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  1. hope so, thanks. Warpigs was my absolute fav on fm17
  2. does this still work on the latest patch knap?
  3. hi mate download link doesn't work?
  4. davelincs

    Can't change screen resolution

    how can I zoom the text out more than 85%?
  5. davelincs

    FM18 WOF 343 Knap

    knap is there a version of this tactic but with 2 wingers instead 3 forward? similar to what Wolves play??
  6. Good evening Knap, what training if any do you use for your anchor tactic?
  7. knap do you have a warpigs fmf link please?
  8. knap have you done a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic? with 2 cm's and 2 amc's?
  9. What training do you use during the season please?