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  1. Right now the only way to delegate the responsibility of appointing staff is by selecting someone to do it in the responsibilities tab, but this way that person will handle all of the staff appointment (coaching/non-coaching). My suggestion is to have an option to only delegate the hiring process for just one staff position as a one time thing. For example i would like to tell my director of football to hire a reserves goalkeeper coach, only this once, and i dont want him to do the hiring for any other staff position. This way we can have more control over which staff members we want to h
  2. I'm curious how the training tab looks like on the player profile with all these changes, as far as i know we havn't seen it yet
  3. I would bet next year long shots gonna be pretty powerful
  4. At least this years exploit is a pretty ridiculous and unlikely to be seen in real life. In previous years narrow formations and attacking wing backs dominated which are perfectly viable and often used tactical measures that make sense on their own, so those ME flaws caused a much bigger problem as they were regularly used by both the AI and user even without the intention to overpower the ME. The 3 narrow strikers is specifically used to do just that and make no sense in real life context, hence you encounter it less in game (unless you actively use this exploit). I think it's better tha
  5. I'm curious to see what are the favourite roles of other people and more importantly why they like them so much. I'll get it started Favourite role: CM - S Why: The ultimate all-rounder role. Endlessly versatile and customizable, probably the most flexible role in the game that can serve as the link between attack and defense, being a B2B without being a B2B, a playmaker without being a playmaker, reliable in defense, stable in possession, active in transitions, perfectly fits in any sort of system.
  6. Right now when the GK distributes to the CBs they are sitting in a very narrow position, making it much easier to press them. In real life they usually sit at the corner of the box during build up to offer better angles and make it harder to press them. Currently in the game we can achieve this sort of positioning with the Half back but having the option to make them spread without the need to use a specific role in the DM strata would be helpful and more realistic.
  7. Currently we can tell the GK to distribute to CBs or FB/WBs, would be better if we also had the option to tell him to distribute it to any of them so we don't have to manually adjust it when either of them is being marked during build-up.
  8. Problem is Mentality reduces every risk. I don't want to hold back my pressing or affect player positioning drastically. Mentality is probably the most restricting factor in building a tactic, it creates a big controversy between attacking and defensive behaviour.
  9. Although they all visibly affect it, the number of situations where players make questionable decisions regarding passing backwards versus trying another play is very high, even when encouraged to cut down on risky plays. As one could expect Retain Possession has the greatest effect, but somehow what I see on FM in regard of on the ball play is very far away from it's real life counterpart, especially ball circulation which ties in with the theme of this thread.
  10. One thing that has been bugging me for a long time is how players seem to disfavour backward passes even in systems where such things are encouraged over more risky plays. They seem to rather go for non-sensical long-shots/ through balls/ dribbling than turning around and lay it off to a teammate sitting deeper, it's like they want to avoid a backpass at every cost and only choose this option if truly nothing else remains. As one could expect on higher mentalities it becomes worse to the point where seeing a backpass is considered a miracle. Now of course I'm exaggerating as backpasses st
  11. Last year I got a 442 sweeper and failed miserably. This time is going to be different! Count me in!
  12. 3 seasons in and I pretty much burn out, after that it becomes a stalemate with the club not really progressing any more. I could just go on to an other job but I prefer starting a brand new save.
  13. Maybe using the PI mark tighter or use an OI "always mark" on the winger
  14. This is why strict man marking sort of died in the modern game
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