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  1. Hah, now we are talking about wild accusations What about the other mod accusing me of talking about the mighty ME? Anyway the discussion becomes off topic as soon as someone mentions the ME so whatever
  2. I haven't even mentioned the untouchable ME in my thread. I just wanted to know whether other players experienced similar situations. This match kind of reminds me of taking a big club with a low reputation. Your players could have high morale but they still hate the manager and make silly mistakes. I only learned this low-rep thing from other players. Of course this could be tactical. You are just taking one angle of viewing this question and it is fine. However accusing me of saying something which I haven't is disappointing and totally unacceptable. Sometimes I wonder why mods hate talking about the ME? Last year many mods denied the FB positioning glitch. Ironically it was eventually fixed by SI. If mods cannot stand people asking about the ME, then explain your (mods') ideas through tactics and things instead of treating others as if they have made a serious mistake by talking about the ME. After all it is a simulation game and simulation is never the reality. Talking about how much the simulation deviates from the reality does not make the simulation rubbish. People like me would not be here if we think the game is fundamentally unfair.
  3. Moving this thread to tactics discussion kills its attention. Can someone please move it back?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have added in a few screenshots. It was just the way my players played looked stupid to me. I believe what you are saying is very likely to be the truth but I also need an explanation on my players performance.
  5. I just could not understand this. In my save I am 12 points clear at top of the league in Jan. Pep was sacked. City is only 6th. Sanchez won ballon d'or and FIFA player of the year (kind of ridiculous I think), yet he still refused to sign a contract. This is not realistic at all. Especially Goretzka, Ozil, de Vrij, Barkley all signed new contracts! What is wrong with Sanchez?
  6. Alright, this makes a lot of sense. Just found posts regarding this issue. Extremely annoying but I guess in-game editor would be a temporary fix.
  7. The thing is I cannot even raise this to the board. This option is unavailable
  8. I started a save without transfer budget. Now the winter transfer window opens, and I have received... $0 from the board? I remembered in FM17 the board will provide a winter transfer budget when the initial summer one was disabled (usually it would be slightly more since the summer one was sort of rolled over). I am playing Arsenal so finance is definitely not the problem. It is also very concerning that some clubs do have money to spend, like Monaco who is willing to pay 25m for Walcott. Is this a bug? Or is it just some new feature. BTW the date was only Jan-1st (but I am already feared that I won't have any to spend in the window...)
  9. Well of course you are entitled to explain your own words and I am in no position to assume what you were thinking. Yet still the SI guy basically said he would use "Stick to positions" when "I want my players to stick to their positions" At least I did not learn anything from his answer.
  10. I don't think I asked for too much. What I want is a step by step guide on how to use all the elements of the game to build styles, not unique styles. I never say SI should "teach my how to Pep/Mou/Zidane whatever". SI should show how PI/TIs work in a much better way than words. If they work in conjunctions, give examples how they work in the match engine. Set up something like a training ground where you can eliminate influence from opposition systems, weathers etc. It could be something which is only available for SI, but that is the best way to show the vanilla action of TIs. If a FMer does not understand how his system works in isolation, it makes little sense for him to observe how his system performs against the AI's system. It is the same idea you mentioned in your videos that you can visualise how your system plays out. Currently, not many FMers can do that and it is very difficult to do that based on the information in the descriptions. The game can be played using many approaches in the way that you can create similar tactical styles using different instructions, not in the way that you can understand attributes in different ways. Using crossing as an example, @Seb Wassell has mentioned that crossing is related to attributes crossing and technique. We need more of this explanation. Otherwise some FMers may judge a player's ability to cross based on lets say, crossing, passing, technique. That is not something I would call the beauty of the game. I watched your videos. Remember you asked the guy from SI when he would use "Stick to positions"? His answer was... useless. Something like "I would use it when I want my players to stick to their designated positions a bit more", but you were expecting like an example in some tactical systems. You are just as curious as me. Or are you not interested in that shout anymore? I highly doubted whether SI understands how to translate their football ideas themselves. From their point of view, the TI/PIs may just be something like a percentage modifier, but real-life football does not tell you what statistical set-up you would need to achieve a tactical style. That is why we see Pep/Conte/Klopp got sacked in our saves all day long. By sharing how TI/PI works, SI can bring in the communities to improve the match engine. FMers can spot bugs more easily because they know how TI/PIs work. Currently something may not be a bug but a tactical setup, we never know. There could also be some mods in Steam Workshop like realistic Pep/Conte because now the community has the nuts and bolts to create the style they wanted. In my opinion, this is the future of Football Manager.
  11. Wow that is not quite 15-21 but thanks for the explanation When does the season start in England though? June 9th?
  12. He just joined United this winter. How is he eligible to be a club trained? I thought you have to train at a club for 3 years when you are 15-21? PS I did not buy him partly because I thought he would never be a club trained for my club...
  13. I totally agreed with the idea of an official guide. While I respected many mods and experienced players often share their gaming tips, I don't understand why so many of them are against the idea. The online manual is just a copy and paste from the game so it does not help at all. The guide WILL NOT make the game easier. Currently, FM players need to understand both football tactics and the game. I believe so many of us just want a transparent translation between FM and football. Not like "finding a perfect combination". Real life football is transparent not bloody "grey area". If a coach ask the player to play long passes, the player will understand he needs to "play long passes". You could argue the player will not really play as the coach told him. It is perfectly normal. Because players aren't robots. They have their preferred style (PPM if you like). They have their tactical understanding etc. Imagine if the coach does not know what he is talking about. It is like... an English coach who does not speak Japanese coaches a Japanese team. Let's also assume the team does not understand English at all. It will be something like. Coach: "Play long balls when you see the space behind their D line". Players (respond in Japanese): "Okay, go route-one." Coach: "Exploit flanks." Players:"Okay, long balls down the flank every time we have the ball." That is the FM problem. Many FMers have no idea what they are doing because they don't know how to translate their ideas. Forums always be like "Yo mate your idea is rubbish and it will never work so you should learn football first". Perhaps the struggling player never really have an opportunity to express their footballing ideas. It seems rubbish (and might be rubbish really) to experienced players because experienced players get how FM is translated into football terms. I remembered watching Ronald Koeman playing football manager and lost to one of the game's creator. With tons of respect to the creator, I think that game just showed why we need transparent translation. I would argue if someone copies Koeman's tactic and post it to this forum there will still be people saying "your footballing idea is rubbish". Well maybe poor Ronald just need a complete guide to translate his idea...
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