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  1. I understand this is not the right place for this question. Can a Mod move it to where it belongs (Advance editor)?
  2. Hello! I'm almost done with a 2007-2008 update for the Football Manager 2016 but I'm having real trouble trying to set up the international competitions the way there were at that moment, which basically means going back to the 16 teams Euro Championship and not playing the 2016 Copa America Centenario. I know that to achieve it I have to rebuild the whole system and that I have been trying to do, but I have found some troubles that I haven't been able to resolve. Basically, the World Cup never gets started because teams from Europe and those playing the play-off never qualify for it. As of now, this is the last set of rules I have tried with no luck. I really can't see what is the problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/azlss25tjrrddmf/internationalcompetitions_C7D2CA09-975E-4309-BBAD-DB3F14E7CDAD.fmf?dl=0 If someone can pinpoint what I'm missing it would be great. And if anyone is interested on the 2007-2008 file, well, just let me know and I'll upload it.
  3. Hello I'm currently doing a 2005-2006 retro database and I'm actually pretty advanced in the edition. So far I have not found any walls in terms of editing but these ones: - I want to change the World Cup start dates so it plays in 2016 summer, and every four years from then and on, instead of 2018 summer. The same would apply for the rest of international competitions as Euro, which will play in 2018 instead of 2016, etc. After reading from different places, I tried that using the following sequence: - Setting World Cup to "Spain" - Add Nations Rules - Select Spain - Add lower divisions - Convert to advanced rules - Setting last competition date to 2012 so the next one would be in 2016 It kind of worked as when I load that database in the game the World Cup draw is December 216 and it plays in June 2016, but as I'm to start the game I can't pick spanish clubs and I get this error: "Unrecognised record in unpack routine". I thought it was because I didn't change back World Cup country to "none". When I did that it didn't worked out and World Cup plays in 2018. Besides that, i'm hitting a wall trying to put the right teams in Europe from that season. It does not work 100% right. I changed "Registered Teams" and changed one by one the current ones with those from 2005. When I simulate, and I've done it a dozen of times, sometimes I get teams from england right, but not spain and Italy. Or viceversa. The thing is I never get all of the teams playing the competition they have to play in the phase I need them to play. Finally, the other thing that is giving me headaches are the coefficients. I changed it for Italy, and all the clubs, so they would be the same from 2005 but i doesn't seem to affect the game. I want Italy to get their four spots in Champions League as it was back then, etc, but I haven't found a workaround. I think I read that in order to do that I had to do it via advanced editor but haven't found the option. Any ideas on how to achieve all this? Thank you so much in advanced.
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