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  1. If you change the last Layout-Number in this line: <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="60,-1,60" gap="10" offset="10" /> to something like: <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="60,-1,100" gap="10" offset="10" /> it should increase Kit-Size... For the left side you need to change the first number in match incidents left in between highlights.xml...
  2. Skinning tutorial?

    I guess he meant more of an "encyclopedia" with contents like - which possibilities of layouting a single page are there? (adaptive containers, fixed sized containers...) - which container classes / box types can be used and what are they for in the game? - what properties can be used and what for? Unfortunately I never came across such an overview or tutorial in the last 3 years so I am of no real help. Some of the infos are in the sections folder after extraction but I guess best start is with a base skin and a custom skin where you try to move special parts of the custom skin over to the base skin. With that you learn best what to look for and how to achieve several layouts... The beforementioned "skinning bible thread" is definatly worth a look cause there are several small mods already picked out of custom skins for you to start with...
  3. fm17 skins

    :-D I also like several things from the few screens you post... unfortunately you don't release your skin wkd ;-)
  4. fm17 skins

    or clinched, or Gunzo, or Sky Sports... there is no "best skin" cause it's all about personal preferences... Personally, I like things from all those Skins, that's why I mixed them up and tweaked them for my own liking. Just download them all and look for yourself, doesn't take long to find your favorite :-)
  5. Default skin with Opposition roles?

    As I said, since you get an error, pls post your CURRENT "tactics icon basic horizontal info panel.xml" here. There has to be an error. If you won't, I can't help, sorry. Your only problem is the size and appearance of the box, as far as I can see, so we should look there...
  6. Default skin with Opposition roles?

    Hi, since FM generates this error message only if it's no correct XML in the file, you (or maybe the texteditor you are using) HAVE BROKEN something ;-) That's not to offend you, but that's a fact. I haven't come across this kind of error without later finding an error (missing opening or closing bracket, missing ", forgot to delete or create an additional tag etc...). You may post your whole file here again and we have a look, but maybe you should consider the help you get here not being an offense but just that: help! Additionally, but maybe I misunderstood something... you are arguing that the box for Role/Duty is too small and still want to get a smaller container by reducing it's heigth? Don't know if that will produce what you want... Which screen resolution do you use? Potentially the shirt & box don't have enough space on your pitch to actually show in full since I do have exactly the same values in my files and it works great on 1920x1080 and larger... And maybe you want to copy over the "boxes/bordered/no margin/paper3"-File from the skin you took your xml, too...
  7. GUNZO skin FM17

    With permission of the author, I guess? ;-) For translation, Google Chrome does it automatically... guess Firefox and others do it the same way...?
  8. Thanks, I'll have a look for it!
  9. Hi Jovovich, looks pretty awesome, thanks for sharing it not only at fmnation.net! One little question thou, which skin do you play with? I really like the clean Match title bar... Regards, Daniel
  10. GUNZO skin FM17

    No way since I'm not the creator of it and don't have the permission. In times of browsers which automatically translate websites it's very easy to translate and to get the download. Personally I don't speak a single korean word ;-)
  11. GUNZO skin FM17

    Just for your information, Gunzo17 3.2 was released today @fmnation.net but with just minor changes.
  12. [FM17] Scoreboard selector

    Thanks for the info! That's corresponding with what I thought :-)
  13. [FM17] Scoreboard selector

    hi Jovovich, I'm happy you found your way to this community since I'm following your work at fmnation.net for quite a while and I really like what you do. Since I do have to use translationsoftware at fmnation.net I'm not able to post over there... Do you maybe know if Gunzo is releasing a newer version of his Skin for public use (newer than 3.0)? I saw a few pics of his newer versions and would love to get a hand on some pages... Keep up your great work, Daniel
  14. it's not the place to discuss in this thread. But if you do, just be fair, Gunzo charged for his work much earlier than Emil did. And even given the fact that I'm a bit concerned, too, every creator of content has the RIGHT to charge for his work. If you don't like it, just don't use it. There are several sites where you can find free stuff. I did donate cause I appreciate his work. I even only use some parts of his skin in my own "mixed skin"...