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  1. Very nice and promising... Really like the dark but almost "glowing" colouring... Are font-colours depending on teamcolours as well? And will that be your personal one or the "officially downloadable" one?
  2. @Wozzie That looks quite refreshing and kinda "different", really like your approach!
  3. Afaik it's only for his personal use. And as the thread-title states, it's posted to inspire :-)
  4. Wow... truly beautiful what you achieved!!!
  5. I don't use picture-packs so I can't help you here, sorry :-(
  6. Well, just click on the square with the pen on it, in the top right of your screen! That's the background selector!
  7. Well, just click on the square with the pen on it, in the top right of your screen! That's the background selector!
  8. Don't think "breaking the rules" is the best answer to "broken rules of community"... And my last words to this: As I understand jovovich in both of his writings: The OP (and anyone else) should make EVERYTHING they use from other available in a free version of a skin. They can THEN add personal stuff made by themselves and put it behind a paywall. The only issue that made this whole discussion going on is that this did not happen. Others' work was solely available in the paid version and not in the free one. If that is corrected, nobody would ever complain about the paywall. At least that's what I understand in the subject, don't know why everybody is mixing everything up all day^^ And since the OP has shown he has the capability to create stuff himself, I personally really hope he'll return for 2020, as I do hope for Gunzo and others. But we'll have to wait and see, it's about 11 months until FM20 so plenty of time to play and love the game as is :-) Now all have a great time with the game no matter what skin you use, let's just win this goddamn champions league with a tier 10 club ;-)
  9. That's the most important point of the whole discussion. I really loved the Gunzo-Skins on which those on fm-nation are based. It is quite hard to get a DL from there and waas even harder to get the full gunzo skin (I emailed a few time with him but it was impossible in FM18 to get it since he allowed only Asian providers to donate). He is "father" to many parts of current skins and was never asked. In fact that was the reason for him to make it so hard to get his skin, since "guys from overseas" as he put it, were copying his tuff, not asking, and then demanding money. And if such behaviour leeds to people stopping to contribute to the community, we all lose as I guess there have never been less "complete skins" than in FM19. It's not exactly to this case, but I pray everybody involved takes a moment to reflect on this and maybe thinks twice if he should incorporate a paywall or if it may be better to stay with "optional donations" which is, in my opinion, the only option to keep a community healthy... Just my 2 cents, anyways, I do like the composition of parts from other skins and the graphical tweaks it has, and the OP is helpful with his skin, that is something which should be mentioned as very positive, regardless of the optinion on the other stuff ;-) Amen. ;-)
  10. You should find it in panels\generic\sidebar menu table.xml Just delete the logo-(picture-)part. I don't have this skin installed so I can't tell you exactly what line it is, sorry.
  11. Thanks for your help! Since I'm using a partly modified YACS skin, would you mind guiding me to the file where changes are made just to add those backgrounds in the standard-tables? I have absolutely no clue where this exact piece is configured :-D edit: restarting FM did the trick... interesting that cache clear, skin-change and all aren't enough for some changes. thank you!
  12. Hi @bossland I'm having an issue since updating to 1.1: I again downloaded and imported the "no attribute boxes" files but in every table (squad overview, scouting shortlists...) the attributes still have boxes. I even deleted the person properties.xml and searched in the panels to find a hint... so now I try it here: Can you hint me to the file where I need to make a change? Thanks and great skin!
  13. Very interesting! Any plans on releasing those icons in the future or are they just kinda "poc"?
  14. Those plates look gorgeous! Should work with logos as well ;-)
  15. This looks good as well, but from my visual perspective, the look is even better with the bar at the bottom. But as you say it might take a while to get familiar with it^^ Are you doing the graphics yourself? I just know how to improve my photos but don't know much about metallic looks etc... it's a shame when I see your work :-)
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