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  1. Lol faced the same contract situation with united its was almost of biblical plague proportions. Thanks and good to know you're enjoying the tactic so far. Some of the offensive plays are just insane and i love the fact this tactic allows for through balls, balls over the top and brilliant solo runs and not the monotonous crossing goals that seemed to happen with other tactics/previous fm releases. in my save pogba actually won the ballon d'or with other united players coming 2nd and 3rd i think, cant remember.
  2. Good to see you're enjoying the tactic. have you tried the inverted wingback alterations? it seems to solidify the defense a bit more or you could try both and let me know what you think. Dont know elnenys attributes but Also the half back is also vital I played Timothy fosu mensah and hes been an absolute beast providing a screen for the defense even though he doesn't have great technical stats physically hes perfect and so are physical but technically good CBs/DMs
  3. Have always been a fan of striker-less tactics but I’ve never been able to implement it effectively in any of the previous FM releases until now.This years game engine allows the tactic to function like how I’ve always wanted this tactic to. My aims for how the team/tactic is to operate are: Positive, proactive football Complete footballers with strong technical ability, intelligence and fitness Attacking & defending as a team Intelligence & creativity Fluidity & movement Possession PLAYER ROLES: Inverted Wing Backs – Th
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