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  1. Left Foot & Right Foot on the panel

    Just take a look at the milla-Skin from jovovich! In panels/player/player personal details panel.xml you find the code needed, just search for "left foot" and "right foot"...
  2. Can confirm: unzipping works with WinRAR. The flag.zip inside this can be unzipped with 7zip without a problem... maybe you made some settings while creating the zip which affect most tools? Would be great if next version can be unzipped with free software like 7zip as well :-) But: Great work! I really like the style of these badges!!!
  3. tried the Win10-integrated one and 7-zip (current stable release). Never had any problems with it or with any of your files. Very strange... Edit: Tried Winzip and another failure. Tried Zip-Repair but that doesn't come up with an extractable file either. Downloaded with Chrome and Firefox. Any chance of an alternative download-oportunity?
  4. Downloaded it 3 times, still telling me it's no valid archive... anyone got this to extract properly?
  5. Squad View - force to ignore screen width?

    Ok, since it's only for "ingame-custom-views", it didn't solve my problem. Since I'm stuck with it, I'll have to accept it for now. Thanks for your help!
  6. I had a similar problem with a kit in an LLM-Save with a custom DB. My problem was, that there were no kits defined in the custom database for my club! You have to either load the db into the editor and search for the club and change it (and restart your save) or you can use the ingame-editor if you bought it and create kits there... Dont's think Claaßen has created kits for all the leagues he inserted...
  7. Squad View - force to ignore screen width?

    Hi Michael, thank you for your answer! I will try that tomorrow. My views are created manually in the "team squad.xml", not with the ingame option, since I switch around a lot and it's always one more move with the mouse if you use the ingame option ;-) In addition, I'm using the Champions League-Skin (tweaked a bit like with the team squad), don't know if there could be issues. Will try with a basic skin as well tomorrow. Thanks again, I'll let you know if anything happens best regards
  8. Squad View - force to ignore screen width?

    Well, "fixed" the main problem now with setting the width of all columns to 20... now I can export properly, but I can't use the view for anything else ;-) So if there is any option, please drop a note :-)
  9. Hi all! Just a quick question: At the squad view, if you use too many columns (team squad.xml) for your view, FM18 will leave out a few to match your screen width. You can control which ones to hide via auto_hide_priority. But can I force FM18 not to hide any column and instead scroll the view horizontally? I need this because I made an "export-view" to keep track of some things in Excel, but I can't get it to fit on my screen and thie hidden columns are not exported... I hope I could make clear what I want to achieve. Does anyone have any suggestions? Regards, Daniel
  10. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Yeah, but that's why it's great that it's possible to "tweak" others skins to your own liking Add a panel here, switch a graphic there... and everyone has his "perfect" skin... You can't do a skin everyone loves :-) But I really like your work!
  11. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    personally I like the old one more. I just moved the "Kit/Formation-Panel" to the mid and that's perfect for me :-)
  12. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    As he wrote, just do the reverse... or copy it over from skins that have boxes like andromeda...
  13. [FM18] [SKIN] Champions League skin

    Very nice work mate!
  14. GzSkin18 1.3

    I guess it's 1000 points. You need to login every day for the points! Don't "stay logged in" and just reload, you really need to log off and on again every day, at least that worked for me last year...
  15. GzSkin18 1.3

    You don't buy v1.3... it's for free. Just use Chrome or Firefox, go to fmnation.net, register and login for about 7-10 days in a row. You get "Points" for that and after some days you are able to download. It's written several times in this forum. Other direct links are not welcome since the author doesn't want to share his work elsewhere! With a donation (fmgunzo.tistory.com, this is his main site) you can get v2.5 which looks a bit different. But the automatic translation doesn't translate all popups during the process so I won't do it ;-) Gunzo personally did mail to me that he doesn't like to share his work "overseas" (that's how he calls us) because here his work was copied without permission or payment last year. That's all I know. Hope it helps.