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  1. Hi, can anybody point me to the two locations where I can change the following (I'm mixing together a skin from different sources and I seem to have mixed it up^^): 1. Where can I find the colour that defines the bright bluish background in the middle? 2. Same colour, different position ;-) Some of the buttons in the news panels / contract renewals are bright blue with white text. Others are ok as you can see in this screen. I hope someone has an idea and thanks for looking after it :-)
  2. Hi fellows, just a quick one I guess: Which color-settings controls the background for the news-items in the inbox? Thanks in advance :-)
  3. Wise words and true for beta-time in every FM-Iteration. I have tried to implement parts of my personal skin and stopped trying... ;-)
  4. There's already a first version on fmscout, I guess.
  5. yeah, saw some pics on your twitter :-) Good job an this actual one has some things in it from your personal one which is still awesome looking but This Gemini-one is close enough for me to already be my favorite one on FM20, so thanks for your work on this!
  6. Just one idea/suggestion: In the player profile / pro-con-tab, I personally prefer to have the option to change the position for the "comparison-view" (many players can play different positions): Is it possible to either add a position-selector (I think I have seen this somewhere) or, even better (but I don't think this can be done), to connect this view to the Positions-Frame.
  7. Just look into "club overview panel.xml" in OPZ-Skin... search for "top players" and "last starting 11", there you find the files needed (file=...), including the files referenced in these files...
  8. That's a shame for me as a "fan" but totally understandable. Still, you did an amazing skinning job, sir, chapeau! Now I guess I have to "pimp" a different skin to my likings for fm20, was hoping to get a grip on yours. Maybe something similar for FM21... I won't give up my hopes. Have fun playing! Eventually, that's what we are here for!
  9. For me, I'd rather have too many stats than having to look for the one I want in different pages... great work!
  10. If you ever need some testing, I have 2 Monitors, 1920x1200 & 2560x1440 and would love to lend a hand.
  11. Oh I see, missed that point. Then that's even better ;-)
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