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  1. Thanks, I'll have a look for it!
  2. Hi Jovovich, looks pretty awesome, thanks for sharing it not only at fmnation.net! One little question thou, which skin do you play with? I really like the clean Match title bar... Regards, Daniel
  3. No way since I'm not the creator of it and don't have the permission. In times of browsers which automatically translate websites it's very easy to translate and to get the download. Personally I don't speak a single korean word ;-)
  4. Just for your information, Gunzo17 3.2 was released today @fmnation.net but with just minor changes.
  5. fm2017 mod

    Thanks for the info! That's corresponding with what I thought :-)
  6. fm2017 mod

    hi Jovovich, I'm happy you found your way to this community since I'm following your work at fmnation.net for quite a while and I really like what you do. Since I do have to use translationsoftware at fmnation.net I'm not able to post over there... Do you maybe know if Gunzo is releasing a newer version of his Skin for public use (newer than 3.0)? I saw a few pics of his newer versions and would love to get a hand on some pages... Keep up your great work, Daniel
  7. it's not the place to discuss in this thread. But if you do, just be fair, Gunzo charged for his work much earlier than Emil did. And even given the fact that I'm a bit concerned, too, every creator of content has the RIGHT to charge for his work. If you don't like it, just don't use it. There are several sites where you can find free stuff. I did donate cause I appreciate his work. I even only use some parts of his skin in my own "mixed skin"...
  8. I know that it takes much time to create skins. But I'm playing games for almost 30 years now and this "patreon-" and "paypal-"thing hasn't been there until late last year. But as I stated, every content creator has the right to chose if he want's to get paid so no accusation here! It's just that in "older times" skinning was mostly for fun or personal use. I guess many creators just try to do "too much" for others and then they need to get a reward, which again is understandable. Since I'm melting skins together and tweaking them for my personal use, I totally understand the amount of work needed, personally I'm not that much into Photoshop to do all the graphical stuff and I'm not such a creative person to do a complete skin on my own. But I'm happy with what I got and were I went with it so all creators do have my thanks! Concerning Gunzo, he seems to focus on Player Pictures and a korean commentary patch for now so I guess you are right that there won't be a new release until FM18, and that maybe only for sale. But that should it be for here, Google, Google Translate etc. will help anybody to find what he needs of this skin, I just did the same since I don't understand a single korean word ;-) Oh and D_Lo_, just wanted to say that you did a really great job on your skin, unfortunately the colour scheme seems to trouble my eyes, but I do like the overall view of it! :-)
  9. I aggree to D_Lo_, nowadays not speaking korean is no excuse since there are translation-options in almost all browsers ;-) But as a small info, afaik, 3.0 is the latest version which was released until now, all newer versions were only released to "paying members"! I don't know if there ever will be a newer release than 3.0 for public use and it seems quite common since FM17 that skinners go that way. Sad, but everybody has the right to do so.
  10. fm2017 skin

    @Harper: It's back up on fmscout, but still v3
  11. I guess it should be somewhere in a file called "player personal details" or "gunzo player personal details" or something like that if I'm not mistaken...
  12. It's a beauty... nothing else to say :-)
  13. Thank you Michael, it works like a charm now :-)
  14. Well, afaik you play LLM in Gloucester, which is League 6, with a "normal" budget. I started in a custom DB in League 9 and have the problem that I can't get new players since I just can't pay any wages (only 1.2k p/a, that won't give you "good players") and get no non contract players as it seems. But I will keep on looking and hoping that I can last the first season and get rid of a few "built in contracts" that are ridiculously high in this DB I guess I'm looking forward to the vid mentioned as I really like the 4-4-2. One last question maybe: Since I can't get "all around players", especially in defense, would you recommend more technically sound players (e.g. on defenders: tackle, marking, heading, mostly older players with better mental stats, but slow and no stamina) or would you focus on physics in LLM (pace, stamina, strength, jumping, younger players, also lack most mental stats)? Thank you for the answer!