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  1. Any working 4-2-1-3 tactic for Ajax yet (attacking style football)? I want tons of goals, like IRL
  2. Actually all fixes work. I play with real logos, kits, clubnames and all player faces..
  3. Hi Connor, I noticed the same. I'm using instant result with my own created match plan. What happens is the following: -I see Ajax-PSV 1-0 goal by Neres -I click on the match to view the goals -I see the goals, but its Veltman who scores in a different minute, and even more strange I see another goal by Tadic (2-0) So the match results don't match up with the highlights! Btw. I only see this problem, only in the matches of the club im managing, so not in the other simulated matches of the game. Uploaded my save as well: Eerste stapjes (v02).f
  4. Interesting to hear! I was really surprised this bug made it to the FMT game. Was the game braker for me in my longterm save 😔 Now up for a new one. Thank you SI🙏🏼
  5. It was a very tense time 😉 but a lot of good fixes, even more than expected. Thank you for your efforts and the explanation 🙏🏼 Lets hope everything works now!
  6. They better be damned spot on with this patch. Too many times other things turned out to be bugged after a new patch. Pray for FMT 🙏🏼
  7. Guys, i think there is a public beta for FMT 2020 ready now. Currently downloading it. Going to test if the UI bugs (no player traits) and regen manager bugs are solved. The public-beta version of the game is available via Steam by following the instruction below. - Open Steam - Go to 'Football Manager 2020' within your Steam Library - Right-Click on the game and select 'Properties' - Select the 'Beta' tab - Via the 'Select the beta you would like to opt into' dropdown, select 'public beta' - Click 'Close' Game will start downloading the beta.. Never mind
  8. You don’t have regen managers at about half of the clubs? Or you don’t care about realism at all?
  9. Me too, stopped playing over a week ago, when i discovered the bugs
  10. Game is unplayable currently. Eagerly waiting for an update. Any news?
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