-1? Mitja talks about how matches would be more realistic with less extreme AI mentalities and tactics but I'm not so sure. Two seasons in and I'm pummeling teams that are supposed to be competitive, winning by bigger margins than versus clearly inferior sides, including teams that should be better than mine. Playing at home especially I score 4+ goals and win in blowouts. Perhaps FM19 is experiencing a particularly bad problem?
  7. Not to mention denying management of teams you might be more interested in. So SI themselves explicitly espouse all of this stuff? Good God... who came up with these arguments in the first place? This might be one of those things you just leave alone and hope that in five years there might be a reasonable game. Can you imagine that out of all the competing things here SI and others have come to the conclusion that the most important and realistic thing is not having multiple difficulties? I don't think most of these people realize what reality is and how it would transform this game, the fact that the most unrealistic thing is the current state of the game, which goes back years! Perhaps the task of actually making this game much more realistic is beyond SI and they are just deflecting the topic, with others just being blissfully loyal to a game that fails to deliver on its professed goal. Maybe I took the wrong approach to this and brought up people's biases rather than the proper focus. I should've focused on realism and never mentioned the difficulties even though many people might be left behind. I wonder if the same people who currently argue that realism is paramount would've argued that FM is still a game and needs to be more inclusive albeit unrealistic. I suppose that's just the nature of public forums.
  8. You're just the inert beneficiary of things. That's ok, but to correct you, if no one cared about this sort of thing you'd be doing much worse personally.
  9. One, if you bothered to actually read as opposed to react to thread titles you would have seen that this very argument has been addressed in thread starting posts of short length. Two, what you misunderstand is that the game is easy largely because it is unrealistic, and the only arbitrary part of all of this are your attempts to make it harder. The game is not just short of being "completely realistic", which is such a predictable yet still rather unbelievable way to distort things in an argument by turn of phrase, it is patently unrealistic. Like I've stated before, your premise is entirely off. There is no debate here, the only thing there is is your refusal to acknowledge the obvious. The game is easy and unrealistic. SI can either continue to be backward for ten more years sustaining themselves on the hollow praise of people like you (mind you I've played since FM14 and this is FM19, I have some idea how quickly things change) or they will run into the predicament of what will happen when the game is made considerably realistic, which contrary to your amusingly pretentious belief will not make the game easier for someone like you who thinks he understands football. There's a big difference between real conditions and FM conditions (start with the state of the "AI"), and given the conservative mindset here I have my doubts innovation will be incorporated for possibly truly great managers to get ahead. The game will either continue to improve and resemble reality at a snail's pace enabling various degrees of casual play to result in completely unrealistic accomplishments or it will become much more realistic and difficult, stifling and futile might be more fitting words, and then you'll see how noble of a goal realism is.
  10. How did you turn this from realistically more difficult to "arbitrarily" more difficult? Which side of the equation are you unaware of, the game or reality? And you even imply you have specific awareness of the suggestions to make it more difficult. O my what a wager. Clearly despite whatever improvements have occurred over a whopping decade the game isn't remotely realistic. Tell me, did you read the titles or did you read the threads? Don't try to claim that some people just don't get it when demonstrably you haven't gotten it. No, that's just the banal excuse some people give. The guy who doesn't buy foreign players at Lincoln City needed seven seasons to compete at the top of the Premier League. I have taken a look at Dafuge's challenge thread and you see players reaching the Premier League, despite all those conditions, in under ten seasons, perhaps significantly earlier than that. I've described why I've stopped playing in only my second season at Levski Sofia. It's an unrealistic joke, to use your pretentious realism standard. Not only is the claim that the game is as difficult as you make it false, not only is it ridiculous to want people to restrict themselves to arbitrary conditions in order to experience a challenge, it is so narrow-minded and blind to forget that FM players are football fans! Football fans who have favorite teams they'd want to manage. Most of these inadequate attempts at making the game challenging entail managing a team most people do not know exists. How did this become the mantra if not for irrational loyalty to the game as it is? What, is the only challenge in reality managing one of these unknown and incapable teams, whose meteoric rises in the game are also completely unrealistic? It is astonishing to argue this on a realism basis.
  11. Something else you may not know about me is that I don't watch football. I haven't for years. I watched the World Cup and was bored and disappointed, although by now I know to expect it. European club football can be more interesting (although I've seen some boring CL finals and perhaps a big game or two) but the only sport I've kept on watching somewhat is American football, specifically my local team. So I have no background knowledge. It's just not a complicated game and if you have enough patience watching at the least actual segments of matches you can make educated changes to your tactics. At this point I even keep my tactics rather bland, although, again, there's not that much you can do. But for example, if you're having trouble with very defensive AI play, set your side defenders to attack, move your pressure lines all the way up, play short passing and work the ball into the box. Any sort of direct play can be wasteful, there may be no space to pass into, and you need as many players forward as you can get. Something I haven't tried is playing narrow to perhaps help passing and possession, there being a hint for this. However, if you do rush through the game even comprehensive highlights may be inadequate to give you a true impression of what is happening. Impatience rather than anything else may be what is bedeviling some players.
  12. I don't see the contradiction. I'm also not the only one who has said that the game is catered to casuals across both threads. In fact, it's easier to be pretentious in a casual game, e.g. talking about tactical masters and experts. I think there's insufficient depth for that, and in the long run it's unnecessary for success.
  13. Why would they want to move in these circumstances and what would you be looking at?
  14. They actually play three competition games in a week with two more games in a preceding or following week? That first week here is terribly spaced out too.
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