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  1. I'm enjoying following this, well done so far I might start something similar to be honest. I agree with you that FM16 is feeling 'boring' now, but something like this should be fun
  2. You have a very attacking tactic there which, in my opinion, will make you struggle away from home if you are one of the 'lesser' teams. Obviously it's doing fine for you in home games, but away I would change the BWM to a CM on defend, like the other guys said, and also maybe change to a more counter style tactic.
  3. So would playing narrower but also having 'exploit the left flank' and 'exploit the right flank' work in a similar sense? Because like you say you would be narrowing the play, opening space on the flank, and then your players would try and exploit that.
  4. That's what I thought. Obviously if you have decent attacking full backs who make good runs then you are going to want others to hold the ball up and look for their runs.Maybe I read it wrong but the way HUNT3R asked why I would want to tell my full backs to overlap when they are already overlapping made it sound like 'look for overlap' is a TI which instructs full backs to come forward, rather than instructing other players to look for them.
  5. Just one thing I wanted to pick up on here. Surely 'look for overlap' is not telling your full backs to overlap, it is telling your other players to look for the overlap.So, like in the example I gave, if your full backs are making good forward runs, but nobody is finding them, then you would surely want to tell your other players to look for that overlap, so they can get the ball out to the full backs more, and benefit from their good runs.
  6. Again, sorry to sound probably quite dumb, what kind of things would I be looking for?If my players are taking lots of long shots, and I'm not create many chances in the box in a game, then switch to work ball in to box? If my full backs are making lots of really good runs but never been found, then look for overlap? If my defenders are pumping it up field a lot and giving the ball away, then play out of defence? I presume this is the kind of stuff you mean?
  7. What do you mean by 'entire tactic'. That is my entire tactic. Control, flexible, with 'close down more', 'play out of defence' and 'more direct passing' enabled.If you need my PI's as well then: (4-2-3-1) GK: De Gea RB: Carvajal (full back, automatic) CB: Tah (ball playing defender, defend) CB: Romagnoli (central defender, defend) LB: Shaw (full back, automatic) CM: Renato Sanches (box to box midfielder, support) CM: Koke (deep-lying playmaker, defend) RAM: Coman (winger, support) CAM: Lucas Lima (advanced playmaker, support) LAM: Depay (inside foward, attack) ST: Martial (complete forward, attack) To be honest I think the best thing to do is just to keep it on control with no other instructions (apart from close down more, which I want to keep on).
  8. But if you're going to say that there is no need to put on TI's at all because if the style of play (counter, defensive, control, attacking, etc) already has them, then what is the point adding more. Because all the TI's which you need will already be on, and the TI's which aren't on are pretty useless to the style. It's like I asked about a counter tactic the other week and I had 'slightly deeper' enabled and somebody told me that I don't need that on as counter already plays slightly deeper'?I understand where you're coming from in terms of playing more direct, but I did that to keep the tempo higher and press the opposition more. Again though like I say I am totally unsure whether this actually helps my team or not. With the play out defence instruction I again see where you're coming from, but I do not seem to conceed many goals from giving the ball away when passing out, so never thought it was a problem. This is the issue I am having with TI's though. They are two TI's which I thought would benefit my team, but obviously you, who knows a lot more about the game than me, doesn't think they do. Would I have won more with them instructs off? Would I have won the league with Man Utd last season? This is my problem, I don't know.
  9. I understand that but without having to watch whole matches with each different instruction on just to see if it works...There must be a way just by looking at the players you have and their attributes, etc, to be able to at least predict which instructions would work well, even if you can't guarantee it. It surely can't just be a case of 'blindly put on different instructions and watch the matches to see if they help'.
  10. I used this on a Chelsea save and struggled badly. I wasn't conceding many, but just couldn't not score, and most games were 1-0 either way, or 0-0. I'm currently on a Man Utd save (a team of similar quality to Chelsea) and am doing much better with 'more direct passing' enabled, and Retain possession red. I'm not sure I'd use that TI again unless I knew how to make it work better...
  11. I may be wrong but wouldn't it be better to play slightly deeper for countering rather than slightly higher, as then the opposition are likely to be further in your half? Like I say I might be talking rubbish but usually I have thought that 'slightly higher' is better when controlling, as it will pen the other team in their own half.
  12. I currently have a save with Man Utd -First season I finished 4th and won the FA Cup -Second season I finished 2nd, 2 point behind Man City -And I am currently top in the third season, though I am only 5 games in Anyway, this is a question not just about my Man Utd save, but Football Manager in general. I'm not bad at Football Manager (not particularly great either mind haha), but one thing I have always struggled with is instructions, and how to tell whether they will benefit my team. I am always somebody who plays with a very small amount of instructions, maybe just 2-3, as I've been told in the past to only use instructions if you know the benefit of them, and know how they will help your team. On my Man Utd save I usually play on control and flexible, with these 3 instructions: Closing down more More direct passing Play out of defence I have 'closing down more' and 'more direct passing' on as I feel that these will panic the opposition, and create a higher tempo where we get it up the pitch quicker, and press them more (which is something I feel like Man Utd should be doing). And then I just have 'play out of defence' on because I've always found it annoying when a defender just lumps it up field and gives the ball away. Not something I feel a top club like Man Utd should be doing. My main problem though is that I look at other instructions and I know what they mean, but don't have a clue whether they will benefit my team or not. As an example I know that 'work ball in to box' will instruct my players to wait until there is an opening in the box, rather than just shooting from far out, etc. But I am unsure whether this will benefit my team or not. Even 'more direct passing' which is an instruction I use, I am unsure if it actually benefits my team (like I'm not sure if I would win more or less matches with this turned off). Could anybody give me tips on how to know whether instructions will work?
  13. Lost 6-2 at home to Bourmeouth in a Liverpool save I had a few months back On my current Man Utd save I haven't had too many 'bad' losses, but did lose 4-0 at Arsenal in my first game. I can thankfully say that the save has improved since that point.
  14. I had a similar issue on my Man Utd save. I wanted a Ball Winning Midfielder to partner my Deep Lying Playmaker (either Herrera or Lucas Lima) in central midfield. In the end I went for Nainggolan, who so far has done a good job. I know people say that you shouldn't be too fixated on player roles, but when I'm playing a formation such as 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2, which have two central midfielders but no defensive midfielder, I always try and have one of the central midfielders on a more attacking role (Deep Lying Playmaker / Advanced Playmaker / Central Midfielder on support), and one on a more defensive role (Ball Winning Midfielder / Central Midfielder on defend).
  15. On all the FM's you have played, what has been your most humiliating loss? Whether it be losing to a team a few leagues lower than you, or losing by a big scoreline, which would you go for? I have a few to choose from but I think I'd have to go for an 8-1 loss at home to Man City when I was Liverpool on FM 12 (I think). To be honest most of my worst losses seem to have come with Liverpool. I also remember a 3-0 loss at home to Blackpool in the FA Cup when they were in the Championship... A 3-1 loss at Rotherham when they were in League One... And just this year on my Liverpool save I lose 6-2 at home to Bournemouth
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