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  1. Sir Tom

    Reducing or adding the number in a team

    Hi Robbo Thanks for your reply/thought's mate, I appreciate it. Yeah, I'm sure you're correct in your thinking that the team size can't be reduced or increased. I mean, if it was possible, I'm 100% certain that many more cleverer people than me would've thought of it & created it in the year's that the Football Manager series of games have been with us. If anybody else has any ideas on doing it, I'd be very grateful to hear from you. Take Care Robbo & everybody & enjoy your weekend's
  2. Hello everybody. I was wondering if anybody could help me with an idea & it's probably a stupid one, but is there a way, by way if the advanced editor, that you could reduce or add to the number of player's in a team ? I was thinking of trying to make a 7-a-side team/league, hopefully with a smaller pitch size too & to also do a 15-a-side team/league, like rugby union match. I'm not good with technical thing's & so I thought I'd ask the very clever people on here for any Nay it's not or Yay it is possible answers. Thanks to all & sorry if my idea is a bit barmy
  3. Hi all I was just wondering if anybody could give me some help regarding my team talk's when making a substitution please. I'm currently playing as Everton (my first season, so they're premier league) & when I make a sub & it seem's like every time, my substitute goes onto the pitch with 'lacked credibility' thought's after I said "I expect to see a good display". I've got a profile as an ex international with a Continental Pro License, so I thought that that would give me some sort of pedigree & indeed 'credibility', but it seem's like not. I don't know if the player talk has much impact on the game, but I just wondered if anybody else has got this issue. Thanks for any help
  4. Sir Tom

    Counter Attacking

    Thank You Bigpapa & Thank You Jean-Luc I'll have a good read of Cleon's article later on this evening. Thanks again guy's
  5. Hi all. Could anybody please give me any tip's on improving my counter attacking capabilities ? What I mean is, I'm wondering what training is needed to improve it. Is it defensive or attacking or maybe, just balance ? Thanks for any help :-)
  6. I just wanted to say that one of my biggest wishes has been granted (bit over the top .. but I do get giddy) in the number of away fan's is now given. I'm really chuffed about this & I'd say a few other's will be too as football fan's love to try & beat the opposition in the visiting number's game .. especially with our near by 'derby' rival's. Thanks again Sports Interactive .. you've done great. ps .. the visiting number of fan's is on the match stats page right next to the total attendance figure.
  7. Sir Tom

    FM2016 FIFA Nations League

    Please could you explain to me .. as I'm not the brightest .. how I can add this download to the game. I'm really struggling & would LOVE to play your international management league game. Thanks a lot pal
  8. Hi all. Sorry if this has been said before or is just common knowledge to fans of the game .. but I was just playing a match in the 2D classic mode & I right clicked a player who was playing on the pitch (by mistake I add) & in doing so discovered that you can have the option of watching a match by horizontal (the one I've been doing so since the time of man !!) or by vertical (up & down). I tell ya .. if you haven't had look at your matches that way before .. just have a go
  9. I don't know if this has already been mentioned .. but I'd really like the opportunity of saving a game during a match. I like to play the game on the full game watch facility & with all the stop starting I do in assessing how the match is going .. it takes me about two hour's per game !! Yeah .. my future game addition wish would be a mid match save game option.
  10. Thank You for your replies lads I think we all get lots of joy scoring from set piece situations & setting up different style positions. I'd Love to do corner routine where you could aim at the penalty spot with five or more attackers running in from the edge of the box. With the right delivery it could cause mayhem
  11. Hi all Sorry to keep asking for help .. but I was just wondering if anybody knows how make a corner tactic with more than one player lurking outside the penalty area ?? Also .. is it possible to put more than one player at the near post of far post or any of the attacking corner position's ?? It's always puzzled me & it'd be great if anyone has any ideas on what to do or if it's even possible. Thank You
  12. Sir Tom

    Drawn games being settled by penalties

    Hi Robbo I hope you're OK pal. Hmmmm .. I've had a try at sorting it by means of the advanced editor & in my game the match rules did say that the points at altered & that there would be extra time & penalties .. but it hasn't happened. I did a 6 points for a 90 minutes win .. 4 points for an extra time win .. 3 points for a penalties win & 2 point's for a penalties loss. It's got be flummoxed tbh Robbo. Take Care
  13. Hi all. Is there any way that drawn games in a league match can be edited/settled by way of a penalty shoot out ?? I was just wondering that it could be good to say make a win worth 3 points & a win via penalties 2 & a drawn defeat by pen's a 1 point reward. Thanks for any help guy's
  14. Hey KUBI .. I've found it/done it mate !! Thanks loads for your help pal & to Robbo too Top lad's !! :-D
  15. Hiya KUBI Thank You for your help with the picture mate & I've got it to work (FM 15) .. but I think there's been some changes to the FM 16 editor .. as what came up in the last one .. doesn't seem to in this year's. I might be doing it wrong .. but if not .. it's annoying. Thanks a lot for your help KUBI